Wix Vs Squarespace: What is the easier website builder?
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Wix Vs Squarespace: What is the easier website builder?

so I want to fess up I made a bad recommendation a while back ago a friend of mine asked me what would be the flat-out easiest way to build a website something that wouldn’t require too much set up and would be easy and intuitive to use I normally recommend that people build their websites with wordpress wordpress is flexible powerful and with the right tools it’s easy to build a great website but there is a learning curve to wordpress so if the quickest and easiest way for her to get started building her website i suggested that she try one of the all-in-one website platforms like Squarespace or wix I’ve seen the ads for both of them and they seem like they’re both easy to use Quick Start website building platforms I assumed they were both about the same well I was wrong so to my friend I have to say I apologize for all of you watching this video hopefully this will help you decide which platform is right for you i’m tim from real website hints dot com and it’s my mission to help you find the best and easiest ways of building websites i focus on helping you find the tools that will allow you to build great websites all that having a no code I support my tests and my free tutorials through sponsored links i’ve included a sponsored link to the Wix platform and a standard link to the squarespace platform in this video so let’s get started by looking at wix vs Squarespace both companies have amazing looking website examples and you can choose from any one of those examples as the starting place for building your website one thing that I’ve noticed from all the testing that had done with website building tools is that great-looking examples don’t tell you much the truth is that what really matters is how easy it is for you to build your site you want to grow your business reach out to your community or keep in touch with your following the bottom line is will you be able to get your site up and running quickly we’ll be able to build your site with a minimum amount of stress and frustration so let’s start by looking at how page editing works with these two website builders after selecting a template with Wix getting started editing your site is very easy to adjust the text you just click on it and then push the edit text button special text menu pops up and then you can just start typing or you can highlight the text and it’s just the settings like size color and font to add a new text area of your site you choose the plus icon on the left of the window and select text you are then given a ton of visual options to choose from what kind of tech need like to add the process for adding any other page element is just the same just click on the plus icon on the left and choose what kind of content you want to add to your page intuitive and easy the squarespace it’s not as obvious the temple is that I chose is what they call a banner area this is an image area at the top of each page where you can add text clicking on the text in the banner area doesn’t feel anything I looked around on the page to find a way of changing the text and then I found at the bottom of the banner area there’s a button that says settings that pulls up a Settings box inside that box is a field labeled description and that has the sample text in it I change the text to what I wanted it to be I noticed that there was no way of changing the size or color of the text that seems to be dictated by the template that I had chosen bold text displays as a large font size and italics text or standard text displays a smaller and always I talent that’s great if you want that section to have those exact styling options if you want something different I guess throughout a look now let’s look at how we create a new section with our page most things and wix are really easy if you just click on the part that you want to adjust and change it or drag it around and move it to where you want it the one thing that isn’t super obvious with Wix it’s how to add a new section to your page to add a new section you click on the plus icon on the left hand tool bar and then select new strip you can then choose what type of background you want to that strip including a video backgrounds fancy then adding content is as easy as choosing the plus icon again and then adding content like text or an image with squarespace there aren’t really different page sections to add more content you first click on the edit page button then move your mouse around until the little bubbles appear on the left hand side of the content you can then click on the bubble to add content either above or below when you click on it you get a choice of the kind of content that you want to add I do like this method of adding new content I think it does save you a bit of time rather than using a menu area like Wix does stuff all the content in Squarespace is always added either below or above it took me a while to figure out how to at content next to other content I actually had to read the instructions on this it’s pretty simple with you but it’s just not intuitive dad content next to other content you start by adding new content below and then dragging that new content next to the existing content on your page you can then resize the width of either piece of content simple but not intuitive with squarespace you can’t always move text you can only do it if the texts have been adding clicking on a bubble that’s on the far left it’s confusing and i’m not sure why some text areas are different from others so which is better for helping you design the page that you want getting inspired by a template is nice it’s great to have a nice-looking starting place to build your website but for me a template should be just that a starting place and an inspiration with Wix that’s exactly what you get a page that has been built as an example you then modifies at that page and make it your own all the templates and Wix start out the same a designer use the Wix builder to create the page just like you can with Wix you have the freedom of changing any part of the design you can add background so that sections that you want you can add and style buttons the way that you want them and you’ve all sorts of text styling options it’s really easy Squarespace is a different story the template that you choose is very limiting the one that I chose only had one color option for all the buttons across the entire website I can choose what color I wanted that button to be but you can only have one button color for the whole website the template that i chose also does not allow you to have different backgrounds for different sections it seems that some templates do allow you to choose page backgrounds but that page background will generally be the same across your entire website so the templates with squarespace are very restrictive so we’re giving designers you want wix is the clear winner so what about adding additional functionality to your site both platforms allow you to have an online store and add a restaurant menu to your site that seems to be about where the similarities end Wix seems to offer way more additional functionality which offers an app market that allows you to add all sorts of functions to your website some of them are free some of them are paid but the number of options you have seems really promising for adding additional functionality to your website which is a clear winner as far as additional functionality so what’s the bottom line if you want to quickly and easily build a website and you’re looking for an all-in-one web page solution Wix is a clear winner between these two which offers a lot more flexibility and a much more intuitive interface looks like a word processor combined with an easy-to-use page design software which also allows a ton of add-on that will I add all sorts of great functionality to your site to build a basic site Wix includes everything that you need the Wix platform is unified so you don’t have to worry about choosing hosting or which template includes which features all the templates have the same starting place with Wix exactly the same design capabilities and features the downside wicks is that it’s a closed system you can’t change the hosting companies if you want to and if which decides to remove or change a feature you’re stuck with their decision to avoid these downsides you’d have to go with a slightly more complicated website solutions like WordPress if you’re looking for an all in one easy to use an intuitive website solution Wix have got a lot going for it it’s actually on my list of top recommended ways to build a website. If you found this video helpful give me a thumbs up if not give me a thumbs down and tell me why if you have any other questions or comments leave them in the comment area below this video for my top recommended ways of building websites check out my playlist for my favorite website building tools or visit real website hints com / best website if you want to get started quickly building your website with Wix click on my sponsored link below to sign-up and then watch my free tutorial video that will help you get started building a website with Wix thanks for watching


