WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 6 – By HostPapa Web Hosting
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WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 6 – By HostPapa Web Hosting

Hi there. I’m da boss… just kidding…
I know I’m not anyone’s boss. I’m Alex, and this is the last video in our WordPress
mini-series. In this video we’ll show you how to upload a document to your website so
it’s embedded. This means that not only will people be able to view the document online,
they can also download it and easily print it off if they’d like. We will be embedding
directions to Marble Comics, but you can use it for anything, from posting up your resume,
to a spreadsheet, to pdf files, to slideshows. There are so many options. And once again,
WordPress shines through, and there is a plug-in that we get to use for this. We’re going to start in the dashboard, and
on the left you’re going to hit plug-ins, as you always do when dealing with plug-ins.
Click on “add new”. The plug in we’re looking for is “Google Doc Embedder”. So let’s go ahead and search for it. There
it is! Now hit install, and click OK. Just like last time, once a plug in is installed,
we have to actually turn it on and click “activate”. The app is now installed and we can go ahead
and put a resume on the site. Go to the media section over here on the left. Click “media”,
and then click on “add new”. Here you can upload whatever file you want.
We’re going to upload this super sweet awesome map, right here. When it’s done crunching,
click “edit”. Next, select the File URL. This is what we are going to copy and paste
onto our new page that we’re going to make. Now that we’ve got the link, we need to
make a page to drop it on. Alright, let’s go to “pages” and click on “add new”.
We’ll call our map page “Location”. To add the map, we’ll click the new button
that showed up over here. This will open the options for our Google Doc Embedder. Now,
we just paste the URL into the top field and click “insert”. Ok, it’s in there, we
just have to hit publish. Flip on over to the other tab to check out the result. Woooooow,
so gorgeous. Ok, so the map is right there. Now we have to specify the order of the pages
so it shows up exactly where we want it in the menu, with respects to the other pages
we have on the site. Right now, it shows up first, but we want to put it last. To do this,
we’ll just go back to the edit page, and under “page attributes” change ‘0’
to ‘4’. Click “update”. Flip on over to the other tab and hit refresh. Wow, look,
it worked flawlessly, just like every other time. And it even has a download link for
people who want to download it or print it. You’ve done it! You’ve just built your
first WordPress site! Congratulations! This was easy enough, wasn’t it? There’s so
much more that you can do that isn’t even covered in these tutorials. We’ve only just
begun to use this powerful program that is WordPress. But if you explore through the
themes and plugins, you’ll find more ways to make your WordPress site awesome. Thanks for watching through our video series!
It feels like we only just met… But I’m gonna miss you guys. My name’s Alex, and
this is the end of our tutorial!

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