• Patrick Kiker

    I have two Wix websites and love Wix! I no longer have to torment developers because in a wild, wicked way, I've become one myself through the magic of Wix! Check out my sites and see how I've brought Wix to life! HomeStyleAustin.com and ForTheLoveOfItaly.com

  • Momodou Lamin

    Once I create my website with Wix, will I be able to switch to WordPress after? I have a deadline to create a website & have no experience with coding but I would like to learn later…

  • ericn Quinn

    I've tried WordPress at least 6 different times and always comeback to Wix. WordPress is just too difficult for someone like me that don't enjoy website development things.

  • Sheep & Stitch

    Really nice, thorough video! I'm currently running a WordPress website, and for the most part, I really like it. However, after several years of running into issues of broken plugins and breakage due to new WordPress and Woocommerce updates (which were costly to fix), I've decided to migrate my shop from Woocommerce to Wix while keeping the information part of my website on WordPress.

    Like you, I found Wix's wysiwyg editor surprisingly intuitive, and the number of design options is really staggering in comparison to Squarespace and Weebly. Wix seems to have a bad reputation within the developer community, and it gets so much hate on reddit forums that I was initially put off by it, but after putting it through its paces on my trial website, I'm really impressed with what it can do! After watching your video, I"m going to take the plunge and sign up for Wix. Fingers crossed it works out and I don't come back in a week cursing my decision!

  • Sean Mariani

    I created my moving company site with Wix: www.dmvpromovers.com
    I think Wix is prob the option I'll stay with, but I'm not sure.

  • WizewordsVlog

    Great video – thanks. BTW your link to the Wix discount isn't valid. There's no discount page.
    I'm going with Wix because I've had several false start with WordPress and I just need to get started.
    There's too much maitenance andcompliccation with WordPress. Constant updates and notifications. You need to spend a lot of time researching themes and plug-ins, and even then you can't customise easily unless you're expert.

  • Emiljan 96

    I wanna to make a website for a restaurant that will have high traffic and gain customers which is recommended for this? I’ve tried wix but the traffic isn’t there..

  • Roko Horvat

    Hi! Can you please help me…I have few questions. Is Wix good for some serious business ? I mean, I know that it is good for small business but if I have for example only few products but I want to sell millions of those products, is Wix good enough ? Will it crash sometimes? Thank you.

  • DookuGabriel

    So, I would also go with WIX, but that thought of never, ever being able to change that theme again haunts me. I mean, as an entrepreneur with a business, you'd have to change at least once at 2 years. I don't get it, even for the eCommerce plans they do not allow you to change the themes in time?
    Thanks for the video! 🙂

  • Daiana carolina

    Hello! a query. If I buy my domain in wix, is the ownership of the domain mine or of wix? For example: I made my page in wix and I want to see how much I like it with that platform, but if in 6 months I want to build a page in wordpress with the same domain, can I do it?

  • mozaeeq

    WIX is better , it's more easy , and same quality as wordpress, also you don't need too much skills to use it ..!

  • Anuj MGr Roshan

    I know a little about creating website (using html,css,js). If I want to create a website for a sport organization, which one should I choose?

  • F. Horton

    Informative video. One thing I would add – as a WIX user myself, I start with a blank template. I just add the elements I need like a blog or an ecommerce app. I had nothing but problems with WP – every template I installed, whether paid or free, had limitations which the documentation usually doesn't include. I hired a WP expert to setup an ecommerce WOO website. After it was done, it was still a problem. Plus you have to do a lot of work on your own like sizing images, etc.
    I think WIX is definitely a better choice for ease of design and functionality. The support is good too. WP has no support except a forum and some out of date tutorials.

  • David A Gornall

    You can used a blank template in Wix and create from scratch. I tried WordPress but found I simply didn't want that learning curve. I think if you are going down that route pay for premium stuff. This idea thousands of people are creating top flight plugins is misleading. How would you know if something was encoded into your site that was malicious.

  • Orion Garcia

    Hello, Great Video !!!

    I think you're wrong in the Wix design and customization part.

    Wix has all the free templates you do not have to pay more if you have very few compared to WordPress, but you have the possibility to start blank projects which practically elevates you to create infinite designs.

    I do not like working with templates they never have everything I look for, paying 100 USD for a template and then accommodating 50% is not attractive.

    I can customize everything practically everything, if in Wordpess I already select a template I can not move anything.

    In the purchase of Plugins, Wix has many and its own store just as you can inject code or integrate plugins from other providers.

    The mere fact of making a page and having all the space to work in white gives you thousands of possibilities.

  • Vikram Sundarraman

    WordPress is free and open source software. It is for those who really want a proper website solution. Wix is for silly people who don't know how to code and want to sacrifice their freedom because they don't care to hire people who know what software is. Really, Wix is only for those who can't code and don't value freedom!

