WordPress Migration – How To Move Free Blog to Self Hosted 2019 (WordPress.com to WordPress.org)
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WordPress Migration – How To Move Free Blog to Self Hosted 2019 (WordPress.com to WordPress.org)

Hey guys, it’s Greg and if you’re frustrated with your wordpress.com blog Maybe you’ve even tried to set up self-hosted wordpress.org and found it to be too much work Or if you’ve looked at this crazy tough process called migration Whatever your case is I think this is the video for you because this is wordpress.com to wordpress.org migration made easier for beginners In this video we’ll move a real blog from wordpress.com to where I stopped or we’re gonna do the full Export-import process of all your content and dress up the new blog with themes plugins and all sorts of other fun stuff So that by the end of this tutorial you can feel confident logging into your own self hosted WordPress Blog each morning and creating that signature content that your audience had come to love alright guys enough chitchat If you’re ready to convert a wordpress.com blog to a wordpress.org blog I’m ready to grab all of your Content and your computers and let’s hop over the tutorial don’t forget you have a coffee for the journey and let’s get started and learn how to do WordPress com2 wordpress.org migration all right, let’s do Alright so the first step in our little migration journey here is just to visit wordpress.com Obviously and then we can click login Once you’ve logged into wordpress.com make sure you’re on the right blog. I’m gonna click my sites switch site and Choose the blog that I made specifically to migrate for you guys Alright and now let’s check it out and do a little tour so we can see what content. We’re gonna learn how to migrate together view site and that little Open arrow So I’ve made this blog for you guys using the really cool 2017 wordpress.com theme not to be confused with the wordpress.org 2017 theme and it’s got some cool stuff like a menu, it’s got a blog post which is an ultimate guide and it’s got a blog post which is a welcome post and An image, which is also called media. It’s got a first blog post that it came with I think that’s kind of cute So I kept it it also, has some widgets like recent posts navigation menu some social buttons in the footer and a copyright and Then some pretty darn powerful content in the sidebar which WordPress.com. Helps us make nowadays like a facebook like box a follow button and this video embed This stuff is actually really cool. I didn’t realize what press com could set this up really easily for us with the Facebook like box but nowadays it can so live and learn we also have a title and a Subhead ur below it as well as of course this huge banner image with the cactus baby cactus if we click to our pages we can see we have a standard about page a Contact page with a contact form from wordpress.com So we’re gonna try to migrate all of this or press com made this contact form easy So we’ll see if it’s just as easy at wordpress.org And testimonials we have one testimonial from the legendary Oprah we’re gonna migrate this to along with the image of Oprah and That should do it alright So I’ve tried to include everything that we’ll get to choose to migrate which are blog posts pages testimonials media and Lastly feedback, so I couldn’t include feedback. I had no idea where to add feedback in wordpress.com but if your blog has some of that nice feedback that you get when you’re Writing a blog post like I’m about to and you share the post to your editor or your friends And they give feedback before you publish it if you have that then we’re going to bring that along as well And I’ve loved by the way to know where to writing that feedback if you know how to do it All right, so let’s go back and we can actually add some feedback of our own in the form of just a comment So this ultimate guide on moving WordPress doesn’t have these things like a ten step checklist a video demo yet Because that’s all stuff that we can easily create in wordpress.org Alright, and because I was a little bit lazy when I made this, but we’re gonna comment We’re gonna say that we want that stuff and then we’re gonna take the comment along as well Great so there’s our feedback and now we’re gonna go up, and we’re also gonna Take the search bar. I forgot that we’re gonna take that and at the bottom. We can see this post has some share statistics It’s been shared four times right now Which just includes a comment alike and some Facebook shares on a Facebook page one thing all the other guides on how to move WordPress.com to wordpress.org and migrate have not covered is how to take your social to Statistics along with you your hard-earned social stats from years or months or whatever of blogging in this guide We’re going to try to take those social stats with you Which brings you to my next point which are your domain names if you have a domain name without the doubt WordPress in it? it’s going to be easier to take those social stats along with you because when someone likes a blog post or Plus-ones or tweets it those stats are stored on a URL so in this case they’re stored on this entire URL and when we change this to Look like that on the new site It’s not gonna know about those stats anymore because the way the web works. They’re just stored on an exact URL URL of course is just another word for Link so it’s a little bit harder to take your social stats with you if you’ve been blogging on wordpress.com with that sub domain But we’re still gonna try it alright because if you’ve watched any of our other videos when we want to do something We’re fully willing to go diehard apeshit McGuyver commando on the whole operation until it gets done No matter how small or large your issue is so of course we’ll cover how to migrate with a custom URL without the dot wordpress.com in it and also how to migrate from a Sub domain which is just what wordpress.com gives you and hopefully it should be a lot of fun So now that we’ve done that little tour of the blog we’re gonna migrate Let’s go ahead and look at the steps. We need to take to complete our WordPress migration today So the first step we need to do to my WordPress is just to export content From wordpress.com Look, this is a step that many other guides both written and video will cover online It’s super easy. You just need to close a couple buttons and so of course we’re going to do that step Next we’re gonna set up your new custom domain So if you’ve already bought a domain name through wordpress.com. It’ll work fine We’re just gonna edit one little piece of information At wordpress.com to make it work if you already bought a domain name from GoDaddy for example that you want to use it’ll also work Just fine, but in case you don’t have one at all We’re gonna go ahead and buy a new domain name from GoDaddy once we have our domain name we’re gonna get web hosting and this is also known as getting self hosting or making self hosted WordPress Learning how to setup self hosted WordPress whatever you want to call it It’s not complicated, and it’s not hard at all even though people talk about getting your own server And it sounds like you’re gonna have to connect a bunch of wires in your living room Between the coffee machine and the toaster and the microwave just to be able to log in to your website You don’t have to do any of this. It’s actually a lot like just setting up wordpress.com You just press a few buttons on the internet and a blog appears alright, and when you have me here You know exactly what buttons to press and I’m gonna show you how to set it all up Flawlessly the reason we need to get web hosting is so that you control and own a little sliver of the web where your new WordPress.org blog is gonna live when you control everything there you can post ads ranking Google right and say whatever you want and make a whole business out of it and Not have to deal with any of the limitations imposed on you before it’s really nice from personal experience to own a Little bit of space on the web all right once we get web hosting we’re gonna install wordpress.org Onto that new domain name and web hosting that part’s really easy just do it with one click again You don’t need to know any tech stuff you don’t even need to know a lick of code none of that after we install WordPress org we’re gonna do the housekeeping Steps which are just to make sure everything is connected perfectly before we start Importing your new content and creating a blog or even a website if you want so that includes connect domain to hosting Which I’ll show you how to do in all the scenarios Mention before like whether your domain name came from or Bruce calm or somewhere else whenever you registered it. You’ll be just fine We’re also gonna look at how to transfer a domain name bought at wordpress.com to a wordpress.org host So if you bought your domain name through Bruce calm you can transfer it over And that way people will see your new wordpress.org website when they visit your domain name of course and along those same lines We’re gonna talk about Redirecting your wordpress.com Subdomain to your new address Aka your domain All right, so that’s pretty fun stuff as you can clearly see But we’re gonna get it done really quickly and clearly so not to worry once. That’s all taken care of we can go ahead and import content from or press.com blog into wordpress.org blog And that’s really cool. That’ll be easy and then we’re gonna inspect All right with an eagle. Eye we’re gonna look for any errors whatsoever and Then we’re gonna go ahead and create our blog and enjoy a blogging in the future all right So it’s gonna be a lot of fun. You’re gonna learn a lot in this tutorial. We’ll try to go as quick as possible And yes, you might be wondering what this all cost that’s really important when I was starting my first wordpress.org blog I was really you know worried about the costs I thought I might go broke and I basically was broke already living on a couch in In Murray Hill in New York City so Yeah, What’s it cost? we’ll try to keep it on a budget because I’ve been there just like you I’ve literally jumped for joy with every dollar earned from Adsense or from sponsored content And I know that you’re gonna want to you know save all your dollars. You can too So let’s take a look Exporting content from WordPress com is free. There’s a free tool to do that that we’ll use Set up your new custom domain name alright. We’re gonna do that at GoDaddy and we’re gonna try to get that cost down down down down You can use any domain name you want hover so the standard price is just $15 per year But you can get like a premium domain name if you want which cost $50 a year or $500 a year If you’re gonna try to get a really cool domain name like Google or Twitter that might be the case but Ours is just gonna cost about 15 dollars Per year annual cost next we need to get web hosting all right So web hosting we’re gonna get at hostgator.com The company i’ve used to host all my websites and businesses for many many years now, and I love them. I’ve never had a problem hosting costs about ten dollars per month And you need it so that you have a place to store all your Stuff all your content and images blog posts stuff like that and so that you own the space and yeah That’s just one of those costs that all of us self hosted WordPress bloggers have to pay for now those two costs that go to a domain name and the Hostgator hosting are the Largest by far two costs in making a self hosted WordPress blog and in learning how to blog professionally like the big dogs do So an upfront cost of twenty-five dollars to set up a professional blog just like the big blogs you see like smart passive income So well a pinch of young pro blogger Forbes you know any of these massive blogs and you’ll see once you’re on wordpress.org There’s plenty of ways to monetize your site and make these costs essentially become zero the last two things I’ll say are that they’re actually a tax write-off if you do this for a living Again, you might be wondering why we’re getting our domain name and our hosting at different locations I’ve always recommended having your domain name and your web hosting at separate locations Because maybe you want to register more domain names well It’s really easy to register one domain name and the hosting together and you might like the idea of having everything in the same place But when you register more and more and more domain names, they’re gonna Ask you like do you want to make a website with all of them? And you might not you might just want to register it quickly on the spot And GoDaddy is the best for that for a quick domain names and for managing multiple domain names Another reason is that you want? Specialists you want someone to give you the best possible services for domain names and the best possible services for hosting and take really good care and be able to answer any question you want if I call GoDaddy and ask him a question about hosting I have to go through a bunch of people just to get the right answer Whereas at Hostgator there’s live people online? 