World of Tanks | How to Join Test Server
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World of Tanks | How to Join Test Server

Wallerdog gaming here, let’s see how we get to join the test server on World of Tanks update join the beta Scroll down to the bottom of this page Scroll up a little bit right here test client Test client installer make sure you pick the location is different to your regular World of Tanks game files So I’ve I’ve added a different testing game center directory click the executable here English Next Games World of Tanks CT No we don’t want to put it in C: because that’s my SSD drive over put in D Let’s try it in the test gaming center see what it does Already installed Just in case oh We want HD Fine Fine install I’m gonna go ahead and polish this. We’ll come back once we finish with all the installment one hour later And we have downloaded the client. Yeah, I Guess the next thing is to test the play button to see if it actually Allows me to play in the test server or not So we’ve got three clients on here now yeah, North America Europe and hopefully the version 1.0 of the test server Yeah nine zero point nine point twenty three common tests number seven sixty six is what it’s showing me there Oooo, common test, yes! Let’s connect! Oh, we’re in Eh, what?! This has got my North American stuff Hahaha! Configure your monitor right now Move slider until the background and logo reach the same brightness as you close your eyes hearts Will I try not to make sure the image is? hardly visible oh Yeah, you go, so you have to look at the screen a certain way to do this I’m gonna go with that Because depending on your angle to the screen it’s not graphic that you have an automatic select your optimum image quality Okay fullscreen blah-blah-blah I’m going to leave that alone because this is like top line gaming computer, so it should work It’s a graphics General Grand Battle is okay Of course this account looks like it’s got my North America account cause I’ve got the E-25 in here I don’t have the E-25 on my Europe account. Why is loading English bite European account I don’t know Okay looks like it’s looks like it’s pretty much the same, so let’s apply okay. I Guess we’ll go with the e25 then oh my god II Hahahaha! Yeah this stuff won’t carry over but 50,000 bonds 20,000 gold 100 million credits 100 million XP yeah Well we can always try and bring it over oh my god, let’s test this oh, it doesn’t even have my logo You fat bastard’s Anyway, let’s test this out RFNW, what the hell what the hell is that? – w-what clan is that a part of the RF NW clan, huh? 230 players in the queue Okay, I wanted to get at least one game in so I could throw this up Continuation of how to log into the test server oh Man okay, well I guess it’s good, it’s good in a way so the last time I was on the test server I Made two tier 10 tanks so in order to play Oh, this is wild make sure oh my god it’s, I’m tired and everything Yeah, I know it’s a Reinmetal Skorpion G purchase, haha It doesn’t make any sense to purchase one in this account though Alright if you’re in the test server like this and your account does not have a tier 10 tank you need to have a tier 10 tank to play on the test server because everybody’s playing tier 10 So if you saw like I did I tried to get in with a low tier tank it did not work So now the good thing is I’ve already tested several tier 10 tanks and discovered. They weren’t for me, so now we can do this again Hahaha! Because it does maintain what I have on the North American server here, so let’s go to the tech tree Now you know the limit the real limit here is the 20,000 gold? Although so last time I played I spent gold I spent credits. I spent free experience and They took the tanks away that I spent it on but then they also have replenished everything I got the bonds I got everything back the bonds back the gold back the Credits back and the free experience back so we can build our tier 10 lines again The idea is to play tanks that we don’t already have to see what lines we want to go up I’ve already got the is-7 and the Maus so the question is What’s the next tank I want to get. Ah! There it is the T 100 LT is supposed to be like this super duper tier 10 tank So the line we have to go is A-20 So we starting at the BT-2 It’s to bad I can’t carry this stuff over to my normal account so we start here at the BT-2, first fork We have to go T-50 so we say yes, we We buy it oh we don’t need to buy it We cancel that we don’t need to buy it we go to the tank all we need to do is Get the free XP to the next tank there’s no reason to buy these tanks Because all we’re doing is we’re gonna unlock a tier 10 tank That’s all we’re doing No reason to buy things or do any extra modules Because you’re not going to get to play these anyway because as we’ve seen you’ll be in a queue for freaking ever Now why did it put the T-50 on the bottom here? It doesn’t make any sense because it’s on the top in