ZOWIE DIVINA Pregame Interview – TyLoo LeiLei (China)
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ZOWIE DIVINA Pregame Interview – TyLoo LeiLei (China)

Hello guys, I’m LeiLei. I live in Shanghai And I’m in the PUBG team of TYLOO Gaming Actually, I’ve enjoyed playing online games since I was a child Especial FPS titles Just this genre And my parents saw me playing these types of games all the time They felt that it would influence me negatively But I knew it wouldn’t for sure Because I simply enjoy playing it as a And it doesn’t affect my day to day life at all It’s just something I truly love doing Actually, they were worried about me at first Because I was a girl And most players in esports are male They were rather concerned But, there was this once Also because of this game, PUBG I took part in the Zhan-Qi The Zhan-Qi LanStory was held on August 2017 It was a national LAN tournament I won 3rd place in Solo mode I was pretty surprised And excited as well My parents started to recognize my ability after that event Because I’m the only female PUBG player in Tyloo Gaming I usually do not go to the base for training Our club is located in Hangzhou Also because I’m a girl My responsibility includes streaming full-time from home I have been streaming 3 – 4 hours every day Sometimes when I’m not streaming, I will work on improving my skill Actually, in my opinion I tend to play in FPP mode more Why? Because it’s more fair in FPP mode Unlike TPP mode When I’m hiding behind a tree, a house, or any sort of cover I have more vision, right? But, when playing in FPP It’s fair to everyone If you don’t have any cover like trees, it’s about your reaction speed When you see opponents It’s all about who reacts faster and who has better crosshair placement The one with faster reactions and better aim would have the advantage This game is not just about Solo, Duo, and Squad mode Interesting things happen from time to time while playing PUBG For example, there was this once when I was playing in Solo mode I was completely out of medical items I had nothing like an energy drink that I could heal with And then I heard footsteps. Someone was coming towards me So, I turned on my mic then told the guy that I had no kit in my bag I said “How about this, you let me go And I won’t hurt you Let’s see each other at the end” He was unexpectedly nice and gave me his med kit Then we just went our separate ways Eventually, we met each other in the finals And he actually let me win the match That was quite an interesting match Many organizations, including LAN centre’s, have held many PUBG tournaments which are open to players of any gender But a female-only tournament Is a rare thing in China It’s also rare internationally Through this female tournament, I hope that we all play well. Not only my fellow players from China, but also the other players from around the world but also the other players from around the world
I hope we are able to show our abilities I hope we are able to show our abilities and prove ourselves At least, we can show everyone that women are able to compete with men in PUBG, in eSports I wish you all the best See you guys at ZOWIE DIVINA Cheers!

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