WPX Hosting Testimonial by Stephen Prior
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WPX Hosting Testimonial by Stephen Prior

everyone’s even prior here with prior
marketing solutions and even though we provide marketing services to clients
around the world I’m actually all right here in my living room and whenever I
have any issues I I literally hop on – you know my hosting
dashboard I just type in my first name in email address and I get Martin I get
Martin a lot actually ha ha ha hey I was even say I just wanted to say hi
recording a success story for wpx keep up the good work
ok and then I’m just going to write this as good I’ve never had to give one of WP
exes support agents a bad rating that they’re that good and you know for the
the type of quality hosting that they provide and all of like the the addit
features that you get the pricing is just incredible especially the with the
level customer service state that they provide so I highly highly recommend wpx
hosting not only to my clients but everybody that’s watching this video I
wish you guys the best of success and if you’re on the fence of choosing wpx
hosting versus one of their competitors I highly highly highly suggest choosing
them thank you

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