Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD
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Young boy asks for manicure at the nail salon | What Would You Do? | WWYD

NARRATOR: It’s time for mom’s manicure MOM: Thanks for coming with me today. NARRATOR: And when her son wants in on the action, SON: I want a manicure too! NARRATOR: She happily agrees MOM: Sure. SON: Awesome NARRATOR: It might seem like innocent fun, But when Jenna Lyons – president of J.Crew – appeared in this ad with her son and his pink painted toes Some people went from seeing pink to seeing red. REPORTER: Should it matter if that child happens to be a boy? Psychiatrist and Fox News contributor Keith Ablow called it a dramatic example of the way that our culture is being encouraged to abandon all trappings of gender identity. NARRATOR: We wanted to find out how people would react to a little boy who wants a Manny. We’ve hired actors to play the parts MOM: What color did you pick?
SON: Pink! NARRATOR: Even a loudmouth bystander BYSTANDER: Do you want your son to look like a girl? NARRATOR: But the patrons here at LeReve spa in Edison, New Jersey are real Will they be for or against this? SON: Oh, I’m so excited this is going to be fun (Tracy laughs) that’s what I think (To the mom) I don’t think you should let your son wear pink She may be shocked by Tracy’s audacity, but look what she does next But I like this, Bachelorette -Bash Would you let your little boy do this?
(Narrator) As she tries to find him a more masculine color, Tracy gets more vocal.
(Tracy)I just feel like you’re gonna confuse him. He’s learning. (mother) Really?
you should treat him like a boy. Don’t treat him like a girl Just innocent fun
(Tracy)Innocent fun can lead to who knows what if he wants to wear a dress, you gonna let him wear a dress? What next? Put makeup on ’em? do you think it’s okay? Next, this woman comes in for a change in nail color No more pink for her? What about for him? I mean you do understand that pink is a girl’s color, right? I Think is his favorite color. You can put clear polish. But what fun is that? Can I be a guy and still have nail polish I just think it’s a responsible parenting You agree Why not Or her nail polish is just the tip of the problem in your penis is just wrong Yeah, it’s this wrong you you could confuse a child like that. It’s just this wrong my illusion up against Think is very wrong. You think that causes homosexuality? No, not really But it depends he deals more with his mother, you know Not more what is dead and there’s more like activities Like what is that then you know that would confuse him, you know gays will tell you that they’re born that way It’s not something that’s creative maybe because they don’t more but the mothers and their grandmothers or something like that This woman has her own opinion to share I just can’t believe you’re letting him do this she waits I’ve seen kids actually get polio over things like this and wait F Tracy go until Tracy steps away I think you could easily hide. Do you think it’s wrong to wear polish, you know I do agree with Us This is a new type of fragrance on TV, it’s great Personally, I wish my kids will be like a big. Thank you Now Tracy’s back. I think it’s really in a responsible It’s her son. It’s his lightweight ticket Spoleto It’s like before showing it’s like Avery with his mom letting him Eagle race, but he doesn’t know who he is They’re not kids at any old when I was it’s a different world now I’m John quinones Tell him whatever himself be an individual stand out no matter what color your nails are no matter what color your nails on But now what have we cast a new character we wonder no son of mine is gonna get a manicure What if dad’s the one who doesn’t approve? Painted my dad I can’t Party she may be laughing But dad is not amused. I don’t want my son wearing pink nail polish. I don’t think there’s anything wrong you’re kidding me David tell her you want it off, but I don’t turns out she sighs with dad you dance ladies ride because he Wanna see Assad who is playing fun? Well, genius think I should take it off Maybe you should put in just neutral color I think that it’s not for a boy to put color on you think it should not happen of course, of course not what’s wrong with a little color, you know, there is Stuff for my ladies there is a stuff for the men Will the next spectator to our scene see it this simply? The guys it go from what am I right? Well, I see why mom comes here all the time All right, you’re gonna take that off though before you come home. All right, why? You’re laughing. So this is a joke, right? Hey, why did it matter What’s wrong with it, you’re not going to baseball practice with that on your nails? Your friends are gonna make fun of you because you know what? This is what a man’s hands look like you see they’re rough Do you have a son? I have three boys. I would bring them to have a manicure, pedicure If they wanted it. Pink, pink nail polish? And if he wants makeup on his face, you know what you can’t change anything if that’s Honestly. And what if he turns gray Are you gonna love him any less? He’s your son, but right but my I’m asking Would you I would love my kids no matter what I Give up. You know what you’re gonna deal with this as he gives up her emotions give in It touches you I see it all the time kids You do the best that you can when you raise them They become who they are Gay, straight, Lesbian, whatever Love them no matter what the little boy just wanted pink nail polish (crying) if that’s all he wanted. if that made his day Hi guys John quinones here. Thanks so much for checking out our YouTube channel There’s so much more to see so click on this red button down here The one that says subscribe and you won’t miss another what would you do moment? Enjoy?


