WPX Part 2 – Saving Time and Money
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WPX Part 2 – Saving Time and Money

hi it’s Terry Kyle again the CEO of wpx
hosting and in the previous video I talked about how we will move all of
your websites from your old hosting over to WP X at no charge to you no cost to
you regardless of how many sites that is so if you’ve got the business plan you
can move five sites from different hosting companies or from one other
hosting company to us we handle all the technical stuff or if it’s 15 sites on a
professional plan or 35 and elite we handle that as well and we usually have
that all resolved within 24 hours and really you don’t need to do any of the
technical stuff we handle all of that now in the previous video I mentioned
that I wanted to talk about massive time savers that we’ve built into the hosting
for you so the first of those is that obviously you can install WordPress very
very simply with just a few mouse clicks and that’s not particularly new or
groundbreaking but if you’re very very new to WordPress and running a website
that may be a little bit of a challenge for you so we do have a script kind of a
wizard that will install WordPress very very simply for you and I’m just putting
up on the screen now where you find that inside your user admin area now like all
of the main functions inside your WP X hosting account if you get stuck with
that please just approach the live chat team the boxes down in the bottom right
hand corner I’ll show that on the screen now and we will install WordPress for
you so even if you’re very new to all this and installing WordPress is
something of a challenge don’t get frustrated and feel worried about it
please just reach out to us because we can do that in a couple of minutes for
you and get it up and running now in the same way we were also I think the very
very first hosting company to introduce automated installation of SSL
certificates and these are completely free they’re from an organization called
let’s encrypt of which Google is a major sponsor to this initiative these SSL’s
are completely free for you and they auto-renew and we do have a
script or a wizard type of function inside your admin account again I’m
showing it on the screen now where you can very very quickly and you should get
it up and running within 10 20 30 seconds probably you can have a free ssl
certificate that you never need to worry about again because it auto renews you
never have to pay anything for it it’s completely free and probably from a
biosecurity point of view people coming to your website if you’re selling things
they’re having that ssl depending on your niche is probably quite a good idea
it does suggest a more legitimate type of website that people can trust more
and even though Google has said there may be an SEO advantage to that we still
don’t necessarily see that the Google is expecting that more and more
particularly with sites that require any kind of login they want to see an ssl
certificate there again like the wordpress installation if you get stuck
please just reach out to us and we’ll do that for you we’ll install that ssl
certificate just approach the live chat team they’re there 24/7 and they can do
it within seconds for you and if you want it on all of your sites or just one
or two they can handle that and just do it for you we’ve got the script if
you’re a little bit more confident to do that on your own but if not please just
reach out to us again don’t get frustrated we want to make your journey
with us as painless as possible and get rid of any frustration and one
of the ways we do that is by just handling those small jobs if you’re
stuck for you we can just get them done very very quickly and obviously there’s
no charge for that either few other quick things to keep in mind with your
wpx hosting we have free unlimited emails so you can set up a lot of email
accounts you can also have unlimited forwarders for those emails if you want
them to direct them to a different email address and I’m putting up on the screen
where you do all of that now but remember and it’s a big theme of this
video if you get stuck on that please reach out to the live chat support
they’ll do it for you just tell them exactly what you need and they’ll give
that handled very very quickly if that seems a bit challenging for you you
should also know that we have enterprise level DDoS protection now DDoS is a very
aggressive type of attack on websites by competitors usually and this is getting
a bigger and bigger issue in hosting and the web generally and in the last year
there have been some massive massive attacks and we even see it on a small
scale now against some websites but your website or websites with us are
completely protected by a very high level of in capsular DDoS protection
this is what huge companies use it’s the same level and that’s protecting your
website and we provide that free of charge for you even if you don’t fully
understand what DDoS is and all of that it’s one of those things that you don’t
need to worry about because part of our core philosophy is that you should just
be able to get on with developing your business online and not worry too much
about all the technical stuff one other quick feature with your wpx hosting
account we’ve just recently increased our backup period from 14 days to 30
days so for example if you install a plug-in and it causes some problems on
your website and you need to go back to an earlier version of that site we can
do that up to 30 days back so we take a full backup once a week and we take
incremental backups any changes that were made to your website each day
that’s done on a daily basis and we do it up to 30 days so these are some of
the key features that you’re getting in your WP X hosting account and we’re
always looking to add more now in the next video what I’d like to share with
you is a couple of great plugins that we’ve built for your use as far as I
know they’re pretty unique and they do very very powerful things for your
website they’re completely free to you I’ll talk through those plugins that
offer very very useful functionality for your websites in the next videos or I
hope to see you there and as always if you get stuck with anything
please just ask the support team and they should be able to handle that for
you any issue any problem any frustration billing concerned technical
WordPress they should be able to handle that for you very very quickly and you
can just get back to running your business so I’ll see you on the next
video about the plugins and have a great day there

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