24/7 to help out and sit with me and work through any hosting or WordPress question I want the third reason is Security if someone hacks into one of these two things you don’t want them to have access to the entire operation If someone hacks into my GoDaddy domain name They won’t be able to touch my website content, and if someone hacks into my Hostgator blog They won’t be able to take full control of my domain name and point it to some weird website So that’s my spiel on why you want to get your domain name and your hosting at different locations Or you could just take my word for it another thing you could take from me is coupons I’m gonna go ahead and show you how to use a Hostgator coupon Called big bonus to get 50% off at Hostgator on your web hosting that’s the biggest deal Available, and if it works. I’ll be really happy you can of course try out that coupon. It’s just one word big bonus and GoDaddy we’re gonna look up some coupons at that wallet They usually have working coupons to get a domain name for like well under $15 a year So depending on when you do this I hope these coupons work for you, and I’m pretty confident that we’ll be able to get at least some sort of discount here Let’s finish off those costs here before we proceed So we’re gonna install WordPress.org, which thankfully is free. That’ll feel really nice after we pay for our hosting and domain name The housekeeping stuff is free because you have me here to help you do it However, if you got wordpress.com to do migration for you. They would charge. I think $100 maybe more now So I definitely don’t do that Going forward importing content is free Inspecting is free and creating our blog is going to be of course free and a lot of fun All right, so if that’s looks like a good deal to you. I think it’s a really good deal as well we’re gonna spend under twenty five dollars today to migrate and Create a new professional blog all right, so really pumped all right Yeah, so now that that is all said and done Let’s go ahead and jump into step one which is going to meet export content from wordpress.com blog And then we’ll proceed with step two and so on All right, sorry didn’t do that before to export your blog and all of its content It’s really easy just click back to the my sites area And then you’re going to want to click on WP admin this link at the bottom Now will be in this little WordPress dashboard area that actually looks a lot like your WordPress.org dashboard will look like except for all the links will work entirely in wordpress.org And we just want to go ahead and click on tools Once you click tools you can click on the export button and Now we’re going to focus on the free export box here on the Left where it says free and we’re gonna create this XML file containing all of our stuff and Save it to a good place before we import it as it says This is perfect for people who are moving to a new blog and feel comfortable wrangling the migration That’s us, so let’s click start export Now it’s going to ask us choose what to export and for the sake of simplicity We’ll just click all content now our blog only includes posts pages testimonials and media But if you have specific questions about exporting projects order product or feedback then do let me know in the comments, and I’ll help out For now make sure to check all content, and let’s just download that export file Alright now we can just change the name and once we’re done with that Just click Save and make sure it says XML texted right here Alright now that our blog XML file is downloaded We’re actually done with step one and that didn’t change anything on our site for that matter You can still visit your old blog, and they’ll still be readers on it You can still create content if you want just after step one we haven’t changed or destroyed anything the sky in fact did not fall Let’s take a look at our steps though and go ahead and cross off number one that stuff is done woohoo Congrats You’re making progress Next up, it’s time to set up your new custom domain name And if you already have a domain name from where press com or someone else you can go ahead and skip ahead in the video to step three I’ll give you complete links to all these steps in the timestamps below the video in the YouTube description And if you do skip ahead to step three the steps will remain in the same order going forward You’ll just tell the web host that you choose like Hostgator About your new domain name. They’ll set up a hosting account for you with that new domain name Then you can go ahead and install wordpress.org and then once you do that you can do the housekeeping and connect everything alright So feel free to jump around or just listen to me blather on words So let’s head over to GoDaddy and do step two This parts really fun. I love finding new domain names Whether it’s for my mom. My girlfriend or my friends the few of them. I have after sitting at the computer for so long And I’d love to help you pick a new domain name because it helps me Relive the magic of starting a new blog So just let me know in the comments if you’re having some trouble finding the most clever domain name possible In our case. I’m just going to go with something pretty straightforward learn how to migrate And I’m gonna Put a bunch of migration videos like our blogger to WordPress video on this site once It’s all done, so we’ve got a pretty good game plan here. If you can’t find the right domain name it’s a good idea to get your name com so you control where that goes or just to pick something as simple and brief as Possible by the way once we do our migration WordPress won’t care what your domain name Is that is to say that if we migrate this domain name to? something like Random domain awesome Then it’ll actually put our blog posts on this domain name Anything after the.com here like the blog post right here Will just be migrated over to this domain name.com And the blog post will go right after it alright so the domain names do not have to be exactly matching to make the migration Itself work and to move your content from wordpress.com to wordpress.org It just looks really good if you can make your domain name be the same – the wordpress part, and it’ll obviously help your users understand What’s going on when they see something familiar and not something random? once you find the right domain name go ahead and click Add to Cart and Now we can just continue to Cart Now we can click. No, thanks right here and scroll down to the bottom and continue with these options I already have a GoDaddy account and a few domain names with them, but you might need to set up a new GoDaddy account Don’t worry. It’s really easy, and it’s free to set up the account We’re gonna go ahead and change the term to one year because not so sure about this business quite yet Although you might be able to get the price down if you choose a longer time period like two years Next up just make sure it’s only the domain name. We’re paying for here. We don’t want to donate to any causes We don’t know about or add any features that we don’t know about either you can always get those Later on so we’re looking pretty good already Thanks to GoDaddy offering us this discounted rate of eight dollars and forty seven cents, which is less than fifteen dollars a year But let’s try to do one better now. It’s time to look for our first coupon, so let’s go to fat wallet And we can just search Nope, that didn’t work. Let’s look up all right. Well. Don’t really care because you know we just already saved money with them in the past and Yeah, I think we ended up winning that one So let’s look up GoDaddy coupons That’s gonna take us to probably RetailMeNot And that’s great so maybe this would work. Let’s click show coupon code every told me not And let’s try to copy this coupon code Click Edit GoDaddy paste it in and click apply and cross your fingers And I don’t think that worked that didn’t work, I bummer We can try this one though Coppy So you might just need to try some coupons until one of them works Sorry about fat wallet not working. It is sad to see them go we used them in past tutorials And I’m not sure you know what the deal is there but? Can’t control everything on the Internet Alright after wasting far too much time looking for GoDaddy coupons. It looks like your best bet is this coupon right here, which says CJC rmn 9nu because of this red error I’ve already used a tarry promotion But if you have not then there’s a greater chance that it’ll work for you and save you some more money and lower this 8.47 cent price, so really good luck with that do let us know in the comments What GoDaddy coupons work for you so that other people can save – thanks so much in advance? I’m out of luck though, so I’m just gonna remove this coupon and Proceed to checkout with my GoDaddy domain name Alright, so again. You might need to create an account. It’s really quick Go ahead and do that quickly and get it out of the way everyone needs to go to a tea account and once you’re on a screen like this for billing and payment and you’ve entered in your billing information Inserted the right payment information like your credit card for example, then it’s time to finally place our order Alright, so let’s do it. Let’s click the orange place your order button Alright, and we’re good. We just bought our domain name. Hopefully. I didn’t mess up or pay too much Order total order date order number it all looks good And we can open up our friendly checklist here and cross off step number two because we Set up our new custom domain name And we got it pretty good as a deal. We got it under $15 a year, so we’re feeling good Alright now we’re on step 3 get web hosting and it’s time to learn how to make a self-hosted WordPress blog on your own and install WordPress after that so we first need to Get our web hosting and to do that we can go to my web host of choice called Hostgator And I’ll save you a few clicks you can actually just visit hostgator.com slash Greg and hit enter and what that’ll do is take you to the right page and Take you to the cheapest web hosting package possible that lets you set up WordPress.org so Hostgator comes with a lot of different advanced – looks packages for different Companies big companies you name it But we just want to use the cheapest version which is what I started with when I first did this So it’ll say welcome to your blogger visitors That’s my blog and some reasons why Hostgator might be a good choice for you, so they host over two million domains Hundreds of drag-and-drop templates adsense to analytics ready, you can pretty much read the rest on your own But what I will say is that I could choose any number of hosts myself I work on different client websites all the time and I log into Different web host that people decided to use to help them fix things make a website transfer website Do all this stuff and when I first started making client websites, I thought it was all really difficult and confusing But then I realized it was just them and I won’t name them, but these other web posts and my clients had chosen Made things just a little bit too hard and didn’t seem like they had made their site with me in mind With Hostgator, I’ve never had any of those problems. I’ve learned how to make a blog easily, and I stayed with them for Almost ten years now so I really like them When I ever have a question you can click on the live chat button and talk with a real person I like Hostgator so much They even sent me out to their office in Austin Texas to visit and I got to meet some of their team members and got two free dinners and do all sorts of nice stuff like that and Yeah, it just proved that they’re real people So speaking of real people and getting help from have a scooter I’m actually gonna insert a little video from my friend Chris at Hostgator now He doesn’t know I’m doing this, but that way you guys can meet them too, so check it out Okay, I think that’s enough gushing about how much I love Hostgator. Let’s go ahead and proceed with the tutorial sorry about that Chris and We’re gonna go ahead and just click the yellow get started now button all right Of course let me know any questions you have about Hostgator or about web hosting in general Alright, so now We’re in the Hostgator customer portal Hostgator order form you’re in the right place and it’s time to proceed with step 1 This stuff is all really easy and straightforward, but I’ll walk you through from top to bottom so in step 1 It’s time to register a new domain name if you need one, but we don’t so we can click I already own this domain, and we could just enter in our domain name. You got it GoDaddy or WordPress or wherever you got it And Then just click off that box and it’ll add your domain name And you won’t pay Hostgator anything for it of course Just make sure you only have the com checked in and if it asks for domain privacy protection uncheck that Next we can move on to step 2 and it’s time to choose our package type. This is really important Just know that the hatchling plan is the cheapest plan available to new people starting a wordpress blog WordPress.org blog of course, so that’s what I went with when I first started using wordpress.org For a billing cycle you’ll notice that the price will go down if you choose that 36-month option that gets you the largest discount of 57% off which is something to consider additionally it’ll go down incrementally from 12 months to 24 months in the Monthly cost and that’s just the beauty of pre paying for anything in life if you can afford it or if you want to in our case I just want to go with the one-month option because I don’t like getting locked in I Like making decisions as I go and that’s also a really good affordable price I’m going to type in a username and a security pin All right now. We’re doing step two we can go to step three. We’re gonna enter your billing info Just like you would for any major purchase online like it Apple Amazon eBay Netflix air B&B wherever you like shopping It’s just like that Hostgator is a massive company and all this is 100% secure You can then choose whether you want to pay by credit card or by PayPal totally up to you I just prefer the credit card so that I can get those points when you scroll down. It’s time to add additional services we’re all done now with steps one two and three and Really all we want to do in step four is just on add additional services You can always get these later on, but we’re on a budget right now In step five it’s really important to enter the right coupon code So because we clicked my hostgator.com slash Greg link the right coupon code is already entered And it just says big bonus if it says big bonus in lower case that’s fine But if it says anything else you’re gonna want to try entering in big bonus Which will get you the largest discount possible at the time all right, and then once you do that click validate Clicking validate just make sure that the coupon will be working and we can see our discount now down below of five dollars and forty eight cents which is 50 percent of the hosting cost right here that 1095 and Hostgator even gave us that extra penny as a discount so that’s pretty cool The amount due is only five dollars and forty seven cents This is my coupon so if you use this coupon or my hostgator.com slash Greg link Then you’ll be supporting me as well as saving a larger amount on your hosting Then would be otherwise possible. Thank