WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Istvan Bujdoso
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Istvan Bujdoso

Hi, my name is Istvan Bujdoso and
I’d like to tell you about the best hosting provider I ever used. I remember
like ten years ago when I started my website journey that I had the crazy idea
to use a free hosting provider. I didn’t know anything about websites at the
time and I used a free hosting provider which was terrible. My website went down regularly, I even lost the website and I switched to a cheap hosting
provider which was a bit better. I was still having problems with down times.
My website went down for a couple of hours and it was terrible. Three-four
years ago a friend of mine told me about WPX
hosting. I changed it out with a couple of other options and I found out and
really saw that WPX hosting seems the best choice. I set on my website the WPX
hosting and quite soon I saw that this is incredibly amazing hosting. And it was
really easy to set up my website three-four years ago and now it’s
much easier. I really love that setting up a new website only takes like a
few minutes. I love that after buying a domain name I right away
can set up a website with one click. So it’s like setting up a new
website takes like a few minutes, and I really, really love that. It makes it much easier to quickly completely set up a website and just do something on it. I
had no down times with WPX hosting, so it’s brilliant. I really love that.
I’m running a business website on it and I’m running business websites for
clients, so availability is incredibly important, and WPX hosting is
amazing in that area. I really love that they provides free SSL, and I remembered I was using a different provider and had to pay like 80-90 dollars per year just to
get SSL. I have a couple of websites so it makes it much easier. I
don’t need to pay for every single website 80-90 dollars. And at WPX hosting I just have a couple of websites, all of them have SSL for free, so it’s
like I find amazing that value. I love the support. I only needed to
connect them a few times with some small problems, so I really love
that it’s really rare when there’s a problem. And even if there
is one the support is always on top of things. I love that
they provide domains. When I joined them like three or four years ago
they didn’t provide domains and I was using another service provider for
that. I moved all my domains here because the pricing is amazing. They
really… it’s a really good price and I love that that’s not changing. The
previous provider they were changing, like from first year it was a really
good price and a second year it went up. That really annoyed me.
At WPX hosting I really love that they have a simple pricing and this thing
just stays that and it’s a really good price. And I really love that… the
unlimited email. Every package includes unlimited emails. With
some of the other providers you need to like pay for every single
email account that you set up and that’s really annoying because quite easily
can push up the price that way. WPX hosting is really amazing in that area
as well. They don’t have any hidden fees which I really, really
love and with WPX hosting I really, really love that it’s one simple prize.
There’s no hidden fees and for the one simple price everything is included –
hosting for a couple of websites, free SSL, unlimited email addresses. I love
that at WPX hosting there’s one simple price and just everything you
need is included in that. But it’s just perfect. I think that’s all what I want to say about WPX hosting. This is the best
hosting provider I ever used. I have a couple of websites I need and
websites for clients as well. WPX hosting is the best hosting. If you are
looking for a new hosting provider, I can highly recommend you WPX hosting
because this one is the best.

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