Your Web Hosting Provider MATTERS.
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Your Web Hosting Provider MATTERS.

What’s up LinkedIn. Just chilling out
here in the parking lot waiting for my wife to run some errands.
Sorry it’s noisy – way too hot to not have the windows down so you’re
just gonna have to deal with it, or…read the subtitles. but.. i have a message for you today and
it’s simple: WEB HOSTING. Alright? DON’T. CHEAP OUT. ON YOUR WEB HOSTING. It IS very important alright?
Don’t just go for the rock-bottom price anybody’s throwing
a deal for three dollars a month for web hosting, alright? It CAN be solid, but you
have to make sure it’s a good provider! I’ve worked with a ton of different web
hosts, for both myself on my own projects and while doing projects for
clients, doing maintenance work for other companies, and I can’t
even stress enough how important it is. NOTHING will cause you a bigger headache
that having a bad hosting provider. It’s not something can just overcome.
For example, if your site is slow because, for example – like I said
last week or last time – your images are too big, you can fix that. You can
optimize your images better page load speed. You can fix other other
things but you can’t just fix a web hosting provider if they’re slow. On
the other hand, a solid web hosting provider can cover up a lot of those issues, and
then once you get those in place you’re gonna have a blazing-fast site. For me
personally, the top three things I look for when I’ve been looking for
a web host are: 1. Support. Do they provide it? Is it 24/7? Personally
I love live chat. I would way rather do it on the computer than on the
phone, so do they have live chat support? and are they responsive? 2. is
their hardware. Do they use SSD and all this technical stuff.
Basically that all leads into: Are they fast? Am I gonna
get good results for how much I’m paying? 3. Is definitely
gonna be pricing, but I won’t even consider it – I don’t care what the
price is – if they don’t cross the first two things off the list. So make
sure you have a solid web host. That’s it.

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