You Won’t Believe What Trump Thinks Will Stop the Coronavirus
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You Won’t Believe What Trump Thinks Will Stop the Coronavirus

>>With more than 40,500 people diagnosed
with the coronavirus and and 910 deaths. It is a very serious situation. And you would hope that the President of the
United States would take it serious, unfortunately, he says stuff like this multiple times.>>He feels very confident. He feels very confident and he feels that. Again, as I mentioned by April, or during
the month of April, the heat, generally speaking kills this kind of virus so that would be
a good thing. But we’re in great shape in our country.>>The virus they’re working hard, looks like
by April, in theory when it gets a little warmer and miraculously goes away. I hope that’s true. But we’re doing great in our country, China,
I spoke with President Chi and they’re working very, very hard. And I think it’s gonna all work out fine rough
stuff. I tell you a rough rough stuff, but I think
it’s gonna work out that.>>We only have 11 cases and they’re all getting
better.>>Come get your boy
>>I guess it kills the Corona virus but you would have to boil yourself alive to get rid
of it>>What about the Trump virus.>>Okay, he’s the president of the United
States. There’s a worldwide epidemic. People are worried some Americans have caught
the disease. And he says, I hear it miraculously goes away
in April, but we’ll have to see. Why don’t you ask someone? You have 1000 people who work for you, including
really good scientist and doctors.>>Who was he saying that was covering it?>>He was talking about Chi, or the president
of the,>>One president said the other president
is quote, none of which are scientist or doctors.>>Yeah, and the president of China is doing
a terrible job with it.>>Yeah.>>And it spread because they didn’t wanna
be embarrassed by letting people know that the virus was real and could be transferred
from one person to another.>>And that man died.>>Yeah and the doctor died, etc. So, no the president of China’s not doing
a great job with the rough stuff, okay? You’re suppose to give people information. I guess it goes away miraculously with the
heat. I mean, how could anyone know? Ask someone, and then give them the information
you schmuck!>>Might I add this, just from the perspective
of someone who doesn’t think much of Donald Trump.>>Understatement of the year.>>So Donald Trump, is not talking to us,
right? Because Donald Trump when he’s speaking he’s
only speaking to his base, right? Because he doesn’t think we’re taught, because
we’re fake news, he’s not talking to us. Don’t so you bet every day Donald Trump insults
his base because he doesn’t think that they’re smart. It’s not everybody else, the liberals attacking
attacking them. He is the greatest offender to their intelligence
because he says stuff like that. Now those people are gonna go about the country
quoting. It will be gone when it gets hot. It’s gonna get hot in April. It ain’t hot it’s hot in Antarctica, what
are you talking about?>>Yes, summer and half the world.>>I don’t I don’t understand, but what I’m
saying is when he’s talking, we keep saying, what is what he’s not talking to us.>>Yeah.>>He’s talking to the people who he believes
are stupid enough to follow him blindly, because they believe in consume everything he gives
them. He’s not talking to us.>>But what I like about how JR put those
two together is that that’s two different venues he said the same thing in. He’s in the White House presumably in some
very nice paneled office. But then he’s saying it at his big rally. And I would expect he would say two different
things two different places and that’s one kind of being a liar. But I just can’t imagine being in the crowd
at one of those events. But I think they’re so lost in the moment
and if you listen to any seven minute window of Trump speaking at one of his events. You just can’t help but, I think they literally
to now. So when that happened, they’re just kind of
looking around being like, this is great. And then you’ll see him lose the crowd and
then come back with a locker up.>>Because this mass hysteria, they’re not
president. Look at these people right look at the guy,
they’re just trying to get some camera time. They look June, I’m behind the president they
know.>>Yeah.>>He’s not talking to people who read. He’s not talking to people who explore, who
study, who do research. He’s talking to the people who will believe
everything that he tells them.>>I mean, if he would have been better serve
just feel like a coronavirus, don’t worry. Gonna lock it up, and then they start chanting,
lock it off lock.>>Yeah.>>By the way, look, the thing is it’s like
temperature is relevant to some forms of the flu. And so it does spread more in colder months
and so there’s some relevant facts there. But just saying like a here the heat kills
it I think we’re all going to be miraculously finding April, is not helpful when you’re
supposed to give your job is literally there to comfort people and to give them the correct
information,>>And this is also a very important theme
with Trump as he says all those things in those big speeches that he gives. But when you look at his policy, when you
look at what he’s doing with his budgets, he’s gutting anything that would serve that
point. So as the coronavirus continues to spread
Trump’s proposed 2021 budget calls for drastic cuts to funding for the Centers for Disease
Control and the World Health Organization that critics say could prevent preparedness
for a pandemic at home. Trump releases 2020 budget Monday which included
a 16% cut to the CDC’s budget. And an overall 10% reduction for the Department
of Health and Human Services funding. An additional 34% reductions proposed for
overall global health programs, but Trump is asking 115 million to be set aside for
global health security for the purpose of combating infectious disease threats. But there are people out there who actually
work in this field who are saying that’s not enough.>>Yeah, well, cutting the Centers for Disease
Control, as we have a worldwide epidemic is usually not the best idea, but that’s okay
cuz over in April miraculously goes away. Look, again, his lack of intellectual curiosity
drives me nuts and that day so if you take it offensive what I just said, what I say
from time to time about how Trump readers don’t don’t care about facts don’t read or
not in, etc. Well, you have a president who won’t read
past the page. That’s what all of his advisors say. And they have to draw pictures on the pages
to get them to pay attention when you have something that might kill you. You want the president to pay attention, unrelated
story that gives you a sense of how he thinks just came out while we were doing a show. Apparently in the new book, they say that
he would often as Ryan’s previous former chief of staff who’s from Wisconsin, and he’d be
giving him serious briefings on national security issues, threats, etc. And it stopped them to go, tell me more about
the badgers. And he constantly asked about badgers I was
like, badgers because of the Wisconsin Badgers. My God, and he would say what are they do
they like people are they friendly dopiest?>>No, are you serious?>>I’m serious. I’m serious, or they mean to people. Mr. President the Isis threat as we were discussing
but back to the Badgers for a second his own self parody,>>And I’m not listen, I’m not insulting Trump
supporters, I’m not calling them dumb. I am saying he’s calling them dumb because
look at how he talks to them. I’m surprised he didn’t blame the coronavirus
on Mexicans.>>I’m surprised he would say, you see what
the Mexican are doing around the world.>>They’re not sending us our best viruses.>>They’re sending us the worst.>>But some I assume are good viruses.>>Yes.


