WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Curt Storring
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WPX Hosting Customer Testimonial by Curt Storring

Hey, this is Curt. I am a big fan of WPX Hosting and I have been so for four years now. 2014 before it was even WPX. I have a bunch of affiliate sites and a couple of brands that sell physical products on Amazon and I just needed a host that was really good for WordPress, particularly for speed, and at the time and I think still by a long shot, WPX is significantly better value than some of the other WordPress hosts out there. Not only is it monetary value that they beat their competitors on, but they are so much better in terms of speed. I tested all my sites obviously when I switched them over and I still do and it’s never slowed down. There’s never been a time when it’s dropped two or three seconds, or anything like that. It’s always lightning-fast. It’s not just money, it`s speed, it`s customer services, everything. They’ll do site migrations for you for free within like 15 minutes. It’s crazy! When I came over I think I had three or four sites at the time and they switched them all over and it was super quick. If I had to do that, it definitely would have been broken, it would have been longer, I would have been going back and forth between both hosts. I moved over from like GoDaddy and Bluehost, maybe Hostgator, just the typical run in the middle, basic, generic hosting that is really no good because there’s trillions of bad websites on there and doesn’t get the love it deserves. I’ve been super pumped to be part of WPX Hosting as a customer for like just coming up on four years which is insane. It’s always been super quick, it’s always been super helpful. The customer service, somebody is always awake it seems. They’ve obviously got people distributed around the world, but it makes it super convenient when I go like ‘Oh, my site is down’ or ‘I’ve
got a problem with WordPress’ Something that’s not even really their responsibility I’ll just send them a note and like 15 minutes later they’ve always got back to me. So, yeah, I mean I’ve had sites got down in the past with different hosts and it’s just taken sometimes it’s been a couple of days and you go back and look at your Google Analytics and there’s just days of down time and it`s so depressing afterward, but that literally never happened and I’m sure, it never will. The company got bigger obviously and I almost assumed that the service would get worse, or the things would slow down, but they’ve just been getting better. I’m super happy to recommend to WPX Hosting and would suggest it to everyone and in fact, I’m going to go and increase my account size over the next couple days here, as I launch some new sites. So, yeah, WPX Hosting is highly recommended.

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