you so much this really Helps me keep making more free tutorials for everyone And if you have any questions about another host or another Coupon you’ve heard about hit me up on Facebook, and I’m happy to you walk you through it Or help you go a different route you choose alright, so thanks so much again Alright now that you have a working coupon and you Pitt validate and you’re getting your discount Go ahead and review order details in step six you get your 24/7 365 Fulham latch out email support for free of course instant account activation is free So they’ll set up your account right away for you And we can go right ahead and install WordPress org money back gaurantee is good for 45 days if you change your mind And we get our hatchling plan for one month for five dollars and forty seven cents if your total is different or if you made any other Different decisions about how long you’re registering for or the package type, that’s fine again. Let me know any questions in the comments I’m always here to help Alright with that said go ahead and check this little box right here And now it’s time to finally register our hosting and complete registration by clicking checkout now, so let’s do it Congratulations and welcome to the Hostgator family when you see this screen it’s now time to check our inboxes and we can come play around in the hostgator customer portal later on So here we are in our email inbox now Please excuse the mess and I just wanted to show you how to get back to that Hostgator welcome to the family page Which is also the Hostgator billing portal where we’re going to install WordPress Because probably about 30 percent of people who watch our tutorials close that page and don’t know how to get back there And you do it through your email with these two emails Before we do that we’re gonna go ahead and cross off step 3 you are done getting your web hosting great job Leroy the cat says congratulations So now it’s time to just install WordPress org again hosting is done domain is done Export is done. We’re making some amazing progress here Well, we’ll edit that out on the other hand you could check out Leroy’s channel So to do step 4 and install your very own copy of wordpress.org follow me back to your email And we’re gonna get back to that hostgator customer portal to do so just click on your email from billing And if you didn’t get these just check your spam folder And if they’re not new spam folder wait 2 to 5 minutes If that still doesn’t work, which it definitely should 99% of the time go ahead and contact me in the comments And I’ll help you get that email from Hostgator directly all right Open up billing and now we can just click on the link that says Hostgator billing portal right here Great job And now you just need to log in So to do the log in you’re gonna get the email that it was sent to right here Which is your login name email address and your password from this email pretty simple I actually changed mine over time and that was an older email. We’re just using as an example So this is how I’m gonna do it login Loading your customer portal Create job and once we’re here you can check out your account summary and see the packages that you ordered We can see I have a lot of packages of use Hostgator for a really long time and trust them 115 percent You can also change your profile and You can check out other things like support domains marketing. That’s a new one I think but for now we just want to go to hosting And once you’re here with me and hosting scroll down and we’re going to click on this little button that says launch click install right here Once you’re here, just scroll down and click on this little box that says WordPress you can click anywhere on the box make sure it says free Once you’re here. It’s time to select your domain for installation So just click on this drop-down box and go ahead and find your domain We can see I have several domain names because for some reason people trust me to build their websites It’s a little bit harder to find them I Could totally use someone to help me manage these if you’re interested but just an example of What you can do here once you run your own hosting space? All right there. She is Choose it and we’re gonna have to cut out that section taking like five minutes to find it Leave your directory box blank right there, and then it’s time to just click Next so make sure to leave this box blank And we’re not gonna let a pro do it for you. We’re not gonna fall for that This is really easy, but you know more money. We’re saving Click Next now on this page. Just enter in some basic info which you can change later blog title WordPress Migration blog should be good. It means user you actually can’t change your admin user later But you can add new ones so go with something serious that you’re gonna like typing in every day And once you fill up the rest of the blanks, it’s really easy to install WordPress You don’t need to know any code or techie stuff despite what you might have heard Just make sure you get that email in there correctly because WordPress will email you your login details Alright once your screen looks good Go ahead and check this box right here And now it’s time to do perhaps the most important step of all and install your copy of WordPress So brace yourselves hold on tight and let’s do it. Just click on the install button All right fantastic work guys and gals so your installation is complete that only took about 10 or 15 seconds it wasn’t successfully So we did it right what you don’t want to do now is click on this link though because your website probably won’t be ready What you should do is just copy this information? and We’re gonna put it in a blank notepad or a word document or something like that Perfect alright so once that’s done Just come back to this page and feel free to leave this hostgator WordPress installation page open I know a lot of people like doing that as a sign of triumph and progress You know that you’ve done this all the right way so far But there’s not much here, and it won’t get messed up if you close it, so we’re just gonna close it ourselves But yeah again feel free to leave it open and we’re gonna go back to our Notes, and I want to talk about what’s going on at your wordpress.com blog and at your wordpress.org blog now So we just installed WordPress org on Hostgator, but it’s at a totally different location now Then the wordpress.com stuff Because it’s at a different location which is Hostgator nothing has changed at your wordpress.com blog at all regardless of whether you have a custom domain or The dot wordpress.com sub domain we haven’t changed anything over there all we were doing in fact was getting your wordpress.org blog Ready and setting it up nicely so that we can now start Sending people from wordpress.com to wordpress.org and so that we can log in and start working on the new blog But again up until a step four which is now complete congratulations by the way nothing has changed at wordpress.com all right So let’s make that big change now and do step five where we’re gonna actually connect things So the first scenario, we’ll cover is our exact scenario in the tutorial we have a wordpress.com blog that lives on a sub domain right here And we also registered our own custom domain so we just need to connect our custom domain to our hosting and then we’ll migrate the second scenario is if you have a custom domain in which case you need to login to WordPress and Enter in some hostgator information to make the custom domain connect with our new hosting and our new WordPress.org installation, so I know it sounds kind of confusing, but bear with me. We’ll cover both scenarios right now In our case. I’m just gonna log into GoDaddy All right, so if you bought your domain name through GoDaddy or Namecheap or anywhere like this This is what you’ll need to do right now make sure to log in and then click on your name in the upper right and Then just click on manage domains Alright we’re gonna check out all my new business plan ideas here just find the domain that we’re using here, so let’s learn how to migrate and Click to enter it Now just scroll down and we’re gonna want to click on the link for managed DNS right here And if it looks a little different to GoDaddy don’t worry Just try to find that managed DNS section they often change their layout over here To make it better for us alright now this stuff looks really confusing, so don’t worry about this You don’t have to know this stuff at this point or probably ever But just come on down and come to name servers. That’s where you want to be and it says right now We’re using default name servers. These are GoDaddy name servers, which just means that if you visit the domain and we just registered migrated com you’re gonna get a GoDaddy page because that Wasn’t it learn how to market calm We are talking about migrating blogs not Countries so it’s just gonna be a blank GoDaddy screen right now because this is at GoDaddy, and we haven’t moved anything yet It’s just like sitting here which is fine, but we’re gonna use it right now So what you need to do is in name servers click change, and then where it says default change that to custom Now head back to your email and You’re gonna see an email from no reply Hostgator comm your account info open that email up In this email you’re going to get two new name servers from Hostgator So name servers are just pieces of information that connect a domain name to hosting and Tell the web a few other useful piece of information about your website the most common way to connect a domain name to hosting is To enter in the Hosting’s name servers at the domain, and that’s precisely what we’re doing right now So you want to copy your two name server, which will be different from mine, and then just write them in at GoDaddy So we can go back to GoDaddy and my name servers are actually a little bit different now But you’re gonna use the ones from that email All right, and that’s just because I’m still using my original Hostgator name servers Did I registered like seven years ago or something like that? All right So once you’ve entered them in here go ahead and just click Save and it’ll be some format like NS number dot Hostgator comm NS other number Just make sure the first one goes in the top box and the second one goes in the bottom box and click Save All right make sure to click that Save button and it’s gonna start Updating your records across the web which can take a little bit of time usually about 24 hours But it can be up to 72 in Really rare cases if you’re making your website in an area where there’s not much internet or not many servers Shouldn’t take that long load for your domain to connect to your hosting in the meanwhile Let’s open up our steps And we’re done connecting our domain to our hosting if you bought a domain name from somewhere other than WordPress calm But we need to cover that domain name that was bought through wordpress.com Which will probably apply to a ton of you so if that’s the case now. It’s time to head back to WordPress Alright and when you’re in your wordpress.com dashboard that is go ahead and just click on domains in the lower left Very good now make sure you on the domains tab not the plans or the email and just click through to your domain name So if you have that wordpress.com custom domain name you should see an area to edit the domain name right here And then you can enter in those Hostgator name servers Just like we did at GoDaddy the first one and the second one from your your account info email and then save it at WordPress What that will do is create the same effect and it’ll start sending people from your WordPress blog at wordpress.com To the WordPress blog at wordpress.org once they visit your custom domain name It’ll just say hey go to this new place instead of go to that old place It’s kind of like taking a fly and pointing it from one corner of a dark room Which had a bunch of cool Legos in it to a different corner of that dark room? Which just had a bunch of cool action figures in it people are just gonna start seeing something else which is your new blog If I missed a step at wordpress.com Please do let me know in the comments or let me know if this page looks different or confuses you I’m certainly not a wordpress.com Expert by any means just an enthusiastic fan So now that we’ve transferred your wordpress.com domain name from wordpress.com to our new blog at WordPress.org we can open up our notes again, and we’re officially done with This step transferring the domain name As well as the step right before it in our housekeeping which is connect our GoDaddy domain name to our Hostgator hosting We could also talk now about the redirecting your WordPress com sub domain and we can find information about that from WordPress It’s just called a site redirect If I could type And it costs $13 a year This is important if you want to redirect everyone from your site that wordpress.com to your new domain It’s especially important If those dot wordpress.com links are ranking in google and people click them in google you want to take them to the right place Especially if those pages are landing pages or blog posts or any sorts of content that earns you Revenue from blogging if you make blog money through your pages or your posts you definitely want to pay for this redirection However, we don’t need to do it yet because we haven’t even Migrated our content yet. We’re gonna go ahead and need to import to wordpress.org so that when we set up this redirect Which we will do then people will get redirected to something good And not just nothing so let’s open up that guide again And let’s go ahead and leave this one till a little bit later, so I’m just gonna put a little Asterisk by it because we haven’t done it yet you do remember that one Now we can move on though we can do step 6 Which is import content from wordpress.com into your wordpress.org blog for free? In order for that to work our domain name and our hosting have to be functioning which again could take a matter of hours But I’m feeling confident as per usual, so let’s go ahead and just open up that blog and try it out We can visit our new domain name for the very first time and we can see we have wordpress.org installed lovely now this might