the Tech Tree And MT-25, let’s make sure I haven’t dorked it up oh I guess you could have gone T-34 as No we couldn’t have well, I guess you could have but there’s no reason to all right so it’s MT-25 And LTTB at the LTTB we got to make sure we go T-54 lightweight, okay, let’s continue Don’t you wish you could just do do this on a normal account Now, we want the lightweights, so we’ve got to get the radio here There it is this is supposed to be like one of the best Light tanks around So this time we are gonna purchase it and we are going to send a crew to the Academy will those skill up We’ll do the garage slot. There’s where our gold goes 300 for the garage, 100 for…, so nine hundred gold To get the crews where you need it and also to get the garage slot So now we look at the tank, it’s fully upgraded here. Let’s go in the garage Wow what a sleek little tank alright next We go to VBaddict site, and we look to see what’s the best way to SuperDuper SuperDuper SuperDuper duper this tank, we want tier 10 Look at the equipment, and they have gun rammer gun rammer optics and ventilation And let me say ventilation So yeah, we kind of screwed that up So that costs 5,000 bonds to get one of the Yeah Yes, see now I can’t click on the Environmental optics because I have to dismount it first Which means I’ve got to pay 10 gold See so I wasted just wasted some so remember if you’re doing the testing server to do the Go for the bonded stuff you want the best because everybody else is gonna be playing on here It’s gonna be playing the best, and if you want any chance of competing at all You’re gonna have to do this All right, and then we want to look at what we’re calling in here Consumables, so we’ll just go large large and large because we’re not paying for this in reality And I always like to do fire extinguisher first and then repair kit second and First aid kit third and we got to make sure these we don’t want to waste any gold Gold even on the test server is not unlimited As you can see credits I don’t think I will use all those credits up all right so the only other thing We have left is this and so we can do more to something there seem to be the most important thing so we’ll reuse the bonds for that and we want to auto resupply All right, so that should get the tank at top top freakin condition oh No sir sorry I forgot there’s one other thing that we didn’t Do it’s the crew oh My goodness, I forgot about the crew So we can want the brothers in arms’ Brothers in arms Brothers in arms Move these like this so easier for me to get to and then we go through Increase which costs free XP trained 100% to be exchange it yes Increase exchange Increase exchange then we go to the next one which is Camouflage All righty, I think that’s more than enough Hahaha! 8/8 skills complete on all these We’re gonna go ahead and play one match, and then maybe we’ll we’ll see because we have to get this video up For my fellow tankers Don’t think we need to accelerate crew training too much. I think well I guess it doesn’t hurt Okay All right, I think we’ve got everything All right, let’s uh, let’s take this into battle see what happens. It’s tier 10 match light tank Yeah, like I say I’m testing this obviously it’s a test server, so you’re testing the server, but I’m testing this too to see if This is the line I want to go up Now I don’t my monitor is not 4k so you’re not gonna get 4k resolution on my video oh We forgot camouflage Hahaha! So, this is a place to read on so the light tank cause this mouse isn’t quite a bit different Wow We are spotting some tanks, and they are not seeing us Wow They don’t like me do they? See if I can get back up here without getting spotted Well I like the tank so far Gonna get far from there, cuz I know oh, there’s no arty in this match Hahaha. I don’t have to go far from here, but I don’t want to go up the same place again Cuz they will be looking Hopefully, they get spotted damn it gotta move Badger took me out Hahaha! Not bad we got 1600 damaged 2200 spotted Well for this match. I would say I like this I like the tank The t100 LT this might be a worthy line to go up There’s one thing I did forget is I forgot the camouflage So the best thing to do with camouflage to make it quick so you’re not wasting time And I’ll show you on one of my tier 8 tanks to make it easy is Simply go to exterior Preset styles and Go with the rental because you don’t want to use gold, so Go with the rental and purchase it Because that still gives you another 2 to 3% Camouflage, and it’s already a light tank so 2 to 3% can mean Hold it I mean quite a bit I should camouflage all these tanks, but you take a tier 8 tank you’re probably not going to get into battle you are going to sit in a queue forever because This is a tier 10 test server So make them look pretty here and this Nice garage that they’ve got but Yeah, all right, so let me stop the video and we’ll go from there


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