  • Peace&Love !

    It's the Sun people; in the spring and summer the flu cant thrive as well because the earth is titled closer to the Sun!! The Sun is Life…

  • David Olson

    trump, like his “cult of trump” ignoramuses think you get a cold or flu because it is cold outside. We have a dangerous, moronic imbecile in the White House. Wake up good Americans and sweep the filth out of the White House

  • redstart67

    Nobody knows more about virology & epidemiolgy than Trump, believe me. I know more about viruses than the doctors do & come april, it'll go on its holidays, so we'll see?

  • Richard Przybylek

    What dose Trump care he has a vaccine against it given to him by China and by April most of us are gonna be to sick to care what Trump dose then, China made this virus and released it this is how they win and we lose that my tin foil hat thoughts on it

  • ka2rwp1

    Its because Trump followers have the mentality same as Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds while the others including Trump have the mentality of the other football team members in the Revenge of the Nerds movie.

  • ka2rwp1

    I'm surprised too Trump didn't blame the Corona virus on Mexicans saying it came from Corona beer and the cure is putting more lime in it.

  • Joe Garratt

    Loool I like tyt but just because Trump said it doesn't mean it isn't true. Corona virus is related to the common cold which is much more prevalent in the winter months. I've seen reputable sources such as BBC say similar things. Just saying do your research first before you critique him. Gives the alt right a leg to stand on if Trump (and the scientists who agree that summer might halt the virus) is proven right.

