XProtect LPR: Install LPR server
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XProtect LPR: Install LPR server

License plate recognition (LPR) is a
powerful add-on to Milestone VMS. It helps manage parking, prevents loss,
regulates access, and assists in evidence gathering. In this video tutorial, you will learn how to install the Milestone License Plate Recognition server. After the LPR plug-in has been installed,
we can install the LPR server. We’ll double-click MilestoneXProtectLPRServerIinstaller. Here, we select our language and click Continue. After reading and accepting the license
agreement, select the “I accept” check box to proceed. Click Continue. Type your user credentials, starting with
the User name input field. Click Continue. Then click Install. And click Close. You just saw how to install the
Milestone LPR server. Visit our YouTube site to view
other tutorials in this playlist.

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