WoW Classic | Night Elf Hunter | Server: Blaumeux (PvP) | Level 23 | Video 15 | Lvling Engin 62-122
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WoW Classic | Night Elf Hunter | Server: Blaumeux (PvP) | Level 23 | Video 15 | Lvling Engin 62-122

welcome welcome back home we are going
to be leveling up our engineering here into many quests I’m going to be working
and focusing on leveling up my engineering so I got all my materials
with me check out what we can’t currently craft so we have a few drain
copper possibly need okay I’m gonna go ahead I have a engineering professional
guide here that I pulled off go ahead and share it with you guys from over on
Wow head classic now this thing is really helpful because it does show me
you know all the benefits of going through and getting an engine getting
engineering so here it kind of gives you what you need to do in order to level up
your skill all the way to 300 we are currently at 60 I believe somewhere in
there now let’s take a look at 62 so we are going to be doing copper tubes at
least 28 copper tubes so let’s go ahead and copper – we need
some weak flux and then we could use the copper tubes for a bunch of other stuff
I guess I’m gonna start with 10 10 weak flux actually what we should actually do is
smelt see if I need yeah you need just the copper wonder how
many requires anvil we’re seeing you know it seems like there should be one
here around here need assistance alrighty then what I
need is an anvil so fireworks in here oh man we go near the blacksmithing guy now wonderful yeah I don’t think we can actually do
much with with the actual ORS so it makes sense just to kind of turn
everything into a copper bar plus it stocks even more than this and this is
going to be a while so this is kind of what it takes in order to kind of level
off this stuff we’re gonna go ahead and smelt all or a copper which one sells for more in the auction
house copper and silver roughly 16 silver and 50 cents each and copper bar
ghost tell me I mean you don’t need to have all the
copper bars in order to kind of get started but all of these materials
require some sort of comfortable let’s see here okay so we are at 60
Terrace so we would have to get to 65 with copper tubes and then we would
train the rock boost dick which I don’t think the offender even teaches no so
anyway level to 75 with boomstick requires at
least 10 copper tubes 10 handful copper poles these copper bolts any that was
kind of on which I have eight in my bag I need ten wooden stops then we get
coarse powder so I do have some horse stones right there which will take this
from 65 all the way to 75 oh no it takes us up to 95 level up to 95 using course
then level up to 105 with the silver contact with 15 silver bars I have five
silver or please this way stacking
I only got 14 left plus those kind of creeps from Rome in
our bags as well yeah that’s what kind of clear up our
bag space and our auction and our being okay we’re gonna go ahead and you go watch get her back a little soggy pot and I quickly click
to see if I need the rough boomstick cuz that’s from a pattern where’s that
trained oh it looks like it’s trained ok now I do need to get this 3575 see ya face is kind of close I would
really appreciate if they had it handle right next to the engineering but we are
going to be leveling up our professions here off and away BC no train Oh ruff boom sick right there
we need the wooden stock so we go take stock of these right over here once again and do this again I should stay with me toy feed you and
then I’ll put you away okay you’re gonna make 10 ruff boom
sticks once we’ve made 10 ruff boom sex we are
going to go back train and we get course blasting powder and that takes us from it says level up to 75 with his boom
sticks but I’m already at 80 level up to now I can go here oh I already have the
core stuff it’s too that’s the level 295 with the course I
mean you can go as high as you want with the course blasting powder cuz you’re
gonna need this stuff for a while I guess I could adjust I should have made
the rest of these like oh I ran out of room I ran out of room buy my stuff copper modulator that’s for and so course by San Pedro take us all
the way to around 95 so I’m gonna make I think feel like these good price on the
auction house to a tour or someone who wants a weapon and we’ll level this as far as it goes
los cielos and then after this it looks like we need to get silver contact
acquire those 15 silver bars make 15 keep for future recipes love up to 20
with a bronze tube requires at least 30 bronze bars I don’t know if we have 30
oh yeah we’ll have 30 bronze because we need we have 10 we can make Bronx with
Tennant copper bars and where does that flex not green but
it doesn’t want us to get to 95 so we’re gonna get best view
ninety-five keep going together all the way up since
how it goes gray what’s your did it went great
so it’s completely burnt out now okay now we need to make sort of contact will
also ship these over to our other guy I also wanted to make a scope still oh this stuff is fairly inexpensive you