  • Jim Wagner

    Every so often I check in here and I am always disappointed. It amazes me how 3 people could talk about nothing so vehemently for 9 minutes.

  • bayyinah jackson

    Fresh air, and sunlight is what saved people from the plague, along with disinfectants. Nostradamus. He wasn't off. I don't like Trump either, but he's half right.

  • Mason M

    Check the facts before yall go all knee-jerk on him. NPR actually discussed this, and the droplets that viruses travel in don't travel as well in warmer more humid air.

  • peter8488

    While heat does kill germs such as viruses this is ONLY a guess, this virus may be more resilient then they think, bacteria, fungus, and mold go into a spore state to survive, life finds a way.

  • Guhanatha Swami

    I'm from Malaysia, we are at the equator, it's hot and humid all year round, it routinely hits 35C / 95F daily. The country is on alert and taking whatever precautions we can. Some pharmacies are even rationing hand sanitisers to try to meet the demand. By the way the corona virus is not a type flu or influenza, it is related to the SARS virus. Many of us here are rooting for Bernie too, for the sake of our planet.

  • crazywaffleking

    Temperature effects how long the virus can survive on surfaces outside a body. There is a reason colds and flu is less common in warmer months. For once Trump isn't wrong.

  • Daddy Havoc

    Yup, one thing I’ve learned over the years is that viruses and bacteria hate warm humid temperatures lol but what do you expect from a science denier

  • noname hereyougo

    He's talking to the people in front of him. Let's not give him more credit then that alone. He doesn't know other people are around besides that audience.

  • Kimberly Lyons

    Summer colds and summer flu is worse than getting sick in the fall and winter. I live in Northern Michigan's Upper Peninsula so I know what I'm talking about. Heat does not kill a virus but it does enable it to spread more quickly!

  • Kimberly Lyons

    Cenk. he's an idea I just thought I'd throw out there. Yes President Trump Badgers love people and love to cuddle and we just happen to have a momma Badger that we snatched on the way here to see you and we brought the baby kits too so you could play with them and the momma!

  • Darth Fluffy

    Heat cures all disease it's true!!!
    Being burned to death cures all ailments!

    That badgers thing, a classic asbergers move there.
    Talking about a related issue triggers an unrelated change in conversation from the aspi. Trump was bored about the briefing and as soon as "Wisconsin" for example was mentioned, it triggers a memory of something he found interesting like the badgers in order to be relatetable. It's a Classic asbergers symptom!!
    Trump is thick, and his deplorable actions are NOT traits of asbergers, but he does have asbergers, the badgers thing is just a sign of that aspi behaviour, which isn't his fault.

  • Olifantenstaart

    Generally, the opposite is true. Most viruses will not thrive in freezing temperatures. With rising temperatures, tropical diseases are spreading towards polar regions.

  • Jojo Berkanhead

    If it were true the April heat will kill the virus, then the virus would be killed on entering the human body, temperature 98.6°F (37°C).
    'During April, the average contiguous U.S. temperature was 52.9°F'

  • Sunset Lux

    I really feel for China but we should have had a travel ban on China in January. They won't because of money. They put profits over people's lives.

  • Gordon Gottlieb

    Few months ago, Trump said that windmills causes cancer,and now he thinks the heat would get rid of this virus, I swear this man is a idiot

  • Ivy

    😒🤦🏾‍♀️🤔🧐 Maybe America should build a bunch of windmills and the Corona virus and windmill cancer will cancel each other out.🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Ivy

    Before Aida said it I swear I was thinking that trump is going to suggest that building a wall on the Mexican border will help stop the Corona virus….. and all of his followers would cheer and agree

  • Mark Fischer

    Virologists have noted that influenza cases tend to diminish sharply in warm and hot weather and are hoping it will be true in this case. Since this started during cold winter weather nobody knows yet if there will be any effect. Personally I'm hoping this will be the end of Nazi China inc. It seems to me that short of finding an effective treatment for it, this battle is already lost in China. Latest info I've got is 80 cities locked down with 400 million people.