look like wordpress.com, and I did do that on purpose just so we have a one-to-one easy comparison between how it looked there, and how it looked here I chose to use the same theme that comes pre-installed on your blog one little way you can tell the difference between your wordpress.com site and the wordpress.org site Given that they both have the same theme is this little arrow is white on wordpress.org To go down into the content and on wordpress.com Which is still here because we haven’t moved this sub domain yet. It’s in a different location The difference here is that that arrow is black? Or gray Alrighty, then so back to WordPress Let’s go ahead and login if you check out your email again pardon the mess you’ll get a email from WordPress which has that nice information from Hostgator marketplace, so URL it mean URL, which is the link to login username and password you can now click your admin, URL And just copy that really goofy password and remember our username and let’s login to WordPress for the very first time Remember me and you might also want to bookmark this link so you have it to log in in the future and login All right welcome to WordPress and officially welcome to wordpress.org So it’s gonna say what kind of site. Can we help you with business personal, but we don’t need help All right, we’re gonna. Do it ourselves And you can leave all this stuff as is right now I mean if you want you can close the little notifications, but you’re probably gonna want to Drag stuff and just design your little living room homepage here. However you want it later on so that can all be changed What I will tell you now is the link to log into your WordPress org blog is going to be different than it was at wordpress.com at wordpress.com. We just went to wordpress.com and click login However now. It’s gonna be your domain name.com Forward slash WP admin you just type in this little part that I’ve highlighted right here into your browser Click enter, and if you’re logged out It’ll take you to that login screen Very good if you click on the button in the upper left that has the home button It’ll take you to the front end of your site So this is what it looks like to the rest of the world and all your readers and visitors and customers Pretty cool, and if you click that button again. It’ll take you back to the dashboard That’s just how it works when you want to edit or you want to view things alright? So let’s go ahead and import your content so that you actually have a blog and your visitors start seeing something Especially if you use that custom domain at wordpress.com Because they’ll be coming over here already Alright, so let’s do it and once we do that We’ll write a welcome post just to say what’s up to people? And I’ll tell you what to say alright so to begin importing your content follow me down to tools in the dashboard area Click tools, and then we’re just gonna click import Now we’re going to scroll down to where it says WordPress and click install now and We’re actually going to be installing the WordPress importer plug-in when we do this Now just click run importer Alright, it’s gonna. Say. How do you upload your WordPress extended RSS WX our file? Which is exactly what we created in wordpress.com? Alright, and if you didn’t export your wordpress.com blog yet for whatever reason Maybe you just were excited to set up domain and hosting first. Just go back to your wordpress.com site click on WP admin Come down to tools click tools then click export Then choose the free option right here and click start export and follow the directions to export all content all right So that’s what we did earlier on in the video In our case it’s now time to just choose the file we want to import thankfully I think they increased the maximum size to 64 megabytes so your blog Hopefully fits that if it doesn’t you’re gonna have to import it in two chunks. Which is ok as well everything should still come along fine so click Choose file and Now we want to find our blog export file very good. You can double click it, or I usually like just clicking open It grabbed it, so now let’s click upload file and import It will give us the option to assign authors now to make it easier for you to edit and save your imported content We might want to reassign the author All it says here is if you create a new user a new path It will be randomly generated, and you’ll need to go to the users tab to change their details Which we’re not gonna do although I can tell you how to do that. We’re actually just gonna Assign post to an existing user which is Gregg me because I don’t want to use the name nuraghe. I right now Make sure to also check download and import file attachments and once you’ve made your choices here. Just click Submit And this is where the magic really takes place WordPress is now communicating with your old blog And it’s uploading all of your content into your new blog Cross your fingers, but I think this should work pretty darn smoothly Alright, it looks like the import is done Let’s go ahead and close up some of those tabs in our browser, and then we’re gonna check out our blog in a new window There’s two little blips on our radar here the media placeholder image already exists and failed to import Oprah So we’re gonna tackle those two things in case they look like problems that you faced Let’s open up our site in a new tab Let me check it out, and now we see we have some content all right so we have our first blog post We also have some stuff in our sidebar, which was actually there before And we have our other blog posts welcome to a blog migration We got the image so the image migrated That’s great, and we got the first blog post so we got all of our blog posts We got our images and now we have everything on wordpress.org We also migrated the formatting like the way the post was designed and if we click into our ultimate guide We can scroll down and we can see we imported the comment too, so all your comments should have worked Alright, but we’re not done checking out what happened here in fact We need to make sure that the social media imported those likes and shares we had And we want to just inspect things from the backend Alright we’re not letting WordPress get away without a good inspection So let’s click back to the dashboard and Let’s click media where all of your images will be? what we have in media is first off the Import-export file it’s just sitting here. That’s great You don’t need it But I would just leave it here for the time being until we’re sure we’ve migrated successfully we have the testimony Which is this is Oprah and? That one didn’t work, and that’s because we we don’t support testimonials until we install jetpack But all the other images including our little favicon and the big images worked great The favicon just means if you open up your site It’s what shows up up here in the browser tab to let people know what site they’re visiting so we’re going to set that up We can actually set up the icon right away, so let’s do that follow me and hover parent and click customize Now let’s click site identity and for site icon select image Click media library where all your images will live click on the right logo and select it And save and publish And if we open our site in our new tab you’ll see we’ve made our first successful change on wordpress.org Congratulations But we’re not done here. Let’s Go back And what I personally want to do for you guys is to make sure that our? WordPress.org homepage looks as close as possible to the wordpress.com homepage so that people don’t get confused But before we do that if there’s any visitors trickling in right now, which there certainly could be checking out your work You’re gonna want to write a really quick update post to tell them that you successfully migrated, and you’re all happy about it And it’s for the better, so we’re gonna go back to our dashboard click on posts Which will now look a little bit different you get a list like this and you have more options for editing them It’s gonna close the notification there and close a notification there And now just click add new at the top Now I usually like calling this post some clever little phrase that people have heard like maybe out with the old in With the new Or you could even look up idioms and quotes about change And you could click images to get all the different Pinterest quotes people have made But so much reading now Okay, so Pinterest is a little bit too deep today, so we’re just gonna go with out with the old in with the new We migrated All right be really clear with that in the title and now it’s time to just write a little notice, so we’ll say hello everyone Start with the bad news it’s always good to start upfront, then we can say welcome to our new blog Then just explain your reasoning people love knowing why you did something and they’re quick to forgive as long as you explain Your rationale in moving a block because everyone likes bigger and better and improved blogs We felt limited by the ad guidelines and difficulty ranking in Google We now want we now want to devote our resources to creating a Complete blog as our business as our main business And believe wordpress.org is the best choice to do this All right so after you explain yourself right and before that you could write something like Migration was easy. I was able to do it myself And about two hours Learned how to make a self close to it vlog and learned about how then if you really feel like pouring on I love it if you wrote I used Greg Ryan’s WordPress migration tutorial to learn all the steps To move WordPress, I know very few guys will do this or even make it this far, but if you want to do that I’d love it and then lastly just a call to action, so you can get some comments on your update post here That’s right. If you’ve moved from WordPress Have any ideas on how to use New mega blogging tool from the future or Are missing any useful articles? Let us know in the comments we’ll be here all day to help alright, so that was a real mouthful But no you get the picture and you have a great welcome post template that you can use on your own blog You just need a featured image, then you’re ready to publish your first post So let’s head the pixabay which I love using for my blog post images And let’s search something like a migration and see what we get Alright, so let’s go down the beautiful free images pixabay gives us for our blog posts until you find one you like When you go with this one, and then you just click free download pick the size and download Not a robot, and you could sign up as well, that’s a good idea, or you could give back to pixabay It’s also a good idea We’re gonna call this wordpress my creation birds Save it now back in WordPress. We’re gonna add that featured image Just click in the lower right for a featured image a set featured image upload files select files And we’re gonna open that image that we just downloaded So this is just how it works on wordpress.org now if you’re used to doing featured images a different way You’ll just have to get used to this way or maybe you can create your own little custom method over here Set featured image All right, let’s give this post a category like updates and Techy stuff even though it wasn’t that techie at all and Now we can just go ahead and make sure you proofread it of course and then publish All right now, let’s click to the home page by clicking in the upper left And we can see we got this nice little update post right here So that’ll at least tell people what’s going on, and they won’t be too confused So now that you’ve published an update post to which one people read it at the top of your new blog here should hopefully Endear them to your blog even more because they understand your reasoning for moving to WordPress It’s time to go ahead and make our blog look more and more like the wordpress.com blog So that there’s no confusion whatsoever? Fortunately for us there’s not that much work to do our blog on WordPress com was Pretty limited and we can actually go back and check it out now I know it’s weird that we can go back and look at our wordpress.com blog But the fact the matter is it lives in a different location this website with the dot wordpress.com in it is a different website than the web site without the dot wordpress.com in it they’re in totally different locations and until we redirect the Dot wordpress.com version with that paid redirect over to that new site then they’re both gonna be here now It’s actually a bad idea because duplicate content is not good for Google So we’re going to want to set up the blog features quickly and then set up that redirect so that there’s only One version of our blog in your case you might have some more work to do some more legwork Maybe you need to create an image gallery Or you really want to put like this navigation menu in the middle of the page Or you really want to put a like box in the upper left corner floating over here That’s what the YouTube comments are for I’m here to help you move any feature you want or maybe you can find a theme that Has things in place exactly how you like them. There are now? Thousands upon thousands of themes for you to choose most of them for free unlike on wordpress.com where most of them are premium So you really should ask me questions in the comments about how to create new features on your wordpress.org blog that look like your wordpress.com blog or just look like something pretty you’ve always wanted to make I’m one of those rare people that likes doing the legwork and Hunting down answers and helping you make even the smallest little features come to life But for now we can just make our basic or press.com features come to life like the light box This little youtube video and so on and so forth so let’s do it on our guide We can cross off step 6 because we just imported content from we’re breast comm into wordpress.org ok job And now we’re going to go ahead and inspect with an eagle eye for free So one of the first things I can think of here on our wordpress.com blog that we want are the social media buttons Beneath the blog post like to share this the tweet and the Google+ in WordPress.org it doesn’t come with that by default Because you just get a basic blog install however by installing plugins You can do