YowLife QnA – Gamerz Hosted by Serenity Patterson(SUBBED)
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YowLife QnA – Gamerz Hosted by Serenity Patterson(SUBBED)

Mmm hi there! I’m guessing all you lovely people
are here today for the QnA? Hm? Oh me? I’m miss Serenity Patterson,
YowLife Productions personal secretary. I love YowLife Productions… Sooooo much. Oh, right. Today we have Matthew and Juliet
from YowLife’s short film Gamerz. Shall we begin? Ian Blanes asks:
For Matt and Julie, What are your favorite games? Hold it, hold it,
No, no, that won’t work. Mister Kryssen? It’s gonna be too much trouble
to fit all your answers inside these speech bubbles. And those designs are like 3 years old. We really need to think of something else. Are you going to update them,
Mister Kryssen? Ow, that’s it, give me a second. Ooo, nice. I thought I would
sound a little deeper. There we go, now start the QnA. Sure thing boss! I’ll do anything for you. O-oh, uh okay? Uh, I’m gonna go now. Thank you Miss Serenity. Now then,
Matt and Julie, Favorite video games? Maybe Rhythm Thief,
-wait I already mentioned that. But dang it really needs a sequel. I like rpg’s mostly, Hyperdimension Neptunia
Final Fantasy 7 and 9 Goldensun
Senran Kagura Persona But I think my fav so far is Stella Glow for 3DS. I totally ship Lisette and Alto! Oh! Puppeteer is a great game for PS3! You play as this puppet boy on the moon
and ya got these like really large scissors That you hold like a sword,
and a sun pixie girl’s there too! -It’s so cool, it’s wicked awesome! Aweeee… You two are so cute when your excited. Huh, this next fan asked
a little too many questions. I’m very sorry, But I only think we have time for one of them for now. Itz Shaun asks:
What’s your favorite system? The Atari Swap! I can play my games at home AND on a train! The Sega MegaSis! True it was just a Nemesis painted pink,
but I love it! -It was my first gaming system! We all remember our first love, don’t we? Rita Bingel asks: To the girl with the pink hair and hoodie,
and the boy she likes. Are you two dating? And are you two boyfriend and girlfriend? Yesss, he’s my little goomba. Julie! don’t call me that. Why not, Mattie? You’re brown and squishy! SOOO SQUISHEEEE!!! Ack! I’m gonna end up a Wriggler if you keep hugging me this hard! Oh come on “Mattie”, She’s just showing you some affection. You’ll grow to like it. Fusion Gamer20 asks:
For the gamer girl, Why did you kiss the guy out of nowhere? Do you like him? No of course not! He looked like he needed CPR, or something… Uhuh. But really. I didn’t think I was ever
gonna see him again… I guess in hindsight, I could’ve asked if he wanted to hang out sometime before giving him “Peach’s reward”. -I’m no good at this “girlfriend thing”. No-No No! I liked the kiss! Yes, kissing can be a poetic heelturn
to a character’s feelings, Or a passionate way of
conveying one’s inner-most desires. But I guess in your case,
You just thought he was cute. Mits Scarfy asks: If Gamerz was teleported to an alternate universe and Matt ran into Matt, What would his first reaction be? Let me see… You thinking what I’m thinking? You know I am! Hey I’m Lumps! I’m not so Lumps. Aaaand we’re- THE GAME LUMPS! Hm… I don’t like that name… I think there’s a gaming channel out there, with a much more attractive title. Mmmmm, but the word seems to be escaping me. Oh well, Sans from the gamer’s timeline asks: Matt have you called Julie yet? I mostly text, I don’t do so well when it comes to talking. JULIE
I’ll say. Well then, Let’s take a look at the first time you called Julie. Hello? Hey Julie, uh how’s it going? It’s going good, This 3rd level boss is giving me some trouble. Ug, THE BLANKET KEEPS FALLING! That hard? No, he’s just too pretty to kill. Yeah, right on. So uh, the uh…convention, That is uh, this saturday’s -uh c-conflec-, -C-convention! I was wondering if you wanted tickets- Er- a ticket, to go. I have uh- What are you asking me? What I mean to say is. Hey girl, You and me are going to the Comic Con this
Saturday. I’m having my totally slick and awesome
bro drive us there for- Ugh…20 bucks. You’re lucky I’m on this phone right now. Okay sounds like fun! What should I dress as? Something totally cute to show off that rockin’ booty you got- DUDE! Something that shows off my butt? -I’ll see what I can do… If I show off my butt,
