WPX Hosting Testimonial by Dave Chesson
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WPX Hosting Testimonial by Dave Chesson

so I’m a huge wpx hosting fan and here’s
why it was about a year ago or so that I noticed that a lot of my sales had
dropped I quickly went to the websites and you know what I found instead of
seeing my wonderful work that I created I found an advertisement for Syrian
children who were harmed in the war and that basically said you’ve been hacked
seriously here was all of my work gone I went and contacted Hostgator the hosting
service that had at the time and basically they said well you messed up
somebody got a hold of your password I was like wait they magically got ahold
of every password that I have which was super secure and super long and they did
it to all of my websites that are with you guys and they said yeah pretty much
at that point I was pretty fed up I noticed that they had nickel and dimed
me that they didn’t include all the other things that you know that I
thought I should get and so I knew it was time to move on so I did some
research and I found out about wpengine and I thought maybe that would be a good
idea not really no although it was much more expensive
and at that time I was just willing to do whatever because I was making a
significant amount of money from my websites and having them be fast and
dependable was super important I was ready to pay whatever but here’s the
thing WP engine didn’t do that in either I kept running into issues where certain
plugins wouldn’t work my website wouldn’t function and worse yet I had an
uptime monitor and it kept telling me all the time that my main website Kindle
preneur com was not getting traffic because it was down I was paying premium
and yet I couldn’t even have my website up and I tried working with their
support and they kept having problem after problem and I was starting to get
fed up with them and then I came across an article by Matthew Woodward where he
described the same exact issues that he had with WP engine but more importantly
he had moved over to what was called traffic planet hosting at the time but
now wpx and he had listed off all the things that had improved on his websites
because he had done it he had before and after pictures of speed he talked about
the SEO importance of having wpx for your websites and finally his life was
just that much easier because he made the move so of course I immediately
jumped on WP X and I got a hold of them and I can’t believe how easy it was
actually moved all of my websites for me and they didn’t charge me oh you have no
idea how crazy that is like how many different hosting services that I’m
ready to invest years into and they’re like good luck may the force be with you
the other thing that I loved with wpx was I made a lot of stupid mistakes I
made some whoopsies I didn’t do backups and things like that but contacting them
on their chat system they were immediately helpful and they went the
extra mile on times where I was like okay I’m just being an idiot here and
these guys are probably thinking that but they’re so cool not to tell me this
and they fixed all of my problems so now I’m so happy with wpx that I moved all
of my websites my niche websites to my main website can opener comm and even my
website that sells my software KDP rocket comm if those things were to go
down I would lose thousands of dollars a day instead of what used to be only a
couple hundred and just making that simple transition to wpx has paid
forward so many times my websites are always up I don’t have any problems I
have automatic backups I don’t get nickeled and dimed and finally when I
have a question their support teams there to help me out and with that that
is why I am now a wpx user and will for a very long time
thanks wpx you’ve helped you with my business and I’m so glad to be able to
tell my story here Cheers

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