just about anything there are hundreds of different kinds of social media buttons you can install To get one of them, let’s click back to the dashboard Now let’s just click plugins and next click add new and I want you to do a search for Twitter Facebook social and hit enter Sometimes the search isn’t quite what you wanted and that might be because we got the name wrong, so I’m gonna try TF social share and There we go right here in the middle is my favorite social media buttons plugin for WordPress super simple it definitely works And I used it on To your blogger to write blog post it got hundreds and hundreds of likes for example This polish right here those buttons are definitely working All right so to add this plug in just click install now and Activate And now let’s hover on settings and we’re gonna get this new little area for TF social share settings so click that and Now it’s time to decide where these social media buttons show up and which ones we want to use So in our case. I just want to use Facebook like Twitter Not stumble not LinkedIn, and I want to show these buttons in these pages just single posts and pages Keep it really simple now we can choose how this little plugin looks and where it’s located So for position I like above and below the post I think that’s really cool with no border and no background color Now we can just scroll down and save changes This plugin also lets you float social media buttons to the left of the post and you can do a couple other neat features Like choose how far apart? They’re Now when we go to the blog and we click on Our blog post like our ultimate guide. I’m moving WordPress We can see the social media buttons appear above the post and they appear below the post and like I said you can use those plug-in settings to adjust the spacing in between Them unfortunately those social media shares did not carry over from the wordpress.com sub domain right here To the wordpress.org blog so we can see the share for Doesn’t carry over to a share for on this same post that we might created Because I feel bad about that and because I care about your shares if you send me any link you want to share or just Post it in the YouTube comments I’ll send it out to our dear blogger Facebook page with like 3 or 4 thousand fans And I’ll ask them to like it and comment so you can get those numbers up right away on your new blog And you can share on that Facebook page too because we have a great community, and they understand how difficult and stressful migration is All right now. I want us to go back to plugins in our WordPress or dashboard click to dashboard Click plugins, and I noticed when we installed TF social share right here that this list is kind of messy, so let’s clean it up First we want to activate a kismet which – spam protector We can also activate Hello, Dolly. I’ll get a nice little quote from the founders of WordPress up here That’s one of the oldest plugins ever so pretty cool We’re gonna save jetpack for last because that’ll actually help us bring over some more features that came from our wordpress.com blogs and we’re gonna now deactivate mojo All right, we’re gonna deactivate optinmonster And we can deactivate WP forms late Go back to plugins if it takes you to that page Oops, I think I click settings so deactivate and they’re like really needy they need a reason, but we’re not gonna give them one All right now you can just delete the plugins that you deactivate it, so they don’t take up space on your new hosting space delete delete And now I plugins library is looking a lot cleaner great job We can also deactivate this one to Google Analytics for WordPress Because we’re gonna actually do Google Analytics the old-fashioned way by actually installing the real Google Analytics by Google delete ok All right really nice guys now. We have a cosmic Hello Dolly Twitter Facebook social share WordPress importer and jetpack so if your screen looks like mine Then your plugins are looking perfect lastly we can activate jetpack by wordpress.com and bring the power of a breast comm to our self hosted WordPress sites so click activate and We’re going to click connect to wordpress.com Approve At the bottom click start with free We’re not gonna fall for any of that And on this page you can shop around and grab the recommended jetpack features like sharing subscriptions Photon and so on and so forth and you can also activate them however That’s an awful lot to give your site at once if you don’t really have the time to play around with all of them at The moment what I want to do is be a little more choosy for you guys and go to the jetpack settings so under jetpack Just click settings Now in the jetpack writing tab we can scroll down and we can activate those testimonials if you use them on wordpress.com We can also do other important tasks for example in discussion We can let readers use wordpress.com and so on accounts to comment More freedom for accountants to comment generally means more comments, and you can change the comments headline as well if you like Lastly in traffic you can get more traffic to your other posts by simply checking to show related content after posts let’s also show that related header because we want it clearly separate and Sure we’ll use the visually strikingly it couldn’t hurt great job That feels like enough changes in jetpack right now but when you have time to poke around and explore a little more you’re gonna want to check out all the Settings and optimize your site exactly how you want it Let’s make sure we go to the bottom and save it Or maybe it just saved as we went along not too better Alright great job with jetpack now. Let’s go back to our site and It’s looking really good not a ton of changes, but jetpack is gonna allow a lot more to happen on this site Next I want to create that simple menu We had the navigation menu on our WordPress comm blog To set up a menu you can just hover in the upper left corner and click menus What we’re gonna do now is use this default primary menu because it’s got almost everything we want We just want to have those testimonials in there, too Unfortunately, there’s not a default page yet for testing so at the moment let’s just choose a display location of Top menu for a menu and click Save it and now it will appear on your home page once you choose that location So if we click to the home page we can see we have our menu, and it’s looking pretty good Next we can create a new page, and we’re gonna use that page for our testimonials But you could use it for anything you want like services or our mission or popular blog posts or whatever you want to create a new page, just hover on the Plus new tab in the upper name and click page Now what we’re gonna, do is just call this page Testimonials And in the visual area, I’m gonna write out bracket Testimonials Bracket, which is the shortcode for all the testimonials you have on your site there are tons and tons of short codes you can use to put things like image sliders accordions Contact forms and more in your WordPress pages, so this is just one example we can click publish and Now we can view page And it looks like our Oprah testimonial didn’t migrate and that’s just because we didn’t have jetpack and this feature Active when we migrated so that’s my fault. I should have recommended you install the jetpack plugin Before you migrate and so I brought that but now that we know that We can do that in the future and we can also just recreate the testimonial But of course what you can do is just export only the testimonials from your wordpress.com site and then import again So let’s over on new and click testimonial All right okay, Oprah and Grab that content from our wordpress.com blog Because it’s still here living on the wordpress.com servers We can just right click and save image as for Oprah or any image on the web really This time we could spell our name it and we can just copy the testimonial Great job, so that’s really easy to just recreate some content. Just an example of some additional legwork You unfortunately might have to do on your new blog But if you love WordPress as much as me it’s actually pretty fun, and you always learn something in the process Alright, so we’re gonna choose full-size Insert Oprah back into that testimonial, and we’re gonna publish it Now when we click to our dashboard the Testimonials page won’t be in the menu alright great job to add a navigation tab to our menu You can just come back to the upper button and click menus and Now we have that testimonials page created so check it click ahead to menu It will come in right there, and you can reorder it or create a drop-down if you’d like Nest it under the right parent tab for a drop-down, but we just want it as a main menu. Item and save menu and now you’ve added a new tab to our primary menu and There it is To make this testimonials page look normal We’re gonna want to get that featured image back on the testimonial itself so click on Oprah’s name to open up the testimonial click Edit testimonial at the top Now let’s click set featured image Now just choose Oprah click set featured image and update So the testimonial itself looks pretty cool, but we’re gonna see on the testimonials page that There’s just way too many social share buttons which kind of reminds us to limit those things So we can go back to the dashboard and we can get rid of a couple of those buttons And you can always add them back if you feel like people need more chances to share your stuff or like it So we can go back to settings TF social share and we can actually just remove the buttons from pages and Also, just show them either above or below the post I like above because it’s above the fold and more people see that your posts are popular And I’m more likely to interact with it because they know that it’s already a little bit popular and save If you see this 500 internal area when you’re making your new self hosted WordPress or blog and notes and convenient But it usually just means that Hostgator is fixing some connection in between your old blog and your new blog It’s just one of those problems that takes care of itself So we refresh our blog and we’re back in business Now let’s click on testimonials Now let’s come down and click on testimonials And this page is looking a lot more normal great job if you’re making some changes to your site when that 500 error came up you might need to go back and redo the changes and re-save it just a heads up and Sorry about that on behalf of hostgator that stuff happens at every host and I know personally But they’re trying really hard on their end to make your blog work right now And it usually just means they squash some little bug on the internet for good. Let’s click back to our home page Now let’s learn how to make a blog sidebar on your new blog So we can scroll down and we want to get rid of the default content and insert what we had on wordpress.com The best way to do that is in customize so at the top just click customize Alright so this section looks really familiar like wordpress.com, and we can just click widgets Now blog sidebar, and we’re just gonna open remove all these little widgets that were by default in the sidebar We don’t want a default looking blog we want an amazing unique looking blog so we’ll just keep the search bar and save and publish All right now to build our sidebar out and in the future I know you’re gonna want to do this you’re gonna want to put in like pieces of code from Facebook or Twitter if you want to insert like a Twitter timeline Or if you want to make your own custom advertisement you’re gonna want just a blank text HTML area And the best widget to insert some blank text is a new plug-in So we have to go out of customize And we have to install a new plugin for this which is pretty hard to find But I definitely like did backflips of happiness when I found it So click back to the dashboard click plugins Add new Search plugins and look up tiny MCE space black I’m going to show you the most popular most advanced visual editor in WordPress It’s just called black studio tinymce widget Really cool really fun changed my life, so click install now and activate Okay job So what this plug-in will help you do is just write in any HTML or any text into your sidebar or any place on your blog that accepts widgets if we hover on appearance and click back to customize Just another way of getting to customize Now I’m gonna click widgets and click blog sidebar Click add a widget, and we can see at the bottom We’ll have this new visual editor that that plugin gives us When we click to open it we get the exact tools from a blog post So you can really get in depth with creating your own custom widgets Maybe you just want to insert something like cool it of the day and Then say something amazing like a quote from Matt Mullenweg the founder of WordPress That’s really easy to do just find one on google Go ahead and copy a quote that looks good unfortunately brainy quote makes you like really click through them to Hopefully share them. They want us to share them but I’m just gonna like forcefully highlight this Copy it, and now we can come back to our blog and just paste it in Look at that. They really want that share read more you just highlight copy some text in Neal link Wow the web is an aggressive place All right, but that’s just how you would insert some text into your sidebar so pretty cool And you can even just remove the quote of the day part and Make that a title so it looks a little more fancy All right on our wordpress.com blog we also had this nice little follower accounts from wordpress.com So this has little to no use to us anymore, we’re not really gonna gather followers on wordpress.com we want like an upgraded version of followers that applies to wordpress.org in the big leagues and the best FREE follower account I can think of izzat, Feedburner be burners a place where your blog becomes a digestible feed and People follow you to read your blog posts in like really plain formatting so when they get it in their email It just shows your writing your awesome writing, and they don’t have to visit your whole blog if they don’t want you But as you might be able to tell this is a really good way to build readership fast people with large Feedburner accounts are extremely