WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Dan Leigh
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Dan Leigh

Hi, my name is Dan Leigh and I want to give my testimonial for WPX hosting because it’s the best hosting I’ve used in my
time online by far. I’ve been online since 2003-2004. I started off as a
musician, just having my music site and I’ve used… I think I’ve used five hosting
companies since then, and they’ve all failed me in one way or another. Like, I
had one company where the support was just super slow, it took like 20-30
minutes to get them on a chat just every time. I had another company where they
sold my account to another company, sold me off, and then the other company they
sold me to had really slow support and like my sites were loading really slowly.
And then finally after that I found WPX. You know, I guess, I just been through the wringer so much I had to finally find a good hosting company and I just
looked out. And WPX has been flawless. My sites load just super fast all the
time, I’ve had no downtime, their support is insane. They get back to you
within one minute of you putting in a ticket. And I can’t think of one problem
they haven’t solved within, you know, 20 minutes. So, it’s just the best support
I’ve ever dealt with in any company anywhere with anything. The price is
really good, I mean, you can get the lowest plan, you get five sites which is
more than enough for most people, it’s enough for me at this time, at
least. And I just recently switched from the monthly plan to the annual plan and
so I got even bigger discount by doing that. And, you know, I really like the
dashboard where you log in and you can manage your sites and stuff in
the dashboard. They’ve got a really good knowledge base and I like the fact that,
you know, they don’t use cPanel and so, you know, with the other hosting
companies there’d be cPanel and it’s just a lot of extraneous stuff in cPanel that
you don’t really need to use to manage your site. It just kind of gets in the
way and I just see a theme with WPX where they’ve streamlined the
web hosting experience, so that you don’t have all this extraneous stuff getting
in your way. You just got what you need, you go in there, you get it done and your
site load quickly, and it just saves you so much time. Another great thing
about WPX is when I changed over to them, the migration was really seamless.
They migrated my sites within a day, you know, they were over. It was all free, you
know. They migrated me for free, so just really seamless transition. And I just
can’t, you know, speak highly enough of WPX. I mean, I think
it’s hard to find an honest opinion of web hosts online because there’s so many
affiliate marketers that post reviews of web hosts and they want to get the
commission, and so the review’s kind of bias and so. That’s why it
took me so long to find an amazing web host, but, you know, WPX is a host you can
trust. And the owner is really trustworthy and he does put his name
behind the site and he just stands behind a hundred percent. So it’s really
impressive and I just… I really urge you to sign up with WPX.

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