WordPress & PHP: What You Need to Know
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WordPress & PHP: What You Need to Know

Hi this is Jessica with Tiny Frog
Technologies and today I’d like to talk a little bit about WordPress and PHP. Now
if you have a WordPress site you’ve probably heard the term PHP but it can
sound kind of like a technical jargon. And I wanted to explain what is PHP in
very simple terms because it’s really important actually to your website. So in
a nutshell PHP is a server-side coding language. And it’s the most popular one
in the world. Actually you know 80% of all web sites not just WordPress sites
but all web sites are built using PHP. And in the WordPress environment
everything is built on PHP – every plug-in, theme, every site. So basically without
PHP your WordPress site won’t exist. And you may be hearing a lot about PHP
updates right now so just like any plugin or theme or software out there
the PHP code has different updates released for it. Usually about once or
twice a year a new update is released and if you don’t update your whole site
to the latest PHP version you can actually start to have a lot of security
issues and performance issues. Now the big challenge in the WordPress community
is that you don’t have any special warning if your site needs to be updated
to the latest PHP. If you log into your WordPress dashboard there’s no big you
know red symbol to update the site. And actually if you’re not a WordPress
developer it can be difficult to figure out what version of PHP your site is
running on. Now WordPress is trying to fix this and in a new update coming out
for the WordPress core, it’s going to be update 5.2, they’re going to change the
dashboard and actually show a warning if your site is running on an outdated
version of PHP. So once you run that update if you see
that warning it’s really important to work with a developer or a development
company and make sure you update the site to the latest version of PHP. So if
you have any questions about this or you aren’t sure if your site’s running on
the latest version of PHP – feel free to reach out to our team.

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