  • Montana fishing Fun

    Hot in April? So what high 40’s is hot? Infect his damn rally
    Edit: I’ll make the sacrifice, send me to China and I go to every rally he holds.
    He is so stupid!

  • jason miller

    while Jamaica was under british rule over a century or so ago the british barracks at up park camp was struck by malaria, after many deaths and tests the camp was moved to Newcastle up in the blue mountains after it was discovered the virus cannot strive in a cold climate this was what saved the soldiers

  • Brandy Bauska

    Trump is a pathological narcissist or 'malignant' as the psychologists would say. He believes his own lies and he lies more then he ever tells the truth. His crowd wants excuses and blame not answers. Narcissists are never wrong or accountable, blame others and deflect, never agreeable and lack common sense, have zero self reflection so they point out everyone else's bad habits and wrong doing but never see that they do wrong. Trump constantly projects his misconduct on EVERYONE.. especially the Democrats. He won't take the virus seriously because he thinks he is immortal or "God like
    " ..
    I think he will freak out if he loses at reelection and it will be bad for our country in a detrimental way. He may start a war within America's very decided political groups. Pitting the red against the blue..
    I honestly think that's exactly why he only talks to his fan base now..they are erratic and unwavering

  • John Knighton

    Trump is nothing more than a f**** dumb stupid ass moron liar all he knows how to do is lie well he can bankrupt everything puts his hands on that's what he's doing to America and Americans but he is a f***-up dumbass water-based a human being a liar nothing but a fat lard bucket ass liar he has no clue on what the hell he's talkin about much less he has no clue on anything at all corsets maybe a 5th grade education if that dumbass

  • wadedblade

    Drumpf probably said to the President of China, I told you not to drink that Mexican beer "Corona" now
    your people caught the Corona virus!!!!! What Fricken Idiot ….. SMH

  • jamesanson

    Regarding the comment about trump's words reflecting his belief that is own supporters dumb, at the national prayer breakfast, he spouted a DOOZY that was not called out. Paraphrasing – I hate when people of faith use their religion to justify illegal activities. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is the only thing evangelicals seem to be doing!

  • Gold & Silver VS Crisis & Collapse

    China did the best it could. It was already spreading by the time the doc you're talking about wanted to raise alarm bells, and if he had succeeded there would have been far more cases because he would have caused a mass panic that would have transported infected people all over China before they even knew how infectious it was or the fact that it has a 3 week incubation period where no symptoms could have been shown. They did their best, TYT, and honestly I hope the US gets it so the world can see how ineffective ya'll are. 2009 H1N1, 575,400 killed according to the CDC. Epicenter US of A, though many idiots like to blame Mexico for all your problems

  • Phaedra

    UGH TYT, don't laugh at what you don't bother to research!!! Some virologists HAVE stated that hopefully it will subside by May, as occurred with SARS, because of the hotter more humid weather in China (It's now winter there.). It's not a sure thing but it's not without basis. This has 2 drivers: (1) the virus won't survive as long in a hot humid environment and (2) in warmer weather people spend less time in close contact with each other indoors. Obviously, hot weather alone will not stop the outbreak but will hopefully reduce the rate of spread so that other measures can control and stop it. Not enough is known about this new virus to know how much of an effect the changing weather will have, so it's true that's Trump's portrayal is incorrect, but you look like fools when you break out in laughter at things that do have a basis in fact.

    TYT, You have some very good commentary but It appears that your brand is foremost to make fun of people, which quickly gets tiring to watch, especially when you ignore the facts to get your laugh.

  • Sevander Jokeracic

    Trump has admitted that he would have gotten a medical degree but the military draft prevented this but then his extreme bone spurs prevented him from participating in the US military. Thanks to his own self sacrifice, Rush Limbaugh and David Duke will present Trump with the Medal of Honor at the WHITE house on July 4 2020. Also, the hot air of the upcoming spring will destroy all diseases not just the flu but also HIV, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and lupus. Therefore, Rush Limbaugh and David Duke will present Trump with an honorary doctorate at the White house on Earth Day 2020.

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