WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Mike Clayton
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Mike Clayton

hi I’m Mike Layton I’m the founder of
online p.m. courses I first started using wpx hosting it was traffic
planners at the time when I started my new online business at the time because
of experiences I’d had with previous hosts I knew that there were three
things I was looking for the first worst they had to really understand WordPress
hosting second was really good security I had really bad experience
with a previous host and thirdly excellent customer service because the
bad security experience with the previous host also was exacerbated by a
very poor service so those were the three things I was looking for I looked
at a large number of reviews consequently I tried them out and I have
to say I’ve been extraordinarily happy it’s an easy service to use and their
customer service is second to none it’s very rapid turnaround sometimes a
matter of minutes and every experience I’ve had has been not just quick not
just efficient and accurate but also helpful and courteous as well it’s a
brilliant service I recently renewed taking advantage of a three-year package
and I’m totally committed to them for the next phase of the growth of my
online business

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