  • SxG Infinity

    Let him be whatever he wants to be, but in no way am I going to encourage him to paint his nails like that and do girly stuff. To me (and mostly everyone) that's just weird….

  • Alex Monreal

    Some people don’t have dads, there are thousands of single mothers! That was naive of her to say but i mean what do you expect from a person that lets religion dictate their life.

  • Alex Monreal

    I would’ve gave all these women a history lesson, so many good clap backs just by bringing up the fact that almost everything in the past was for men.

  • Shantel Shingler

    I don't understand the problem, my brother's let me paint their nails ?? nail polish does not have to be a femine thing and also what about girls doing masculine things like "playing foorball" or anything else considered boy things. Like wtf, why are us females allowed to be tomboys but boys can't harness their femine side ?

  • Anonymous123

    I'm sorry this is rlly fucking gay who would let their son do that I get it it's inoccent fun but like still wtf at least get a different color if my child did that I would backhand slap him

  • سارة

    The first time I agree with the provocative actress.. This not normal to let do boys tries the feminine stuff cuz it will confuse them and lead them to the transgender and gays road.

  • Mike Perez


  • Jax

    The last video gave me hope. Now this video took it away. Being a black Lesbian in this country, I'm constantly looking for some hope…~sigh~

  • blissful sweetpea

    I feel like to a kid they dont get why it's a feminine or masculine thing. Like I know when I was a kid I never even thought about my friends or me being either boy or girl, to me we were all just kids. Nothing more nothing less I was a Tom boy and I was never "confused" and I'm not gay, just let kids be kids. There's no need to put such a harsh label on them because they dont see the world "boy and girl" they see to world as fun. So just let them do what they think is fun.

  • Sam 1998

    Under that logic boys must dislike:
    Pink glazed donuts;
    Beautiful sunsets;
    A bunch of flowers;
    Dragon fruit;
    Want me to continue??

  • Elizabeth Perez

    Notice how every person who disagreed wasn’t white… all the white people agreed to it vs. all the other non white people disagreed because their culture/beliefs are close minded. I’m Mexican, but Americanized & I would absolutely let my child get pink polish, but if my brother were to ask my parents who came from Mexico, they’d prob beat him until he realized “men” don’t do this.

  • Person// Lol

    For all the people saying painting your nails is a “female thing” think about this, voting used to be a “male thing” and times have changed for the better, so please don’t post ignorant comments

  • horrorific

    if you are a boy and want to do something that girls do it is like a problem but when girls do something that boys do it is ok like ?? How is this bad?! we are all equal to each other it doesn’t matter if we are boy or girl.

  • Cameron Thomson

    I dont understand what's so wrong . Ok so mabey most boys dont paint their nails at that age but you just need to accept that that's what they like and If you cant accept that then just keep your opinions to your self

  • Lynn Dordrecht

    Some people were assholes! If u guy wants to wear pink > Let him wear a DAMN pink color! If he likes it, then he should do it! Kisses to the people who stood up for him!

