WordPress: Provider Creation, StockUnlocks Plugin – Mobile Unlocking
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WordPress: Provider Creation, StockUnlocks Plugin – Mobile Unlocking

Hi, I’m Henry and we’re going to go over
the creation of the Provider entry for the StockUnlocks plugin for WordPress. We’re setting up only one Provider connection
today for testing, however, the process is the same for any Provider entries that you
may want to add later. You know, almost immediately after you create
your account with reseller.stockunlocks.com, you’ll receive a welcome email. Your account will not be active until you
click on the activation link found in this email. Right after you’ve activated your account
with reseller.stockunlocks.com, you’ll receive another email with your username, an API key,
and the API URL. We’ll need that info when creating the Provider
post type. Returning to the StockUnlocks plugin, click
on “Providers” to view the list of existing entries, if any. Click “Add New” and let’s take a look
at the available options. Active is either “yes” or “no”. When set to “no” it effectively disables
all automated processing for that particular Provider. Site Name is whatever you want it to be. It’s the main identifier appearing in the
overall list of Providers. I’m just going to put “StockUnlocks”
here to make this easy to identify. API URL is the website of your chosen Provider. That’s usually sent in an email with the
rest of the information below. Let’s go ahead and add reseller.stockunlocks.com In the past, I found that for some websites
it was necessary to add the trailing forward slash to the end of the website URL. However, that may not be necessary anymore. API Username, pretty straightforward, the
username you chose when you created your profile with that particular Provider. API Access Key uniquely identifies your account,
giving you remote access to all of the unlocking services made available to you from your Provider. It’s best to just copy and paste that in
here, for obvious reasons. API Notes can be anything you want to say
or reference about this entry. This could be contact information, notes from
a recent conversation, whatever you like. Let’s go ahead and click “Publish” to
save and activate our new Provider post type. Clicking on “Providers” now reveals our
newly created entry. If there were others, they would all appear
right here. Now that we have a specific Provider post
type properly filled out, we’re ready to move on to importing services from our Provider
directly into our website so that we can begin processing orders.

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