WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by LeAura Alderson
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by LeAura Alderson

Hello, I’m Devani Alderson. And I’m LeAura Alderson. And we are the co-owners of iCreateDaily.com – the ICreateDaily brand and podcast. And today we wanted to do a shout out to the WPX hosting
company that we use and love. Yeah, and Devani has her dog, Caspian, and here’s Zeus. Come here, Zeus. See, there’s Zeus. Zeus was a rescue lab rottie, who is my son’s dog, Devani’s brother’s dog. And
the reason we’re sharing these with you and with connection to WPX is that
if you love dogs and love animals, especially dogs, WPX hosting as a company
has helped rescue over 350 homeless dogs. So, some of their profits and proceeds, as
well as their time, goes to helping stray and homeless dogs. And that immediately just completely melts your heart. It melts your heart. However, this company rocks in so many ways. And so, we had a recent incident where our sites were down, our email was
down, and it was a whole collection of reasons that we won’t get into. If you
are interested in more of that, we have that on our web site or our
podcast – icreatedailypodcast.com. There is a gratitude shout out session to them,
episode that expands on what happened with us that they helped with. Bottom
line, we have had numerous times where we’ve needed to be on chat support, and
their chat support is 24/7, and they respond immediately, courteously, very
friendly, very helpful, never make you feel dumb about anything…
and much of the time, I’m guessing maybe at least 50%, if not more, of the
time the things that they have spent time helping us with we’re not even
things that are a part of their description of services that
they provide. And in particular, the recent incident that we experienced – it
was over, probably over seven-eight hours of time
and to resolve it. And they stuck with us over a series of several days to resolve
the issue and after going through all the various emotions about the
inconvenience of the technology not working… I mean, you and I had that
discussion about how interesting, you know, for support people…
Whenever you’re a support person, you a lot of times are on the receiving end of
frustration, frustrated and irate clients, right, you know. And yet you also have a
chance to be hero, so I guess that they probably get a good amount of, like, you
know, kudos, and pats on the back, and good things. But a lot of times it starts out,
you know, pretty negative. And, I mean, I don’t think we… hopefully we weren’t that
way with them because we recognized that they were doing all
that they could to help us. But what really made a difference is when I
realized that at the end of this none of the issue was theirs, you know. It was not
their issue, it was not their problem, they were not required to help us but
they stayed there and stuck it out with us until it got done. So we own a media publishing company and we have a number of websites
hosted with WPX hosting. So if you have two or more sites especially and we
highly recommend that you head over and check out the good folks at WPXhosting.com. Do you have anything else to add on that?
That is how you do customer service! That is right. That’s right. Thank you so much. Thanks

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