WPForms Overview – Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin
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WPForms Overview – Best WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Welcome to WPForms. In this video we’ll look at WPForms easy to use features and add-ons . Our powerful drag and drop builder lets you create forms with just a few clicks. You can start from scratch or use one of our pre-built form templates to
build your forum in seconds and customize it as you need to. WPForms is
a hundred percent mobile responsive meaning that your forms will work on
mobile, tablets, and desktops. You can easily collect payments, donations, and
online orders without hiring a developer or writing any code. With just
a few clicks you can create email subscription forms and connect it to your
favorite email marketing service. Our smart conditional logic allows you to
create high-performing forms that are super flexible. With form notification
you can respond as soon as you get a lead in your mailbox. Want to view all your leads in one
place? No problem. Our entry management allows you to look at all your leads on
a single screen. We know that spam is a huge problem. That’s why our Smart
CAPTCHA and honey pot solution automatically blocks out all spam
submissions. Want to customize the look of your form?
You can use our CSS add-on to make your form look exactly the way you want. And when your form is ready you can
easily embedded it in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, and more. We take the
pain out of creating online forums and made it easy. Get started with WPForms


  • noodohs

    This is not beginner friendly at all. Super easy to create a form, no way to specify who the form actually gets sent to. Would be pretty neat if the contact submissions actually went to, say, my email so I could answer questions.

  • Bert Zomer

    First time using this software I think it is just great I bought the small package to start with I am already thinking of upgrading to grab the PayPal option. Yet I just wanted a contact form that could upload large files. I will be adding WPForms to my other websites. Thank's guys.

  • Cecil Archbold Jr.

    I like this plugin but I'm having trouble uploading .docx files. As suggested I add the WP Extra File Types plugin and I checked the .docx box but it still wouldn't work. It allows me to add the file but when I click submit I get an error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. Any ideas??

  • Daddy SmokesYams

    I use WP Forms on my business website. I'm having an issue with receiving the information sent from my website. I do not get any of the notifications. Who knows how much business this has caused me to miss out on. I need some help in rectifying this issue

  • Banda Great Hai

    Hello ?, WP FORM

    I have problems that how admin know about the entries. Even I have checked the admin mail ✉ there is no feedback from user ?.

    Please Help

  • Johnny Dutch

    BUT CAN I PUBLISH IT?!?!?!?! ENDLESS PLUGIN AFTER PLUGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 99/100 plugins send a mail,i want to PUBLISH THE RESULTS….put the RESULTS on a WEBSITE….without PAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • minaddict

    How to receive different "Email Subject" every time the user submit us their contact info? It'll always have the same "Email Subject" in my case that's why in my Gmail all new contacts are under the first user who sent it. Is there a code that "Email Subject" will automatically change chronically?

  • Akın Tığlı

    Hello, i use WPForms on my webpages. I just to know that is it possible to get web page link with form to see user's coming pages.( I use same form on all pages )

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