WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 2 – By HostPapa Web Hosting
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WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 2 – By HostPapa Web Hosting

Hi there. I’m Alex and welcome to the next
video in our WordPress mini-series. Today, we’re going to get you started on actually
building your website. We’ve already seen how easy it is to install WordPress on your
hosting account with HostPapa. If you haven’t already installed it, check out the previous
video in this series. For those of you who are coming from the previous
video, you should be seeing this screen. This is what we shall refer to as the dashboard.
Here is where all your website changes are made, all of them. Everything you could possibly
want to add to your website, edit, change, move around is found right here. Before we get into anything technical, you
should know that as long as you can remember your website’s name, the actual url or domain
name for your website, you can get to your dashboard. The trick is to do is type “forward
slash, w.p. dash admin”, after you type in your website URL. And you can just type
in your information and you’re in the dashboard. So here we are, first we are going to change
your password from the one we supplied you with. So go to howdy admin (or in my case,
Alex), then click on edit my profile. scroll down to the bottom you’ll see where it says
new password. Go ahead and type in your new password, and then type it in again to confirm
it and you’re good to go. Make it something memorable, but remember, the more different
characters the better. I’ll show you how to do a bunch of stuff
on here so you can start to learn how to use wordpress. By the end you’ll have a fully
built website, and a good sense of how to build your own. We’re not psychic, but here’s a quick
view of what the future has in store. As you can see here we’ve got a pretty basic
website set up, but it looks nice, eh? Well thankfully we’ll show you how it’s done.
We’ve got a home page, which is a ‘static page’, a blog posts page or a ‘dynamic
page’, a gallery page, and finally a location page. Ok so now that you’ve seen what we’ve
built, let’s get to building your site. The first thing you’ll want to do with a
wordpress site is choose a theme, or design for your page. This part is exciting and fun.
YAAAY, we get to choose a nice look to easily apply to our webpage! So what we have to do is go to the dashboard,
then go ahead and go to the appearance section. This is where the fun starts. Would you just
LOOK at all those amazing themes? I can hardly contain myself *hyperventilating*
I need to go outside more. Ok, we’re going to be looking for “Zeebusiness”.
Go to the top and click install themes. Now you can search for the themes that WordPress
has to offer; there are so many more options to choose from. Let’s search for “Zeebusiness”. Now that we’ve found you a theme, just click install and confirm by clicking installing
now. SO EASY. It’s installing all the files necessary
to your hosting account! Now on this page you will click right here and click activate
theme, or you can click appearance and click manage themes. Here’s where you can see
all the themes you’ve ever installed. You can see a few here, these are just default
ones that come with wordpress, and there’s that new one installed. Ok, so we’ve transferred the files for the
theme we want, and done everything we need before we can activate it, so now I’m going
to show you how to start making changes to it. The best thing to do, in our opinion, is to
have your website open in another window or tab, so that you can refresh it as you make
changes. This is useful because you can refresh your website and you can see exactly how the
changes affected your site. This is a good idea because you can see what you just did,
and if you like the change or not. To do this, just right-click visit site, then select “open
in new tab” and that opens your site up in another tab. We’re going to start by changing the title
of the website. Start by going back in the other tab, then click on “settings”, and
up top where it says site title, we’re going to put our title. So easy, isn’t it? We
are going to change it to Marble Comics Super Site. Oh yeah, that’s what we’re going
with. Now we just go down the page and click save
changes, let’s flip over to our other browser tab where we have the preview of our wordpress
site, refresh it, and what do ya know, the title’s changed. Ok so that’s that, now let’s go ahead
and change this image right here, that’s called the header image. Let’s get our own
unique image in there. Let’s go back to the dashboard and then in the appearance section
we go to the header option. This is where we choose the image we want. You’re going
to click choose file, and now we look for the picture wherever you have it saved on
your computer. Hmmmm this is good looking picture. Let’s
select this and click upload. If the picture is too big for the header, you’re going
to want to use the cropping tool, so choose how you want to crop it. Once again, and it’s
best you make this a habit, we have to save the changes we made. So scroll down and click
on save changes. Let’s now flip browser tabs again to our preview, hit refresh and
make sure this worked. AWESOME!!! IT WORKED!!! There we go, we did it, and does it ever look
amazing. That’s it for this video, you did it! You
should be proud of yourselves and what you accomplished here today. We are one step closer
to setting up an awesome WordPress website. Next we will be covering static pages!! WOOO
it’s gonna be fun, get excited. And if you don’t know what a static page is, stay tuned
to find out!


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