influential bloggers like Seth Godin for example So let’s set up a feed burner following count to replace the WordPress follower account to do that just visit Feedburner Com Go ahead and type your new blog address in this box right here so in our case that would be Not the wordpress.com address it would be the wordpress.org address Right here, just copy your domain name and Paste it in super simple and now click Next And it’s gonna give us a link to our feed We’re gonna click Next And now any time you want to send people the address to your feed or insert your feet somewhere You just have to remember this link right here, which is HTTP blah blah blah feedburner com slash the title of your blog And if it doesn’t give you any numbers or letters here, it means your blog is unique That’s just one little nice thing you can pat yourself on the back for Alright, now. Let’s click Next Congrats your Feedburner fee is now live want to dress it up a little no. Thanks for now click Next Next Very good so feed Rinna gives you all these free tools you can play with them later But for now, let’s just display how many Feedburner followers, we have now that everything is working at feedburner We can click publicize and we can click feed count and we just need to activate this service so click activate for the feed burner feed count and It’s going to give us this handy little HTML munch to paste wordpress.org sidebar All right, so you can just click anywhere in this window and highlight it And copy it All right and because I’m a little bit vain and I don’t want to display that zero readers count I’m actually gonna go back to girl Google feed Burnett gurgle fire burner and I’m gonna click on a Feed that actually has some feeds some followers This stuff gets confusing and that would be my maid to blog one So we can just click the maid to blog option which is a upcoming course that I was gonna make at some point Explaining all that how to blog and you know for people that were made to blog which is pause for now Alright, and we’re just gonna click publicize feed count activate Grab, this code, you can hit command a command C. Or ctrl a ctrl C and Now just come back to our wordpress.org blog To insert the feed burner account in your sidebar just go back to customize And this is just like adding a quote or a piece of text to your sidebar Just click widgets as you might have guessed blog sidebar add a widget click visual editor and now let’s just go ahead and click text because we’re pasting in code you want to be in the text tab and paste in that code from feedburner Just give it a title We can scroll down and check it out, so there it is. It’s like trying to show up right now, okay? Just give it a title saying Join our feed to get New posts and see them publish Great job now when we ex out Check out the site You might have to refresh the blog a couple times, but now I get our awesome Feedburner feed count So now you can start adding readers to your feed and building with this amazing Statistic that all the big blogs use to count and to show how popular their blog is All right, let’s scroll back up so while we focused on the sidebar Let’s make sure to also add that Facebook page plugin so people can like your Facebook page right from your sidebar without even leaving your blog Alright to do that we’re just gonna want to Google Facebook page bullion super easy click on the link for page plug-in All right, so here’s Facebook’s example wouldn’t it be nice if we had half that many likes Maybe some day and now we’re just gonna make sure to put our Facebook page URL in right here You can change up the width height tabs for example and choose some other basic details But the default option usually works for us, and then once you’re ready click get code So I’m wordpress.org it’s a little bit more difficult to insert the Facebook page plug-in it just cuz you actually have your own website WordPress isn’t gonna do the back end stuff for you. You have to actually insert this stuff in the right place Unfortunately, it’s not too hard and I’m gonna show you how to do it right now First thing you want to do is copy this upper code section you can just click once actually and it’ll highlight Then you can right click copy Now we can go back to our WordPress to our blog click to the dashboard and click plugins and We’re gonna add a new plugin And this plug-in is called insert headers and footers Which is my favorite plug-in at the moment for? Inserting code from other websites like Facebook or Google when you need that code to work on your website Here it is upper left by wpbeginner. Just click install now Wpbeginner is an amazing resource really powerful WordPress tutorials, and I’ll show you how to do basically anything. We don’t cover here, so Check them out. We’re gonna click activate But you can always ask those questions to you because I’ll always be here Alright, and now once it’s activated We’re gonna see in settings you have another section so that’s kind of the process when you want to do something on the site There’s usually a plugin for it find the right plug-in ask greg Install the plugin get new settings click on the new settings for the plugin And now in our case all we need to do here is just paste in that facebook code in the scripts in header box And then save it great job Now we need to go to the customize area to insert some Facebook page plug-in code So hover on appearance and click customize And we’re gonna actually insert the Facebook code that makes that like box up here so click widgets blog sidebar Add widget and as you might have guessed. We’re gonna get the visual editor because that’s the best one for inserting Code that you want to appear on your front-end Now just click in the second box on Facebook and copy and back on WordPress click to the text tab and paste All right, and it’s gonna work, just like that So that’s how easy it is to insert this Facebook like box on a wordpress blog We’ll just finish it off with the title of join us on Facebook exclamation mark that usually works And you’re all done here, you can just save and publish Very cool, and we can see that our WordPress.org site is starting to look a lot more like the wordpress.com site All right everyone to finish off our sidebar I will show you how to insert a video from YouTube or Vimeo or anywhere else into your sidebar And this also works in blog posts and pages So you just need to first find the video we can go to youtube and You can grab one of the short videos you’ve made or maybe one of your friends is made Just open up the video And then to put it on the blog you want to come to the bottom down here right above the description click on share and then click embed And then just click over here and copy this iframe all the way from the first diagram to the second one Just copy that All right, and so we’re just grabbing my most recent how to make a blog tutorial and then we’re gonna come back Close some tabs and now just click add widget And we’re gonna grab our trusty visual editor And just like for the Facebook like box. We just pasted it I Just pasted this code in the visual which is wrong because then the text tab which is how we want it to look? We want it to look like this, but if you paste it individual. It gets all chopped up So make sure to paste code in the text tab Alright there’s our nice video, and we can just give it the same title that our wordpress.com blog had Great job Close and save and publish and if you leave the screen open overnight like I did you might need to just refresh the whole page reload So in the first few days as you create a blog your web browser might get confused and not show your blog like this white Screen here if that happens you just need to delete your cache. Eh So we can go to our settings now. I’m in Chrome Google Chrome Settings and just scroll down click advanced and Now scroll down to the content settings where it says clear browsing data Which would be pretty similar on Internet Explorer or Firefox or opera and? Then just clear your browsing history and your cached images and files browsing history doesn’t matter, but cache it images and files does Now when we visit our site It should show us the right thing sometimes the web just gets a little bit overwhelmed as we’re creating a lot And it’s not sure what pages to show us alright guys We got our site back by deleting the browser cache a in Google Chrome here in our browser And we’re back live now and it also helped to talk to host Gators new live chat system So they went through on their end and made sure there was no problems on your new self hosted blog And they’re explaining to us what k proxy is if you need to look at your site outside your own network for testing So that’s pretty cool nice tool k proxy comm and they even pasted the link to our New blog post in and like checked it out and read it on there and so that they know that this post can be viewed by them and by the whole world I Just want to ask if they made any magic happen on their end All right, so we’re back up and let’s start working away here. Oh there we go Holy skater cleared the server cachet and it worked after John did that for us, thanks so much John So that’s cool. It’s good to know host caters on your side to make site fixes. I can’t stress enough how often weird things happen regardless of the host and some people just complain more than others for Example other host charge like a ton of money and just complain and yell, but at Hostgator There’s hardly ever any problems and less complaining everyone just helps each other because the web’s not perfect But it’s pretty darn close to perfect in our little world over here, and if you’re the kind of person that Is easygoing you’ll be much better off and be really successful online because sometimes things do go wrong But you’re gonna learn how to fix them really quickly So now we know what to do if you can’t see your site in the browser And you just see a white page instead all right, so you contact me, and you contact Hostgator And you delete your browser cache a great job All right, so we can open up our steps to migration here and just add a few notes to update our guide All right, so we didn’t get a coupon from fat. Wallet. We did try RetailMeNot, but the big bonus coupon from Hostgator It was the only one that worked We also have this installed – link which is actually WP dash admin Pro logins so it’s not You know that’s your domain name, but you want to have the WP admin to login There we go and these are the wordpress.org login details Alright just want to make our notes look perfect here because if we can’t read our notes Then I don’t really know who took them, and we can’t learn from them so That’s cool We’re on step seven now for sure we’re inspecting our wordpress or blog comparing it to wordpress.com But we’re also kind of blending and merging into step eight create your blog Which I hope is ok with everyone and now you have a lot to do when you make a blog So I wanted to show you all these steps as quick as possible to teach you wordpress.org So these two steps seven and eight are what we’re working on now now once our blog is totally up to par Will do the redirecting your WordPress comm sub domain as our last step So I hope you’re enjoying it and now we’re gonna proceed with a few more steps that you need to know on wordpress.org of course if you want to share my latest WordPress tutorial like we did on your blog and Share the knowledge of WordPress with the world that’d be awesome. I’ll be your blogging friend forever Alright, so thanks a ton in advance you guys are great Especially if you’re making it this far And I want to show you now how to get our links looking good so on the WordPress sub domain Which is still alive because again, this is hosted on wordpress.com our other site is hosted on Hostgator. They can live at the same time They are not mutually exclusive Whatever that means for Some reason when I logged in there we go login, so we just want to show you that the links Need to look a little bit different so on wordpress.com Click to a post we have the dates in the URL So you know 2017 1021 which you might want some website still use the date, but right now on our? wordpress.org blog We have this really annoying index dot PHP in there, and then the date, and you definitely do not want the index dot PHP So how do we remove that well we go back to our dash? And we come down to settings hovering on settings and click permalinks In permalinks what I would recommend doing if I were you is just clicking post name Because that I’ll just make sure that keywords like your post title get in the link and Google like simple It’s easier for them to read your post additionally if you include the date that will Automatically tell Google if your post is old like from 2015 or something like that You kind of label it as old if you do want to use the date still after knowing that that’s fine It won’t have really bad effects on your blog but For the most a CEO friendly option I would do post name and click Save now When we check out the blog and we look at a blog post Those links will be nice and simple and SEO friendly for Google All right now to change the title of our blog where it says WordPress migration and the tagline That’s really easy. We’re just kind of doing it in the order we feel like here. We can just go back to the dashboard Let’s see what we had on wordpress.com Migrate, and then we had your blog your year behold your glory so to change that just come to settings again and click on general Alright and that part’s really easy to change. It’s just site title and tagline So we can grab the site title from wordpress.com and the tagline all at once Command copy and come back and paste it in there and Then if we copy the tagline – we can just hit command or control x cut it and so this tagline is like famous wordpress, but a million sites use this tagline so We’re gonna use our own custom tagline very good Looking more professional here already, and we can just Save Changes Alright great job guys this general settings area is also where you can decide if anyone can register to your site Maybe your site is a membership site, and you can do things like decide the new user default role Change the date format and posts and other cool things We