WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 5 – By HostPapa Web Hosting
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WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 5 – By HostPapa Web Hosting

Hi! My name is Alex and this part 5 of our
WordPress mini-series. In this short and quick video, we are going to show you how to put
a photo gallery into your blog, or whatever website it may be. Galleries are awesome for
so many reasons. You can show off all your cool pictures or just show off your website. To start, we have to, as always, go to the
dashboard. First we’ll create the page that our gallery will go on. So let’s click “Pages”,
“add new”, and call it “Party Pictures!”. We’ll add an exclamation mark to make it
even more exciting. Now click “Publish”. Now we have an empty page ready for our gallery. Let’s go to the plug-ins section. Plug-ins
are cool because they’re pre-coded tools which you can add to your WordPress page.
To add a new plug in, you’ve got to click add new, and then we’ll search for the plug-in
that we want to use. We want a photo gallery plug-in, so we’ll just search the term “gallery”.
So you’ll find a few, we’ll scroll down and pick the first one called “gallery”
and then click “install now”. It will ask you to confirm. Just say ok when prompted
again and it will install. We have it installed now, but we still have
to turn it on. To do this, we just click “activate” right here, and the page will refresh. Next, if you look on the side you will see
that there is a new section called “Galleries”. Click on it. Ok, now we’re in the gallery section. Before
we get excited and start uploading all our pics that we want to show off, we need to
first create a gallery to put them all in. It’s always better to be organized than
to just throw pictures everywhere. Click “add”, and then let’s name it “Marble Comics
Grand Opening Party”. Sweet. Click “publish”, and there we have it, we’ve got ourselves
a new gallery! Now we have to upload our pictures to this
gallery. Click on “upload a file”, and here you can browse your computer for the
pics that you want to add to your beautiful gallery. Select the ones you want to upload,
and then hit “open”, and voila .. they’re all in there. That’s simple, isn’t it? Just so you know, these pictures can be removed
at any time, so it’s not permanent! You can add more pictures too, if you’d like. Ok, once we’ve done that, just hit “update”
and we’ve officially named all the pictures. Also, we can arrange the order of the pics.
All we have to do is drag and drop the pics in the order that you want them to appear.
Easy Peasy. Ok so once we have the order, we just click “update”, and there we go,
perfect. The next step is to drop our gallery onto
our page. This is pretty easy too. Everything here is. Go back to the top of the page and
look on the right-hand side under “Gallery Shortcode”. Select this little script here,
right click, and copy it. This script is called a “shortcode”, and it let’s us add a
whole bunch of really complex code to our pages without having to do any of the work
ourselves! Let’s go back to our “Party Pictures!” page. Here, all we have to do is right-click and
paste the shortcode. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, CTRL-V. That’s it! Now
we’re done with those updates. Let’s go ahead and click on the update button. Flip
over to your other browser tab and hit refresh. And would you just look at that? It worked
as usual. But see how these pictures are staggered, like this? I don’t like it one bit. So let’s
go back to your dashboard, click “plugins”, click “settings on gallery”, and see here
where it says “count images in row,” we’re going to change that to 2, and click on “save
changes”. Now let’s take a look at the change on the page. There we go, much better. You’ll notice there is a comment section
here. Now even though comments are nice, and we like to hear what people are saying, we
don’t want the comments section here. We’re just in one of those moods today. So what
we’ve got to do is go back to the dashboard, then go to “pages”, and “quick edit”.
Deselect the comments box, and that should do it, and simply click “update”. Let’s
go have a look and see what happened. It worked! Snazzy! Now we can easily do this over and
over again by adding more galleries with more pics. So see here, the gallery is all nice
and pretty. Let’s see what happens when we click a picture! Soooo beautiful, and we
just scroll through with these arrow buttons here. How easy was that? We rule, don’t
we… That’s it for this video! In our exciting
grand finale, we’ll be covering how to embed documents into your website.


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