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  • Brian Arps

    There is a reason why most of the people who stand for Parliament, (and anything else) fail. Politics is like farming. It is more difficult than it looks. I know that there are capacity restraints also but the point stands.

  • angus macoatup

    " luxurious and planet destroying western lifestyle " ,,, still think these people are not left wing Mr Baker . there is more information in that phrase than the rest of the entire post , I don't know anyone that has a "Luxurious " lifestyle ,me and most of the people I know are just getting by , and the end phrase " planet killing western lifestyle " reveal this person's political views as a western world hater , whether that be hard line socialist , Marxist or just plain old communist . you keep telling people that the climate movement hasn't been hijacked by the far left , then you provide us with the proof that it has .

  • Michelle Lewis

    The Canning town protest group were expressly told by XR not to go ahead. Half of the group complied and half went ahead on their own initiative but not as part of XR. Its a little unfair to claim it an XR action and own goal. It was stupid, thats why XR wanted nothing to do with it. The media used it as a means to smear…..

  • malcolm mcgregor

    Note methane is measured in parts per BILLION. Currently 1500 MAX 2000 FROM WHERE SEEhttps://atmosphere.copernicus.eu/charts/cams/methane-forecasts?facets=undefined&time=2020022100,3,2020022103&projection=classical_global&layer_name=composition_ch4_surface CO2 IN PARTS PER MILLION.

  • Chickpea the Tortie

    The XR lot are as stupid as the poor animals that they all like to eat. All that meat protein has done nothing for their intellect whatsoever. Dreading when the warm weather starts and they all drag themselves away from their centrally heated homes in order to make a pest of themselves on London's streets again. For myself looking forward to the extinction of the human race we're a nasty smelly ugly bloodthirsty lot and what we do to the animal kingdom on a daily basis fills me with grief.

  • anonymous t

    I rarely comment on utube vids but after quite a few views I'd just like to say I love your level headed,& including both sides of the argument approach.

  • Dontvote ForAnybody

    20:30 – the contribution of fossil fuels and derived fertilizers should be acknowledged here. Also, GM technology. Pretty much everything the lefties hate. They are misanthropes.

  • Greynot Stupid

    Careful Mallen, you’re in danger of becoming a climate realist! For heavens sake don’t do an investigation into the real science of climate or you’ll become a denier!


    Mallen Baker, really, really, 60 square meters of hallowed turf is ur only concern, really, with a strait face, really?! Sir ur soooooooo anti-ER you keep harping on about tiny minor matters. In the half an hour that ER damaged some grass 60 square meters in Oxfordshire tuff, that same 30 minutes can you please list, for the sake of balance, the acreage of rain forest that was destroyed in 30 minutes in Australia (bush fires) or Indonesia (PalmOil) or Brazi (F*cking McDonalds). Can you stop being an Oil Company Shrill for 5 minutes look in the mirror and tell the truth FOR ONCE PLEASE tell ur views what happen in the 30 minutes in those same earth 30 minutes in a like for like basis, in just 30 minutes, in those 3 counties I have listed, and why your have decided to give them a free pass to them and hammer ER. Im all ears Mr Baker.

  • Ken Allan

    You got it, Mallen and it's an enigma. In fact, the idea that the world would be a better place if it were not for fossil fuels, serves right into the hands of the climate activists. This blob of erroneous information that's used when the climate activists promote their campaigns is the nub of the whole fantasy they create about the future of the human race. They don't know what happened in the past and they proselytize about what's going to happen in the future.

  • The Imaginary Gallery

    Why does YT feel the need to attach an unsolicited Wikipedia article spewing propaganda lies by paid for, non-scientific "science" agenda-driven such so-called "authoritative" (but unreliable) sources? As if YT thinks it is its job to dictate what truth is by using such weak tools!

  • Dub Shaman

    I think you should acknowledge that the oil biz did it's damnedest to hold back sustainable tech – knowingly – not to mention ev's….

  • Burgess Park

    Enjoyed your video – XR are looking increasingly ridiculous
    Just one point
    "Methane is a more powerful gas (molecule for molecule) than CO2'
    erm – not true actually
    If you look at the comparison of the radiative absorption spectra of the two gases
    carbon dioxide has a much bigger range than methane – and methane is totally
    overlapped by the water vapour spectrum.

    The only reason that methane is quoted as "more powerful" is because (at current levels) it
    hasnt saturated the available and appropriate radiative energy – although water vapour already
    fully absorbs those wavelengths.
    Of course, CO2 is fully saturated.
    In addition, methane doesnt last as long in the atmosphere since it reacts with O3 and quickly
    Methane is actually (by all measures) a very weak greenhouse gas.

    RIP Mr Gomez.

  • Igbon5

    While I am not a real psychologist, my vast experience tells me that Rupert Read gets around in a state which we call, a heightened state of arousal.
    So when he comes across information like the J P Morgan stuff, he does get very excited indeed.

  • Igbon5

    Doesn't Methane decrease by half every 8 – 9 years?
    And if that is true, is that not, relatively short order. It is quite long order.

  • Igbon5

    That was really sad news out of Mexico. I didn't know anything about this individual case but have known of others where speaking up puts a lot more on the line than a hashtag assault.
    In this particular case, the dichotomy couldn't be more absurd and tragic.
    Flowers and Butterflies, so symbolic of peaceful happy nature and a person who stands up for that is so brutally murdered.
    No wonder some people want a wall.

