WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Lynn Dorman
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Lynn Dorman

I love wpx hosting I am NOT a big user
of all of the services I have a four websites and I mainly use one and I just
want my hosting to work I want it to be relatively inexpensive and I don’t want
hassles oh yes and I want good customer service and I get all of that with wpx
hosting I’ve been online since the mid-90s and I gone through several hosts
for one reason or another they’ve fizzled mostly the last one got bought
out by a mega corporation and I saw the writing on the wall the prices went up
the service went down everything was going to cost extra
and around that time I had also moved over to thrive themes and they had
recommended wpx hosting and so I went through the process of switching my four
sites to wpx hosting it was relatively seamless although I was a wreck because
I am NOT a high tech person I probably am for someone my age and might do mock
demo graphics but in terms of the world of where we are now no I now consider
myself moving down the scale of understanding technology I’m not afraid
of it but I don’t want to get into the weeds about it and I like when companies
stay in the weeds and do what I ask so that’s why I love wpx hosting when I
have needed to contact their online chat for questions or to put in a ticket they
have been so helpful and they always get back to me very quickly they fix
everything that has gone wrong and when it’s gone wrong it’s usually
because I have messed something up or there was a glitch somewhere and they’re
very polite friendly nice about it and they have nothing better to say about
them I recommend them to everybody because they are so good customer
service is very important to me when companies treat you badly you don’t stay
with them unless I have to like my internet service provider who will
remain nameless anyway the one thing I do want to mention is since I’ve moved
to them I have found that I have almost zero attempts to hack any of my sites I
had a lot with the last host and although I have a security plug in one
of the free versions which works very well nobody’s gotten in I’ve discovered
since I went to wpx there are so few attempts that I kind of forget that they
used to happen so that seems to be a plus that no one has mentioned when I’ve
talked to people about this great hosting service and that’s it
use wpx hosting it’s good it’s inexpensive it is great customer service
and I can’t find anything negative to say about them

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