WPX Hosting vs HostGator
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WPX Hosting vs HostGator

number one beware of any hostgator plan
promising unmetered or unlimited bandwidth or disk space when you
actually read hostgator Terms of Service they state that excessive usage of CPU
disk space and other resources could have your account terminated and your
site will be suspended or automatically shut off then all your website visitor
see is an ugly bandwidth limit exceeded screen or it’s offline completely
because your website was turned off by Hostgator turns out that hostgator
hosting plans aren’t unlimited or unmetered at all pretty sneaky huh a wpx
hosting your website slowed way faster than Hostgator we do have clearly stated
limits pretty big once on every plan but if you have a big traffic spike your
site will stay live and blazing fast and on every credible test on Hostgator page
loads are extremely slow or won’t load at all during even relatively small
traffic loads at the same time on websites hosted there number 2 WP X
hosting averages under 30 seconds support response time on live chat and
WP x hosting has an independently verified satisfaction rating of 99% but
if you check on Google for real customer reviews of Hostgator support you will
find many responses like this on web hosting geeks com a major independent
hosting review web site doesn’t sound great that’s it number
three wpx hosting fix any issues affecting your website’s normal
operation for free fast Hostgator doesn’t do that either
according to Hostgator customers they respond very slowly and eventually just
send you a link to a complicated technical article and expect you to fix
the issue yourself frustrating right but there’s no need to put up with a
terrible hosting experience at Hostgator anymore use the promo code on the screen
now to try wpx hosting for just $1

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