  • Luke H

    Big oil (energy) companies will make an absolute fortune from green energy in the long run, so of course they're seeking to be the new 'authority'.


    Jackson urged caution. “We don’t know yet what scenario we’re on,” he said. “I think most climate scientists will tell you that we’re below the RCP 8.5 scenario. But every year that emissions increase like they have this year, it makes the 8.5 scenario more plausible.”

    Jackson published his first academic paper in 1989, just a year after the nasa scientist James Hansen first warned Congress that global warming had begun in earnest. I asked whether he thought actual emissions would ever come close to RCP 8.5. 

    “It’s nuts,” he said. “But I used to think a lot of things were nuts that turned out not to be nuts.”  Rob Jackson an Earth scientist at Stanford and the chair of the Global Carbon Project.                                                                                                                       Mallen is a talented U Tuber and makes some valid points however Rob Jackson has perhaps a more helpful take on RCP 8.5

  • Donald McCarthy

    The murder of that defenceless little lawn by psychopathic thugs belonging to a terror group so extreme that even ISIS have refused to work with them, is of course a tragedy. The death by predictable drowning of many acres of winter crops is a statistic. We actually don't need smelly farmers with their funny voices as all our food grows in supermarkets. Remember folk, it's extinction by exponential collapse and also by 2026. Enjoy!

  • Stuart Jones

    They are not "Climate Activists" they are far Left protestors using a made up issue to introduce their preferred form of Governance.

  • Stuart Jones

    Of course JP Morgan etc want to promote Climate alarmism, the money they stand to make if global Governance is introduced in incalculable.

  • Matthew Leitch

    XR's style of activism is inherently self-contradictory and discredits XR, but it is more important that they are also undermining all arguments for moves towards sustainability. It is concerning that some news media, notably the BBC, continue to present XR and similar activism as morally good. I'm very concerned about sustainability and recognize that massive change is needed and would be better if taken urgently. These people are standing in the way of that but think they are doing the opposite.

  • Andrew cheadle

    Excuse my language, but XR are a bunch of fucking idiots.
    I'm convinced that these cretins have absolutely nothing to do with environment protection.
    And more about generally attracting easily lead individuals in to their organisation.
    And of course the likes of JP Morgan are sooo concerned about climate change! 🙄
    Them and Goldman Sachs, and all the other banks who have got their fingers in the CC pie!

  • Ronald Garrison

    "We are trying to 'take away' the things that our luxurious and planet destroying western lifestyles give us."

    That basically says it all, doesn't it? Excuse us for breathing. Literally.

  • Rustin Schreiner

    I feel like your channel is due for a scientific account on how to keep us near 2 degrees C instead of all of these political videos. I started following you thinking this was more of a scientific approach but am finding it’s more opinions of how the leftists get things wrong than coming to common ground for a solution.

    Just an opinion from somebody who started out as a fan but has since fizzled due to what I perceive as a bias.

  • jropar13

    "….strange old system" Like keeping around a centuries-old aristocracy. I think I'll keep our Democratic Republic thank you very much.
    Those children who tore up the lawn are your biggest supporters aside from those being paid by the IPCC. But you already know that….

  • Ratter2E

    What I find most concerning is that the police seem to have taken a side, and it's an odd position for police in general, but they stand by as property damage is done, and stand aside while grooming gangs rape, abduct, drug and prostitute children and even charge parents and other who try to rescue the girls who are the victims, . but it's cult like, and one wonders at what stage the EX-Arrr idiots will drink the cordial leaving us to know why all this distraction has been allowed to go on and on, and it won't be pretty .

  • Joseph Zorzin

    Mallen, off subject- hope you don't mind- but, what do you think of the Skeptical Science web site? https://skepticalscience.com/
    I look at numerous climate blogs and web sites including that one because I don't think anybody really understands the climate so I want to see what everyone says- without becoming prejudiced. It seems to be the ultimate "defender of the faith". Any skeptic posting there needs to be wearing heavy armor because they'll slash away at you if they don't just fail to allow the comment. They have no mercy for even moderate skeptics because defeating skeptics is their mission.

    So, Mallen, I sense you're sort of a middle of the road guy when it comes to climate change. You don't deny it like Tony Heller (I'm a big fan of him) but you don't seem terrified that the end is near either- so, like I said, I'm curious what you think of that site.

  • Jeff Yutzler

    Excellent video. ER doesn't get much publicity here in the US so I mostly rolled my eyes at that part but I'm glad you spent several minutes discussing the Democratic Primary which has the potential to have a much greater global impact.

  • BloodOn MyBoot

    It's not anything to do with the environment, these people are out an out communists and their main intention is to bring down the west,. This comes straight out of the horses mouth, one Stuart Basden under the heading. Extinction Rebellion isn't about the climate. These people need to be stopped they are the western people's true enemy

  • Neo Winter

    “The kind of man who wants the government to adopt and enforce his ideas is always the kind of man whose ideas are idiotic.” “Never argue with an idiot. They will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  • Mark Pearsons

    Unless I'm mistaken when methane degrades doesn't it turn into CO2 and water ? It's still adding to the green house gas quanta…………………….isn't it ?

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