WPX Hosting Testimonial by Lakshmia Marie
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WPX Hosting Testimonial by Lakshmia Marie

Hi, my name is Lakshmia Marie. I have three
websites with WPX Hosting. The migration process was superduper easy, especially
since I don’t know what the hell I was supposed to do,
so they handled everything. Walk me through the dashboard, send me some you
know emails to make sure that everything was on track and it was amazing. It was
so much easier than my previous host, because my previous host just made
things so hard for me and when it came down to like tech stuff especially IF there
was something on their side, they didn’t want to solve it or I’ll be on hold for
like three hours and then I would forget why even I was on hold with them. None of
them with WPX Hosting. Support is literally instantaneous like there is no, you know
wait time, like I’ve never had to wait which is really awesome, especially in
this day and age but when everything is so quick and everything is done online. The dashboard was one the easiest
dashboards I’ve ever used in my entire life. My previous host the dashboard
looked like 1996 and so I never wanted to log into it. With WPX, I know exactly
what I’m getting myself into. I know what I’m doing. Everything is easy
to read, is legible and it’s modern. So process was easy.The fact that I can
host a several websites with you guys and it’s no problem-
SuperDuper easy. The fact I can host several websites with you guys and
they’re fast and it’s not costing me $400 a month for three websites, even
better. You know, it’s saves me money, it saves me time and that’s what we need at
this point. Did I mention the support is amazing? Support is awesome! Always quick
to answer questions, always quick when something is wrong. Even if it’s my fault,
they’re quick to solve it and that’s so important. I
love everything about WPX Hosting. The only thing that maybe I would change, is
the fact that there’s no cPanel login. Seeing that all the
hosts that I’ve used in a lot tutorials online, most hosts use cPanel. Usually
have to wait for support to do it or I have to go in the funky way and it’s a
little weird. So it kind of makes it hard when there is something I need to do
that I’ve never done before. It makes it kind of hard for me to actually complete
that task. If I can’t solve it, again, support is right there to help
with that. So not a complaint. I love that you guys
have an actual you know mission, statement and a cause and the fact that you
guys have had a dog on your homepage is what separated you from the people that
I was going to go with before, because I’m a dog mom and being able to connect
with a company that knows the core values that I have is vastly important. So keep
doing what you’re doing. Thank you for being able to migrate sites. Thank you
for always being up. Thank you for having an amazing, when I say an amazing, an
amazing support team. They’re one of the best I’ve ever dealt with at any
company, not just in hosting, but overall. They always make sure I’m happy and
even something that they can’t fix at that moment, support tickets are done
very quickly. I usually get stuff solved within 12 hours. Amazing! Like there are
some companies that can take some lessons from you guys. I just love the
company and so I recommend my clients and my friends that are looking to host
websites to go through you guys and avoid the traps of some other
competition. So thank you guys for actually being different being fast and
being supportive. Bye

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