can buy the auction house for almost the same price to get vendor it okay would
you like to purchase something okay they call me bees you tell me I need to get to at least 105 that is 10
points so I could be eight of these in a few of the other ones so I’m gonna do
that I’m gonna go into these and I’ll put this back on oops and went great on me these silver bars what can I do
guard no trainer we need my you got my attention let’s make 20 of the time mean we get
maybe some points off Bron so I’m gonna go ahead and smelt up to thirty ten
smell thirty ten bars and go ahead and make roughly thirty bronchi we can kind
of prep it for the bronze tube which is required from 105 to 120 I can get 15
points off that more and then I’m only gonna stop France
right now up until it goes gray and then I won’t bother with it right now oh it’s not kind of macstew we haven’t killed any mine now yeah yeah
looking for one we ps4 DME jumping on either rogojin first of all
their deep cuts to kind of carry them hey we got 98 money right there can we hit a hundred hundred nice children bingo three look at that
get some skills you got 105 go gray standby then we’d
already have 30 of these things melted what a five still green nice we can get 1:06 then we’re gonna make
twice Silver’s nope okay that’s all done what if there’s
anything else we can train we’d get this to 105 like a crude scalp I’m sure we
can make a couple crude scams pleased to meet you ooh flying goggles that’s pretty cool yeah see this 105 whining Carlos that is pretty cool I course blossom powder right we are going to go to the commons
area go this way I don’t know if it’s faster to go
straight cut through everything we have to go up here and around might just make
sense just go straight to the auction house here that a school
somebody died in Ironforge how do you manage to do that here you faint death
too long I could definitely die I faint that thing so long the nice thing about
leveling and engineering and all these other professions is anything excessive
that I don’t need that’s gonna go in the auction house and start to kind of get
me a little bit more money and I’m pretty sure these stacks something I’ll
see each one of these copper bars goes for roughly two silver fifty so if we
look at a stack of twenty that cost forty eight silver that is it forty
eight silver or a complete stack I guess it is easy to go for this goes for
seventy silver dang okay so I’m not gonna get rich selling that stuff see if
we can it goes for twenty four store let’s go push two of those I’ll keep
this one Senate the other dude and some of light leather light we need at
least five points I think we need 5 times 6 is 30 we need 30 of these 21 appears to be the
lowest 12 we’ll get to what do people sell this tiger okay so let’s go to and
then we have silver they can get us there
how about we just make three and we need three we need six of tigereye at three
and yet three and two is Tiger three and two is six
what no I spelled it wrong tiger I really tiger oh I suppose I’m wrong
si we need six of these oh but that would take a long time kind of put at the time oh it has a time cool man
give me the wrist okay can I get my first piece new pair shades put the hack we’re definitely gonna sell quite a bit
more than that’s posting therefore I don’t know if I don’t the item
available okay I’m gonna sell this in there for at least said gold I don’t
know it’s the only one there seventy-five movie paid way to pay a whole lot maybe we’ll go 75
on the dot and we’ll go 65 if these are two is piece a to four and this is
really cheap it was really cheap yeah I was not expensive so I think we’d make
pretty good amount to 100 85 and now oh we can make you here on the spot boom 105 back Oh some nice restaurant that little 24 where the heck am I going and this is
I’m indecisive it’s 104 a.m. what we’re gonna do here is get trained yeah just the prompts to
ain’t be flux we’re gonna go fifteen mmm interesting fifteen of the
week they can go I’m gonna grab
they like that Bernie I need an Ambo of course and this will take us up to 120
or 125 and then we’ll have to go make the small bronze bomb in okay which we
can make pretty easy maybe blasting powders heavy stone yet or Turkish we missed the course dynamite
if that so right now is wearing with Jill I know
120 and we saw have a number of bronze bars
that we could always make 23 more we have 69 in our bags so we got make at
least 23 more of these and that would make quite a bit
46 crossbars making a special project
and we need these small bronze bombs now baby’s awake I’m gonna Jeff I shall
catch you guys later we leveled up our engineering pretty
good but we’ll have to continue another day thanks for tuning in you guys if you
like this stream hit the thumbs up subscribe to the channel and drop a
comment below if you guys are also level in professions yourself thanks for
tuning in I almost the next time have great one

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