WordPress Tutorial- How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress- 3 Best Methods
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WordPress Tutorial- How to Increase Maximum Upload File Size in WordPress- 3 Best Methods

Hello everyone! once again welcome to my YouTube channel and in this video I am going to show you how you can increase maximum upload file size in WordPress. Here you can see on my screen if I come
here – add new – then you can see here maximum upload file size is 8MB. It
simply means that I can only upload files to my WordPress website up to 8MB
and if I upload files larger than this mentioned size then I’m going to get an
error. So how we can fix this and how we can increase this value so that we can
upload larger files onto our WordPress website. I’m going to cover all this in
this video so make sure you are watching this video till the end. I’m going to
show you 3 best methods but the first one is going to be most effective and this is
the method which always works for me and I can say that this is going to work for
maximum number of users. So let’s start this tutorial. So what you have to do? You
have to get inside the cPanel of your website ok and for that you have to type
the address of your website and slash and cPanel type this, press Enter key.
Here you have to type username and password, which is going to be provided
by your web hosting provider then press login. And you will see something like
this so you have to find out file manager. You can type file manager
else you can scroll down and find this option file manager, click on this. After
getting inside file manager you have to get inside public HTML. After getting
into public HTML, you have to find out where you have installed WordPress and I
have installed directly inside public HTML, So I am getting all these files
here. You have to find out WP admin ok. Get inside this folder by double
clicking on it. And here you have to scroll down and you how to find out a file PHP.ini okay! So here you can see I do not have such file
here inside this folder so we have to create a new one. So click here to create
a new file and name this PHP.ini like this and then create new file and
it will create this file here and if I refresh this reload this if I scroll
down PHP.ini . So you have to find this. Then you have to click on edit and then you have to paste this value inside PHP.ini file okay! you can paste only this one or also you can copy and paste here like this. This is the recommended because these are the two lines and this one
especially is important and this will get you away from another error which is
basically memory related so make sure you are mentioning this else you can also
remove this and leave it like this. Then click on Save Changes and let’s see what will happen here it was a 8Mb and now it’s 64MB. it simply means that I can
upload files up to 64MB and if you want to make these values much more larger
than you can simply type in here like 128M and now
one more thing I want to mention here when you are changing these values this
and this one then you have to make sure about this thing that this value and
this value should be same or this should be larger than this one. Post Maximum
size value should be larger than or equal to Upload Maximum file size okay.
So it’s 128M we are not going to leave this, I’m also going to change this 128M and it’s already larger and if you want to change this then you
can also change this value then click on save and then let’s see it’s changed to
120M okay MB and so this is the method which is going to work for almost
everyone but for the sake of this tutorial I am going to delete this file
so it’s already selected clicking on delete because sometimes this doesn’t
work for number of users you can say and they need to find out another way to
tackle this issue. okay! if i refresh here once again that’s going to 8MB again. So
now I’m closing this and coming back here on to my WordPress admin. Now the
second method is by adding some text to theme functions file. So you have to
click on to editor. After getting inside editor you will find this here theme
functions okay these are your themes files, So click on this theme functions
you will get something like this okay. So what you have to do click on the end
then press Enter key once again press Enter key and then add this text and if
you want to see this this is the text which you have to add on. Make sure you
are not making any mistake you are taking care of these spaces okay!
and simply copy this and add here like this. Click update file. Once again going to add new, opening in a new tab and you can see this doesn’t work
for me. So I’m getting rid of this. Now there is one more method which you can
try if both of these methods doesn’t work for you. and that is by editing .htaccess file ok! For that once again you have to get
inside the cPanel of your website. So here once again We are and getting inside
file manager and Here you have to click on settings
and then you have to click show hidden files. So once you have done this now get
inside public HTML. After getting inside public HTML you can find this file – .htaccess file So we are going to edit this file simply
click on this click on edit once again click edit and
press Enter key. Copy this and paste here like this. Save changes and
let’s see that this has worked for us or not. You can see here we are getting this
error okay! I’m deleting this so this is the way you
can actually fix this issue this maximum upload file size issue and adding PHP.ini file is the best option if you find this file already there and you get these values these lines there, then you can edit these values directly there or you can also add on these file there and Then you can add this text there
inside this file so this is the way you can change maximum upload file size
value in WordPress so Thanks for watching this video please like, share and leave a comment below if you have any issue.See you in next video.


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