WordProof Timestamp Guide – Protect WordPress Content with Blockchain In Minutes
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WordProof Timestamp Guide – Protect WordPress Content with Blockchain In Minutes

How do you protect your valuable content? My name is Sebastian and I’m the founder of WordProof. With WordProof Timestamp you can protect your content with blockchain. In this video, I will show you how to set up WordProof Timestamp in a matter of minutes. Let’s protect your content. Here we see my personal website. I’ll go to the WordPress dashboard. At first, we will install the WordProof Timestamp plugin. Search for WordProof. I see the plugin, I install it and activate it. Welcome to WordProof Timestamp. Let’s launch the setup wizard. We have two options, the tech-savvy mode- timestamping manually with a blockchain wallet, or in this case I will show you the automatic mode, which we can set up in minutes. To timestamp automatically we need an API key which we can get in our free my WordProof account. My website URL has been filled in yet, my name, my email address and a strong Password. Here I can choose my plan based on the amount of timestamps I need and the amount of old content I want to protect but of course, I can start with a free trial, which gives me 10 free timestamps which will be valid forever. And here I get the API key I need. The only thing I have to do is copy the site key and paste it here, validate and continue. Here I can choose what types of content I want to timestamp. In this case, I want to timestamp my posts and my pages, and if I want to show the revisions of my content the history to my visitors, I can say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ here. Save and continue. When content has been timestamped there will be a link to a timestamp certificate. Here I can change the text of that link. You can always do that later. So I click on save and continue now. Great job! That’s all. From this moment your content will be time-stamped in the blockchain, on the background automatically. And if you want to timestamp your old content, have a look at this video, but to give you a sneak peek if you click on the post overview, there will be a button to timestamp your old content. If I click on it and I view the article, you see a link to your WordProof Timestamp certificate. And of course, you can change the placement, text, or the styling of it, and from this moment all content will be timestamped automatically on the background, and I’ve shown you how to timestamp your old content. So that’s all! In a matter of minutes, we’ve set up WordProof Timestamp. New content and edits will be timestamped automatically, and I showed you how to timestamp an old piece of content. In your free trial, you can timestamp 10 pieces of content for free, which will be time-stamped forever. What are you waiting for? Protect your valuable content and try WordProof today. If you need any help we’re there for you to support you. Reach out on Telegram, via email, or on the WordPress Support Forums and we are there to help you protect your content. WordProof Timestamp WordProof.io


  • Steven Martin

    Awesome work. I was curious about timestamp from a product perspective. I build furniture, and I also like crypto. I am building a website for makers (craftspeople) to sell furniture. However, I want to integrate wordproof so their products and designs are copyrighted. Is that possible with what you have available now? If not, do you intend on developing this feature in the near future? Cheers, Steve

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