WordPress Hosting Explained: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, or Managed WordPress Hosting?
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WordPress Hosting Explained: Shared, VPS, Dedicated, or Managed WordPress Hosting?

Hi! This is Topher with WinningWP. In
this video we’re going to take a look at several different kinds of WordPress
hosting; shared, VPS, dedicated, and managed hosting. I’m going to be using a number
of analogies in this video, mostly revolving around buildings. When
you say hosting it’s a lot like saying “building”. What kind of building? Is it a
large building or a small building? Is it expensive or simple? How many people live
inside that building? Just one, or a hundred, or a thousand? Let’s take a look
at how we can use that analogy to explain different kinds of WordPress
hosting. This is a large apartment complex. Many, many people live here.
Shared hosting is like a large apartment complex. There’s one machine but many
different people can have an account on that machine. In a large apartment
complex often there are shared resources like hot water and parking. It’s possible
for one or maybe even ten people to use up all the hot water on a busy work
morning, and the rest of the apartments don’t have any. And it’s possible for
someone to have all their friends come and park and fill up the parking lot. It’s
also possible that the building could get overcrowded. This is true of shared
hosting. With shared hosting, everybody uses the same hard drive.
Now, it gets partitioned so there are permissions and you can’t walk right in
to your neighbors website or apartment, but it’s still one big drive and if one
person uploaded a hundred movies it would fill up the hard drive and no one
else could use it. Sometimes shared hosts will put too many websites on one
machine. When that happens all of the websites run slow and it can be
difficult. This is also the least expensive type of web hosting and when
you first put up your brand new website often this is the best way to do it. iIt’s
very inexpensive, it’s easy to put up and it gets your site out there for people
to see. However as your traffic goes up and you
start using more and more resources it’s time to get a nicer place. This is a
condominium building. Similar to apartments but there are far fewer in a
building and each apartment gets its own resources. A Virtual Private Server, or
VPS, is like a small expensive apartment complex. It’s still a shared building but
you have reserved resources like a private hot water system and your own
parking garage. When it comes to servers you get your own server resources like
your own hard drive space and server power. It’s not possible for your
neighbor on the same machine to fill up your drive space, and it’s not possible
for your neighbor on the server to get so popular that it stops the server and
also brings down your site. Your site will always stay up no matter what your
neighbor does. A VPS is the next step up logically from shared hosting. It’s a
little bit more expensive, it’s a lot more reliable, but it’s not as crazy
expensive as getting your very own server which is our next option; owning
your own home where you can do anything. A dedicated server is like owning your
own home. It’s completely custom with every other kind of hosting we’ve talked
about the host builds the computer for you, and then gives you space. A dedicated
server is where an engineer builds the hardware to your specifications based on
your custom needs then installs the software to meet your specific needs and
no one else’s and that might involve weird quirky things just like with a
home. You may need an elevator you may need a special kind of electricity. You
may want to sink in your closet. Who knows? It doesn’t matter it’s your place
you can do anything you want. Because of this it is the most expensive. It’s also
the most secure. No one else has access to this but you with shared or VPS other
people are actually accessing the machine but when you have your own
dedicated server you are the only one that has access to
your machine. A dedicated server is typically for sites that get lots and
lots of traffic. Because they can be fine-tuned they can support higher
traffic than a VPS or shared hosting. I’d also like to look at managed hosting.
Managed WordPress hosting is like hiring staff to care for things. And this
service is available at all levels of hosting and the prices are reflected in
that. So if you get managed WordPress hosting on shared it’s much cheaper than
managed WordPress hosting on a dedicated server. Managed WordPress hosting is a
service; it’s not a machine or server resources. So imagine if you had a home
and you had a live-in plumber and a live-in electrician and a live-in
gardener. Obviously that would be very expensive but with managed WordPress
hosting it’s not that expensive to have all that expertise available 24/7.
Somebody to look after your machine to make sure it’s up to make sure it’s
updated to make sure everything is taken care of. This is excellent for not having
to worry about things. It’s also the quickest path to getting things done
right. No matter what level hosting you have if it’s your first time you’re
going to have to take some time to learn things.
If you hire some managed WordPress hosting people they can simply take care
of things. They’re experts they know what they’re doing, they’re going to get it
done very quickly, and they’re going to get it done right. So let’s review real
quick. Shared hosting is like a busy apartment complex. Lots and lots of
people, lots of shared resources, probably the least secure. A virtual private
server it’s like a smaller more expensive apartment complex. A few shared
resources, like a roof, but far more reserved resources like parking and hot
water and hard drive space and server power. A dedicated server is like owning
your own home; you get to make all the choices, can be completely custom to your
needs and desires, but it’s also the most expensive. And then managed WordPress
hosting is like hiring staff to care for things. They make it so you don’t have to
think about it. They just take care of problems, they
make sure things run well, and they bring you peace of mind. If you’re interested
in more information about hosting like this, check out our article on WinningWP.
You can see the link down below in the information about this video. If you’d
like to learn more about WordPress check out WinningWP.com


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