  • Tom Hilterbrant

    This is a terrific video. I tried to start a blog on WP, but some of the plugins did not work, and I just did not have the savvy to work around the different way to publish. I found it more confusing than helpful. I'm heading to WIX to start again!

  • Mathanki Kodavasal

    I have websites on both. On WordPress you are stuck with limited flexibility on design unless you know coding. With Wix you can design and art direct your website from scratch from a blank template, which is great. I would choose Wix over WordPress for future websites, which require unique designs. Wix needs to improve a bit on it's mobile UX or responsiveness.

  • Sye Christian

    Thanks for the info. I made my website on Wix – www.spacepanda.design. I am pretty happy with the look and feel, I stripped a template and built it up myself. You didn't touch on SEO… I keep hearing that WordPress would have been better for SEO, but I also see that Wix seem to be making a big effort to address SEO issues. They have an SEO wizard to make sure your alt text is in place and they have guides for further SEO tips and you can add metatags. Despite all this, do drag and drop sites like these still not compete well against WordPress?

  • zac bennett

    Probably should have spoken about Mobile support. I may have missed it, but something to think about. Most people view pages from mobile devices. Good video though.

  • Michael McKee

    I've set up dozens of sites for clients on WordPress and am quite comfortable with the platform, and there is an advantage in having a theme wired in and unavailable for clients to change. Simply, people without design experience almost always make something unprofessional. That said, when making a site for a non-profit I'm involved with, I think that Wix might be the better choice. We brought on a webmaster to maintain a site I set up. He tried to bring in plugins on his own and set up a child theme. Basically, he broke the site, which I've never seen. Wix would make that impossible.

  • DF T

    Wix looks pretty good but it doesn't give me what I need. I found the prices got higher and I ended up losing money to them. I now use a better option. I love it. I use WordPress I get training to help me monetize and build out a money-making business. If I had stayed with wix I would still be broke. WordPress rocks even better with the training I get. Also, the Seo PPC Email Marketing site support I am in the right place I got wixed of with wix. Awesome Video though. :))

  • The Wizard Squirrel

    word press is far more useful for a seriouse business website, wix is very limited and you can not add a personnel domain

  • Steve Lagman

    Had my personal blog site on Wix for almost a year. Thought it worked OK, but now I see that ample frustration is included in the price (I have a premium plan, 2-year subscription, seemed like a good idea at the time). Formatting problems with text and spacing. Dead-end links sent to social media. Display problems when the site loads. Mine is a very simple blog site and it's a mess. Support suggested I change to the new Wix Blog Site. I tried, but process hung up ("We're just fixing a few things") on the second step of the so-called upgrade. That's why I'm looking at WordPress. Thank you for a nice review. I look forward to the Word Press tutorials. I have a business site on Wix too. Sounds like I should consider migrating that to WordPress as well.

  • Hudson McGrail

    I've used WordPress for some time and looking at WIX for a one-stop experience is really tempting. WordPress with DIVI, Elementor, Brizy etc. I find WordPress is a bit of a bottomless pit as far as money goes. I must have spent $1000+ on themes, plugins, builders etc, without hosting plans… also building WordPress sites using let's say a subdomain then having to backup and migrate. Working for clients is also a bit of a problem when the WordPress theme doesn't exactly fit the bill e.g. the client want a parallax footer effect she's seen. Then you swap themes and the look&feel of the entire website changes. Also visual builders are definitely not the be all end all solution DIVI by Elegant Themes is awesome but I have yet to find a case where at some point (frustratingly earlier than you'd think) you have to dive in and use CSS ID's and classes to solve issues and this is extremely frustrating unless you are and expert ans usually the client does this after the site as gone live. As you say then you have hosting separately etc. I'd say unless you are a serious multisite developer and it's just you and the World Wide Web I'd consider WIX as the one-stop/one-shop solution. That said I'm sure there's limitations there. One subject I was looking at on WIX was the CODE option with Sandbox and Database solutions, very powerful for bigger organisations like schools etc. for instant page creation and population.

  • David Crews

    Why would you say that "You have to use a template with Wix"? I never use a prebuilt template in Wix. I start with BLANK!
    The designs I build look unique per client due to me never choosing templates!

  • Brian Sheridan

    The responsive vs. non-responsive aspects is something to really mention. (WIX = no mobile experience)

  • Joseph Livengood

    I've build allot of sites using wix but now that I know how to code I don't use it. I like WordPress and building from scratch.

  • Dallas Cartoonist Charles King

    I was double billed by Wix and refunded for ONE charge. Impossible to actually talk to a real person and get second charge refunded.

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