WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Karl Swanepoel

Hi guys, my name is Karl Swanepoel I’m the CEO of Rocketblast Digital and today I wanted to review WPX Hosting. I really like WPX Hosting because it’s a very, very fast web host and that’s very important especially for websites these days. There are all kinds of statistics coming out there, more and more people are dropping off on websites if they don’t load fast enough. I’ve actually been a customer with WPX Hosting ever since they were still using the name Traffic Planet Hosting which was a far while back, I think 2 – 3 years ago, so it’s the time I’ve been with them. I do really highly recommend them. Their customer support is incredible, they typically reply to a support ticket within maybe 2 minutes and to live chat within about 30 seconds, I think. It’s a really good host, I highly recommend you to take a look. is their website. Thank you very much for watching and I hope you enjoyed.

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