  • Lynn Dordrecht

    "There are things for ladies and things for man" Damn it! There are also things for both! Respect each others lifes!

  • Malania Harley

    I’m proud to say my brother is gay I support him 100% and when that lady said if they spend more time with the mother and shit it annoyed the shit outta me my brother spends most of his time with his friends my dad and my brother ofc he spends time with my mom to but my brother did a lot of masculine things like play football but he was born the way he is and you can’t change it but u can choose to accept it or not I accepted my brother I met his boyfriend and everything and they are a very cute couple

  • Gymnasticbezzies 07

    This just annoys me
    I just wish people would respect who other people are because if boys wanna wear pink they wear pink
    If they wanna wear any colour they can

  • 994523.1410127186

    Fun fact: the ancient greeks fully embraced homosexuality and lots of men wore makeup and dressed a little feminine

  • Gary Benson

    Kids are taught to be gay . Your not born that way people… this video is a prime example. If we let our sons dress up like girls guess what will happen…. if we let our daughters dress up like boys guess what will happen…its our job as parents to teach our kids the right way. I'm sorry I totally disagree with this .If my son asked me or his mother to get his nails done and have them painted pink. I'd tell him NO. because he is a boy and boys dont do that shit

  • Jake O’keefe

    I would rather one of my children come to me and tell me they gay lesbian or bisexual then tell me that hooked on drugs or alcohol

  • Modern Trash

    i would only deny my kid from doing this because i don’t think kids should paint their nails and nails salons smell toxic af

  • HOT for JT

    My brother painted his nails a few times when we were kids cuz we were just two of us so close in age and he wanted to do stuff together with me. He is now in the United States Marine Corps, had done tours in Iraq, and is very much hetero cisgender

  • Nameless- Space

    I was raised with the whole ideal of masculinity and being “a man” and I still turned out gay and am more feminine. I don’t think you can make someone gay when you are a child

  • Destiny Cisneros

    3:46 she’s wrong my moms a single parent raised my older brother he’s a mommas boy and he’s not gay she’s wrong .

  • Kiki Kira

    These bitches be dumb, pink doesn't make you gay or make you a girl!!! Pink used to be a masculine color, color doesn't have genders. People can wear what they want

  • Auroras world

    Minecraft you like the color pink blue purple a my family doesn't mind and I like all kinds of boy stuff which I don't really like saying that something is boy colored or girl colored or this the girls or boys toy this is Imagine say a boy wanted to play with Barbie doll that actually getting episode on that there's nothing wrong with that if it makes him happy and entertains him then let him play with it

  • Auroras world

    Leave them alone if the mother says the okay and he's not resisting he asked then it's okay it's not like she's making him get a makeover it's not like he's disturbing anyone leave him alone if he wants to get that color then get that color he likes it jeez mind your own business people

  • Auroras world

    Also the dad wants to see his kid do Futbol that's not who this kid is he wants to do this what if it was you what is wrong with you people I'm literally crying seriously please it's who he is he's not doing anything wrong leave him alone

  • berry tea

    Nail polish and makeup(I know this isn't about makeup but still) are not just for girls. Let people be who they want to be because it's not your choice. If a boy likes things that are considered girl things, let him. Same with girls if they like things that are considered being for boys. It doesn't matter what gender you are, if you like it you like it!

  • Hoi Victor

    Well, "Timmy," two differing views are in my mind. 1) Fox "News" might have an issue with this. Let me do the editorial: [Back in my day, when America was great, boys didn't do this sort of thing. Boys like me didn't cook, we didn't clean, we didn't do laundry. Boys were tough (physically- there was no mental toughness back when America was great)! That's why today, I live on a diet of McDonalds Big-Macs, in a fetid pile of trash, wearing clothes that smell 'basically OK'. I blame the kid having his nails painted. ] 2) Or, we could go with a more reasoned approach: [You can do what you want, but everyone might not support your decision. Be aware of that, do what you want, and don't be concerned.] Also, green was the way to go.

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