will you show off yours? Yeah sure. Wait -What? Uh- N-Nothing! I’ll text you later okay? Oh yeah. I’ll uh-
I’ll see ya then! Whew… Oh jeez… I can’t believe I just said that. I hope he doesn’t think I’m weird… Don’t worry Julie,
Girls can be just as weird as boys. We just look way better doing it. By the way Matt, I noticed you had a brother there helping you. The topic of siblings
is actually in our next question, Ian Rennebohm asks:
So, Matt and Julie, -you two have any siblings? Unfortunately… Hey cool! The world finally
gets to see my handsome mug! Take a good look,
Drink it in everybody, this is what perfection is! “Perfection” is having flabs? You’re the one who’s got flabs. My muscles are just- relaxing! You wanna arm-wrestle? Heck yeah! -I’ll take you down! You won’t stand a chance against my special move -The Rising Tomahawk! Actually, I
also have an older sis. But I think she’s on vacation right now, -somewhere in Paris I think. Ah, the city of love, We should all take a visit atleast once. Oh, well this interesting. Lanze Reyes asks:
And don’t take this the wrong way. Hey Julie, have you seen Matt’s ballz? Yeah, not very impressive. WHAT-?! Hey! It can be hard to handle- -and I wish you wouldn’t jump around so much whenever we check it out! Jump around,
I’ve-?! What are you-?! He still hasn’t beaten it. I could beat it in one night if I had to. But after what happened last night,
I uh, I don’t know… I don’t wanna talk about his Ballz anymore. I have no idea what you’re talking about… Don’t tell them. StarwarsFan101 #Starwars asks:
Hey Matt, You ever think of marrying
Julie and having kids? Dude, I’m a sophomore in highschool. I don’t have time to think about marriage. Then why are you married to Maya
on Harvest Moon Animal parade? That’s just a video game Julie! -And you know, it’s not like you’ll pack me
a lunch every morning. You never ask. Oh… Could you pack me a lunch-? Why don’t you ask your wife “Maya”? Maybe I will! You two sure argue like a married couple. Spicy A asks:
Hey gamer boy, Did it feel great when you
touched your girlfriend’s boobs? Um, well it was surreal. I didn’t think she was a girl when I met
her. After all, her… “features” aren’t exactly obvious. Are you saying I have small breasts?! N-no Julie! -Of course not! Ugh! Well, it looks like you lost your
second player for tonight. What?! Come on, Jules! Don’t worry Julie, A nice chest isn’t all we girls have to highlight. You did say she had a “rockin’ booty”, -right Matt? Um… yes? …
Pervert. There’s just no pleasing you. Oh there are many “things”
you can do to please her. But that’ll have to wait till you’re older. Well, that’s all for today. Don’t forget to check us out next time. When I’ll be interviewing my favorite vampire
girl. Stay beautiful everyone! Hey there! I’m sorry if I didn’t get to
your question in this video. I received a lot of submissions
and most of them asked similar things. Hey buttmunch! I submitted like 27 questions
and you only answered one of them! What, do you think you’re better than me? Look if you’re still curious about something,
you can just ask. My email is right here, and I’ll also put it in the description below. In that case, How come my brother got a film and I didn’t? I’m the REAL star here! Uh, well I don’t really plan to- Check it! Here’s the idea I got. I wanna have Patrick Warburton voice my car. But cars don’t talk- Second, I want like 20 chicks, not just one. And like the film will have me
racing my Eclipse to stop a bomb from destroying the city. And I’m like saving everybody,
and the girls are all cheering for me. “Ooh Shane, I LOVE YOU!” And the bad guy’s all like
“Oh Shane you’re so strong and cool, -please don’t hurt me!!!” And then I say my catchphrase, it’s time for Shane to bring on the PAIN! I can see it all right now, this is the best movie ever bro! Oh-Oh! Wait Wait! It’s about to rain the pain… With Shane! Or wait -wait! How about- All aboard the TRAIN of PAIN with SHANE! And then they play the theme song of the movie- In-Shane in the Membrane! Rght bro?! Come on! What did I do to deserve this?


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