WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 1 – By HostPapa Web Hosting
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WordPress Tutorial Series – Part 1 – By HostPapa Web Hosting

Hi there my name is Alex, and in this video
I will show you how easy it is to install WordPress through Softaculous. I mean it’s
so easy, we could almost do it in our sleep. So, let’s get right to it. In order to install WordPress you must login
into your cPanel account. So let’s start there. Enter your cPanel username and password
and select login. Scroll down to the software/services section
and select Softaculous. If the WordPress icon doesn’t show up under Top Scripts, it can
be found beneath the blogs category. Keep in mind WordPress is no longer just a blogging
tool, but a full blown CMS, or content management system. We’ll just stick it under blogs,
because most people still associate WordPress to a blogging tool. Next select Install. The installer is going to ask you a few questions.
The first one is which protocol to use. If you have an SSL certificate, select https.
If you have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s okay, just leave it the way it is.
Next is where do you want WordPress installed. If you have a domain name that’s available,
you should use that. Then it asks you in which directory would
you like to install WordPress. The directory is like a folder, and whatever you put there
will become the folder name, and visible in the URL. Most people who have a wordpress
website will leave this blank. If you do want to fill it in, it should be relevant to your
site and short. This way, it will be easier for you to organize your web files later.
So, the shorter the better, now how often do you hear that? The next two fields are related to databases,
and don’t need to be changed. Enter the site name. Change it to whatever
you’d like to call your blog – for ours, we’ll call it Marble Comics. Then, add a
description, which is optional, it’s up to you! You could get creative – or not, depending
on the kind of day you are having. Next, choose your admin username and password.
Make sure you write these down and lock away the originals in a secure location – definitely
not your notepad on your desk. Hold it! Before you click that “install”
button, you can email the details of the installation by entering your email address. This is recommended,
since you’ll receive your WordPress username and password in that email. Quite handy we
tell you, quite handy. Now select Install. It will probably take some time for the installation
to finish, but when it finishes, it’ll congratulate you on a job well done! You’ve earned it! Click “return to overview”. If you scroll
down, you can see all your WordPress installations. Since this is your first, you should only
see one. Click the link on the left to view your site. Great, it opened up another window and there’s
Hello world! This is a template that WordPress uses just to fill up the space while it waits
for you to go in and make some changes. When you are ready to start building your
WordPress site, you can go back to the overview page and click the “edit details” button.
Click on the “Admin URL” link and you’ll be brought to the WordPress Login page. Enter the username and password that you created
earlier, the one you wrote down – see we told you to write it down! Or you can grab it from
the email that was sent to you with your install information summary. Hit login, and you are brought to your dashboard
where you can edit, review, and build your site. Congrats! You’ve done it. Now inspire us
all with your creativity. Not sure how to continue on? Stay tuned for
our next video where we will show you how to Change Themes and Appearance.


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