• Koukle Partali

    Τον βάλανε στην Βουλη, γα ενανμονο λόγο, ανοίκει σε μια πολύ μεγάλη Εβραϊκή, Σιωνιστική Οικογένεια

  • pas9ify

    The point is that pessimism breeds more pessimism. And yet, we have had worse pessimism in the past and escaped from it. So why now does it persist for more than a decade? What is it that is weighing on everyone's mind but few will discuss? Could it be the devastation of the ecosystem upon which civilization was built & on which all of us deep down know we depend? Is this the weight that is pulling down our collective psyche? Maybe it's time to vocalize. Maybe it's time to admit, wake up, seek balance. I doubt anyone can be happy without the connection to nature which is at the core of our existence.

  • sundiii99OWS

    We could eliminate money today because money is just numbers in computers. If all people own all things, then no rich man can say “if you want MY FOOD you have to buy it, and if you can’t get a job to get money then starve!” That rich man is a capitalist. We can eliminate money only when all people own all things, Socialism, then Communism.

  • Anoikse Ego eimai O Gios sou

    The facts: Varoufakis found out the game of the Bankers who destroyed Greece. He got them unprepared, as it was impossible for them to believe that someone will have the guts to talk the truth. Then they acted as they had to save their butts, using the traitors they had/have in Greek Govs. The propaganda against him was so strong, that most of Greeks hate him (actually all those they voted all previous corrupted governments). Varoufakis he is an amazing economist and this is agreed also by his enemies!! Who is better than him from all those the have opinion and talk [email protected] about him?? And how do they know about “the damage” he make in Greek economy?? From TV???? Hahahaha

  • HellstromGR

    Varoufakis costed the greek economy aprox. 200bil

    dont listen to that economy iliterate buffoon.

    He is a communist. A vile scumbug whose personal choices made the greeks storm ATMs at midnight.

  • Ronzig the Wizard

    Yanis Varoufakis is a traitor to his people and has the absolute gall to travel around making a fortune as a speaker when he should be in jail for betraying his people and turning his whole country into a slave economy owned by European bankers. I didn't come on this page to listen to this traitor, just to let him know what I think of him.

  • Demetrios Athenaios

    1. Kalecki’s Fable ( Is this the origin of the parallel payment system of Varoufakis? )
    'In an impoverished Jewish shtetl in Eastern Poland, whose residents were mired in debt and living on credit, a wealthy and pious Jew arrived one day and checked into the local inn, taking care to pay his hotel bill in advance. On Friday, to avoid breaking the Sabbath injunction against carrying money, he handed over to the inn-keeper for safe-keeping a $100 note2. Early on Sunday, the wealthy and pious Jew left the inn before the inn-keeper had had a chance to return the banknote.
    After a few days, the inn-keeper decided that the wealthy Jew was not going to return. So he took the $100 note and used it to clear his debt with the local butcher. The butcher was delighted and gave the note for safe-keeping to his wife. She used it to clear her debts with a local seamstress who made up dresses for her. The seamstress was delighted, and took the money to repay her rent arrears with her landlord. The landlord was pleased to get his rent at last and gave the money to pay his mistress, who had been giving him her favours without any return for far too long. The mistress was pleased because she could now use the note to clear off her debt at the local inn where she occasionally rented rooms.
    So it was that the bank-note finally returned to the inn-keeper. Although no new trade or production had occurred, nor any income been created, the debts in the shtetl had been cleared, and everyone looked forward to the future with renewed optimism.
    A couple of weeks later, the wealthy and pious Jew returned to the inn, and the inn-keeper was able to return to him his $100 note. To his amazement and dismay, the wealthy Jew took the note, set fire to it, and used it to light his cigarette. On seeing the inn-keeper’s dismay the wealthy Jew laughed and told him that the banknote was forged anyway.'

  • Google made me do it

    That last sentence really stuck with me: Greece was beheaded as an example of what would happen to Spain, Portugal and Ireland if they were to make a similar choice during elections. These are four countries of which there is never reported news in Belgium. Of course, the same goes for Finland, Romania or other Balkan countries with the exception of something important like election results – but even when Podemos won the elections it was only briefly mentioned as a headflash. The news didn't attempt to explain the motivaiton and ethics behind Podemos, nor why they became so popular in Spain. What was important for the news to show was how poor this country had become, then years of silence, and now of course our Flamingant reporters are idolizing Puigdemont and his idiotic "hermitage" in our capitol. Not only are national politics in Belgium a fraud, so are European politics. It is carefully staged and it angers me gravely to notice that everyone that possesses power to inform the people and drive their opinion is involved. Europe will collapse because of its ultraconservative, neofascist approach all in the pursuit of money.

  • Robert Brandywine

    It's just a joke that google says they think Democracy is a good thing. The people don't agree with most of the things they believe and want!

  • Alkomp75

    Varoufakis should be the European Finance Minister….the economy could have taken off…instead we are stuck with the stupid Germans that implement austerity all over Europe

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