Wowowin: Kuya Wil, nag-walkout dahil kay ‘Sexy Hipon’ Herlene! (with English subtitles)
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Wowowin: Kuya Wil, nag-walkout dahil kay ‘Sexy Hipon’ Herlene! (with English subtitles)

Call ‘Hipon’ [Shrimp]. It’s better if Hipon [Shrimp] will talk with these two. It’s difficult to… Hipon [Shrimp] We’re so dead. Come here. Who are they? Hey, dude! How are you? She’s my sibling! Oh, ‘squammy’! How are you, dude? I’m fine! How about our ‘squammy’ friends? Hello, ‘squammies!’ Where’s the pair of shoe? Wear it. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful. It’s more stunning compared to this one. Gorgeous, right? Who owns the other pair? It’s hers. Here. You borrowed this pair but yours is more elegant. Huh, return it to the couple… Let’s go here. I want you to be here. Okay, very good. You’re my ‘squammy’! It’s beautiful. It’s shaking. But to be honest, your nails looks good, they’re clean. There you are, it’s clean. Do you have something to ask? What? Do you have motto in life? You’re asking it again. Because I have. What is your motto? It should be here. Hi, my name is Herlene Nicole Budol a.k.a Hipon [Shrimp]. I believe in the saying… I believe in the saying; if they cannot love you, piss them off. Amazing! Maybe, you’re in ‘LL’, you have elegant manicure. What’s LL? Luwag-Luwag [financially stable] Just because you’re in ‘SS’ now doesn’t mean… What’s SS? Sahod-sahod [having salary] I used to be ‘GG’ before. What’s GG? Gipit na gipit [financially incapable] But before you came here, you’re in LL. What? Laos-laos [out-of-date] Now, I’m an LL. Luwag-luwag? [financially stable] No. What? Luslos [Hernia] You know Sir Wil, she refers to herself as a
shrimp. I have two nicknames too, ‘Bamboo’ and ‘Wall.’ They say that my body is
too straight. I have a beautiful face but my body looks like bamboo walls. I know what we should call you. What is it, dude? Lollipop. Why, dude? You’ll eat the head and then you throw the body away. That’s okay. Isn’t that what they call it? If you’re going to eat a lollipop, do you also swallow its stick? No, right? So what’s your talent, Angel? Oh, I’m not supposed to do this. Just kidding. It’s okay, it’s okay. We’re amazing, Angel and because of this, you’ll give me 5000 pesos! You’ll share your prize, huh? What do you mean by 5000? You called me. I have a talent fee.
You’re too harsh! Don’t ask money from me, ask Sir Wil about it. Look. I don’t have a voice yet you asked me to sing. You owe me 5000 pesos, huh? Good for you that you were able to drink water. I haven’t drunken any yet! Hey! We’re still not having our meals! Go ahead and eat! I’m really starving, my breath smells bad. We’re just the same because we’re both squammies! My last meal was only breakfast. So here’s your prize, watch this! Oh, it’s not on cue. And not like that. Again. Not like that. When I signal like this, there will be… No Shrimpura, maybe they want me to point that out so that it will open. No, I practiced it. It should be working at the same time. You keep on texting, huh? No, that’s only a joke. Just kidding. One! Oh my god. I’ll get scolded later. That’s only a joke. I’m just impersonating someone. I have an idol. So here are your prizes, you better do your best. Hands on your chest. Because I’m so glad with you and not with them, you three are headed for the jackpot round! Just kidding! I thought it’s real. Don’t be silly. You’re so amazing! No, just kidding. Because they’re good, right? What should I do? Because you’re good, and they’re not, you are going to play on the jackpot [round]. Because you’re good, and you’re not, song tanong [song question]! It’s nothing. I’m going to leave. I’m going to leave. No. Oh, oh. This is your fault. It’s not me, huh. Oh, you’re dead. No, you really want this, right? you really want to be the host of this show, right? This is your show now. I’m just kidding you, just joking, Wil. It really fits for you, almost perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. And me, I’m just an extra here; you just called me because of Angel. It’s a bit cold now. I’m nervous. When I go outside later, be careful, huh. Wil, please come back. I’m sorry. No, it’s okay because it seems that you like it. No, Wil. It’s only a joke. I’m just… What do you call that one? Flow. What is it? Go with the flow. Glow with the flow. I’m sorry, Wil. Wil, I’m sorry. Wil… Wil… I was shocked. Wil… Wil… You will be playing on the jackpot round!


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