can always come back later though, and you can always let me know any questions below in the YouTube comments I Don’t think we need to have our title in all caps so we can just change that All right very cool guys before we leave general settings I just want to walk you through what these other important sections mean in case you want to change them right now The WordPress address URL and set address URL is where you would add the WW If you wanted to your domain name, but you have to make sure you put them in both this location and this location Do not leave it with just one of them as the www and then save it because things will break So if you want to add www to your blog make sure to put it in both the WordPress address and the site address all right, but if you don’t do that then it will automatically redirect from the Ww2 the shorter domain name which I think is best for me? This is all you were this is also where you enter your email address So that’s like four contact forms or four Notifications when someone comments like it says here it will go to this email And you want to make sure you have you your best email in right there So we’re gonna go to our home page now if you want to change WordPress fonts for your site title or your blog post for example Unfortunately wordpress.org doesn’t come with the wordpress.com font section like we see here where we chose open sans for our site title but there is a couple quick solutions one of which includes google fonts and When we see how to use them less you learn a lot more about the fonts you see on websites, and how they work So to change fonts come back to wordpress.org and click to the dashboard now click plugins Add new and We’re gonna search for a plugin called site origin CSS Great this is the right one here with the green icon click install now and activate great now you’ve souped up your appearance section with a custom CSS tab so we can click that and From this window just click on the I button And it’s gonna inspect our site so what we need to do now is just click on the right place to edit the font like the site title and Now in font family. You should be able to write in the change you want like open sans changing fonts through this site origin CSS plugin is really easy and free you basically just have to think up a font and then Write it in and you can see what it looks like The only downside is you might have an advanced font that it doesn’t understand, and if you want to use one of those fonts You’ll have to do it the old-fashioned way with google fonts where i’ve got a video on how to do that, too Which i’ll make sure to pull it in the video description below so check that out for now I think any combination of Georgia would be good Arial is nice, but a little bit Too predominant, so why don’t we just go with a nice Helvetica? To change the font of a different section just scroll down and click where you want to change it like on the blog post content Right in your font and font family, and it should change before our very eyes Awesome of course you can also play around with tons of different styling combinations like italics size bolding or not bolding which is called weight and so on and so forth just make sure to click the check mark when you’re done click that check mark and Click Save CSS and what happens is this plugin will write our own CSS? The language that tells WordPress how to look for us, so you don’t have to do it yourself But of course you can read it and start to understand it and learn CSS if you’d like All right last but not least our wordpress.com blog had some stuff in the footer So how do we change the footer and how do we change the copyright? Well we can go to you? customize again and We can click widgets footer 1 or footer 2 and add a widget And from here, it should be really easy just to add the basic widgets like recent posts for example Go back add 1/2 foot or to add widget We could add a menu down there so that someone doesn’t get lost if they’re all the way at the bottom of your blog Where is it menu menu? Custom menu perfect just select the menu you want Like for example that primary or the social buttons we could probably do bullet alone And scroll down and see how that will appear All right, so if you want to make a title you can just put the title in the title bar So things will line up and We can also go back and put some social media buttons in our footer one area add widget I’m gonna do command fine, which I always do when I’m lazy and look up menu There’s menu, and now we can just put our social buttons down there as well And save and publish of course We also have a complete tutorial on the channel on how to change that proudly powered by WordPress section and writing your own Custom copyright section on WordPress, but because I know at least a few you are gonna want to change that right away I’ll show you how to do it. We got to leave customized click X Now click to the dashboard now, hover on appearance and click editor And I think personally you’re ready to visit editor This is the scary code section But if you made it this far in the tutorial I’m confident that you’re an advanced WordPress user and we make some code changes So from this section you just need to find the right Part of the code to edit so the right theme file In our case. I’m fairly sure that’s the main index template, so let’s click that And now let’s scroll down in it to the bottom and It says PHP get footer So there’s actually a footer we need to find There she is so let’s try clicking the theme footer Once you’re in footer you’re gonna want to hit Command a command copy or control if you’re using a PC and go ahead and paste this file in a blank text editor It’s always good idea to back up your WordPress theme files if you’re making any changes just Name it appropriately Footer as of October 22nd 2017 And now we can make our changes and if they break We’ll have the original version to copy/paste back in now back in your dashboard in the footer dot PHP file we can scroll down and you want to just remove everything in between the div class equals wrap and This lower div which closes the wrap all right, so we’re gonna create our own little you know Breakfast wrap over here, so you can just highlight everything In there which we’ve already backed up elsewhere Which actually includes all of this section? I’m gonna highlight all the way down to the bottom div Like right there, and we’re just gonna go ahead and hit delete boom So now we can write our custom footer within a little sausage egg and cheese wrap section over here You can put in your own ingredients So we’re gonna just do it and a lot of other guides don’t show us how to do this So you know there you go, we can create our own wrap so you can learn anything from subdued So let’s get a little more professional than subdued and right Be right 20:17 Gregory and Tutorials replaced that with your business or your blog name we can do a vertical bar, and then maybe say all rights reserved So people don’t rip us off you can even go to the copyright symbol Wikipedia page Through Google click that link and then copy the copyright symbol because it’s just like a letter And back in WordPress paste that in right after the word copyright Very cool guys. You can also add in a link if you want if you want to create a custom link just follow me right here I’m gonna write out some anchor text which is how to migrate WordPress to make a link you just start where you want the link on what text you want it and write in an Open bracket a atria equals quotation mark quotation mark Now we can also write the closed bracket right there, so you need that closed bracket then goes your text That people can click and then goes your open bracket /a closed bracket to close the link Now we just need to decide where that link goes which will probably go to this video I’d imagine but for now we can just write in the YouTube channel that I manage You can just copy any link from your browser copy and then just paste that in right in between the two quotation marks And that’s how you create a link if you want to make it open in a new tab right target equals quotation mark underscore blank quotation mark let’s just how to write out a little custom HTML a Space there is good All right now update Will refresh our site and we can see we have our own custom copyright You can put in links or affiliate links to your theme Maybe you’re on a premium theme or you want to recommend a product. This is totally okay to do that And now you know how to make it your own custom copyright So pretty cool. If you want to make a permanent change in WordPress You should know how to use a child theme for this one you would basically just paste Everything we wrote right now into a child theme with the footer dot PHP file inside that child theme And that would overwrite your existing Footer dot PHP file in your theme all right, so that’s what WordPress recommends because then when you update your site This won’t get erased or overwritten Of course we have a video for that so I’ll put how to create child themes in the description below And that’s a good idea to learn how to you to on your own time create a child theme Because this will get overwritten when you update your theme Alright guys our wordpress.org blog is now officially done We’ve made all the changes we want and can launch it to the world and we learned how to add a few new cool features like the feedburner readers counter some widgets in the sidebar And some other cool features that you might not have known otherwise like how to make a custom footer So I think our blog looks really good. I’m ready to show it off to the world Let’s pull up our wordpress.com blog side-by-side So that we can just compare them Alright, and I purposely left it open and Not migrated so far so that we can just compare them and see the work. We’ve done Alright so on the wordpress.com blog Hosted at wordpress.com and with the sub domain that’s what it looks like And we could see on the wordpress.org blog We got the same look going on so we got header image title navigation menu header image title navigation menu and then blog posts Blog post blog posts footer with the recent post navigation social and And then over here we got blog posts the one new post the update post All right blog post blog posts and custom footer copyright if you want to put in social media buttons in the footer Just let me know what the quit comment, and I’ll show you the best plug-in for that Then our sidebars, also look pretty similar we got search bar on WordPress com Facebook box follow count and video I’m gonna press site org search box quote counter Facebook like box and video very good So it’s always sad to go but I think you now have the tools to make your wordpress.org blog a beautiful and cozy environment for all your readers and A place overall where you can grow and blog for a business without any sort of limits. I know you’re gonna Love it because I’ve found it to be an amazing experience from the day. I joined wordpress.org to To set up the redirect you just need to go to Google and look up wordpress.com Redirect Click on the site redirect link and we’re just gonna use this resource article because it’s actually kind of hard to find the right screen So we just need to click on where it says from this screen And it’s going to take us to the redirect portal We’re gonna choose our wordpress.com sub domain Next we’re gonna enter a domain name to redirect it to which is our new wordpress.org link Without the doubt wordpress.com copy that paste that in and we’re gonna click and go and Also before you do this you can always turn off the redirect if you want to move back to wordpress.com Or if you just don’t want to continue paying that 13 dollars a year it is annoying But I think it’s worth it if you put a lot of work into the dot wordpress.com blog Especially if you have a lot of Google traffic this will just make all those links go to the right place Alright, so let’s click go and let’s do it final step All right, so you might need to refresh that page all right? And of course you can just enter in your credit card name number and so on and so forth and then Click to complete that purchase. I wish there were a free way to redirect wordpress.com to wordpress.org I’ll keep looking for one and if I ever find one I’ll let you guys know right away with the new video If you have any problems redirecting if your blog posts aren’t going to the right place. Let me know as well You might need to just go back to wordpress.org click to the dashboard Hover on settings and click permalinks and just choose that permalink Setting with the day and name in it because WordPress calm uses those dates And you want the links to match up. I don’t think you’ll have any problems, but if you do that’s one quick fix For now we’re gonna stick with post name though because it’s the most Google friendly Alright guys. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to move your blog from wordpress.com to WordPress.org how to migrate it how to convert it whatever you want to call it wordpress.com is an amazing site And i’m really glad you could get started there, but now you’re even more powerful and you know how to use wordpress.org like thousands of famous blogs out there where the blogger in charge blogs for a Mazing living alright, so that’s that for the tutorial. Let me know any questions below in the comments I help out every morning and every evening additionally if you could please hit the thumbs up button that’d be awesome it takes about 1.4 seconds to do that I’ve learned and It really helps me because it shows YouTube that the video is worth something not worth, nothing And it helps reach more people and help more people learn how to make a blog with WordPress and how to migrate Properly if you feel like doing any of those things you’ll have a blogging friend forever in me Thanks so much and also just thanks for watching and for sticking with us because I love making these tutorials for everyone You now officially say goodbye to wordpress.com and I hope you enjoy your stay at wordpress.org for many of us we never leave and we’re happy to welcome you to the WordPress.org community all right guys. Thanks for watching this tutorial is dunzo. I’ll talk to you soon. Bye


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    Need your help.

  • Claire O'Donovan

    Going through this tutorial at the moment, such a great guide so far. I had to map my domain on wordpress.com to a different URL and I cancelled this mapping the domain feature before I started the tutorial(maybe I shouldn't have done this). Now I've downloaded wordpress.org but when I try to log in it says "Warning! Domain mapping upgrade for this domain not found. Please log in and go to the Domains Upgrades page of your blog to use this domain".

    Any tips? I'm a little lost

  • Anabelle Supreme

    Hey Greg, I just have to say this is the best video I have ever come across. You are amazing. I am flabbergasted that I even found this and that you took the time to provide it. You gave me a lot of info. and made me laugh with ur analogies and ur wittiness??. I wanted to watch the entire process b4 I did it myself. When I get home this will definitely be the first thing I do. Umm I will comment again after the process is done with a link because I will mention you in my "In with the new post". It would be stupid on my part not to mention you even if I am not a big blogger yet lul. Anyhow much love for me to you. Like way too much. You are great.

  • LovingAtlanta

    ?Thank you so much. This is terrific detail & info for beginners. I appreciate you having the patience to do this and your voice sounds so kind, that helps too. ???

  • Kendra Murdock

    After visiting my domain name I still realize it wordpress.com. I tried opening the Hostgator market link and using the admin link and password provided and it states its incorrect. Should I wait couple hours before doing this step?

  • Davi Reis

    Hey, nice tutorial. I have a custom domain at wordpress.com and a changed the servers names to the Hostgator ones, now i have to wait, right? Cause when i try to get in the site i receive the message "Your connection is not private" and a i can´t connect. Also my dashboard is still at wordpress.com. I just have to wait or i did something wrong? hehe

  • Janelle Murdock

    Hi, when its time for me to redirect. I notice my wordpress.com version blog already has a no symbol beside it, after clicking on it I put in the wordpress.org domain but got a message "saying there is a problem adding site direct". Could you please advise? Is this step necessary?

  • Susan Kenney

    Thanks for the video tutorial. I've been sweating over this migration process for months now – each time I think I've got it, another step pops up, and I have to learn a whole new jargon to understand the help articles. Your video is much more understandable than anything else I've seen so far, and I have referred to it often trying to get to the next step. I can now actually get to my new site on wordpress.org using my domain name and not the temporary domain address I was given; I can also start to make changes and publish them. Whew! One question: I can't get to the dashboard using [mydomain]/wp-admin; I have to go through the hosting service (BlueHost). Is that normal, and can I change it?

  • Tinyb00ts

    I've wanted to make this transition for so long and decided to do it today following along your video. I got as far as step 5. Any times I've wanted to login to my godaddy account it's worked fine. I tried to follow along your video, going to godaddy to manage my already owned domain. I clicked login and typed in my details. I hit login. It stayed loading for about five minutes so I reloaded it. "connection timed out" came up. Now every time I go to login this comes up. The godaddy site works fine but as soon as i hit the login to my account button, the login screen wont come up, it just loads until it times out. I checked on is it down and it says the sso.godaddy.com is working fine. My boyfriend went on godaddy and hit login to account and the screen popped up straight away for him. It's just me it's not working for. Could something along this process have effected this? Driving me mad spent a whole day trying to login.

  • jonelyn inding

    hey i have problem here my webhosting is bluehost and i need to transfer my website from wordpress com to wordpress org but i also need to change domain names but the domain names is also in bluehost and i already exported can you help me plsss

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