  • Lynn Sadauskas

    I want to open an online store. So many platform to choose from. I Shopify and Bluehost the same as Wix and Squarespace?

  • The F-Stop Adventure

    I watched your review and chose Squarespace.
    Sometimes being limited with choices is good when you choose a template.
    Watching your review, the Squarespace example that you used still looked good after you messed with it. Wix started to look like a powerpoint presentation.
    "Wix is a clear winner" soon sounded fake after you said one too many times. This is an obvious ad for Wix.

  • Nils Jørn Jørgensen

    Years ago I was thinking of Wix, but was told that it was very slow. How is it today when talking about speed?

  • Mark Morris

    I watched this video and after watching a few others. This guy clearly is either paid by Wix or just did not bother to try learn Squarespace. These kinds of videos are what make me hate when people sign up for sponsors and then do a so called comparison. I get you get paid by sponsor but at least be honest.

  • Don Mac-ee

    Is wix a sponsor of this vid? So its a VS vid that just slams Squarespace? Geez, sounds like Squarespace did everything wrong, not one positive was mentioned here LOL. Real Website Hints = Wix F-Boy

  • Dr Gayle Delaney

    Wonderful!  I wish Youtube videos like yours were longer–25 min? and slower in speaking–just a bit. Not all of us are limited to an 4-8 min attention span! What a likeablle guy who asks for thumbs up or down and tell me why! If only there were more people like you who want to learn why something does not work for another person! Partner choosing would be so much easier! Bravo!

  • Coding Pirate

    Wix is very easy to us imo, but that said your website will end up looking like 1000's of others out there due to the lack of templates. If youre a serious small business, i would only use wordpress.

  • Irtaza H.

    No matter how good Square space gets i will still use wix.
    No it's not cuz I love wix itz cuz square space is paid and I am broke

  • Backyardigans Official

    Why does it seem that Wix is Highlighted while is Squarespace is,  Not whited-out but it so seems the such,And did anyone notice he had a "Sponsored Link" for Wix and not Squarespace?

  • Progressive

    Does a free website get upgraded if the owner decides to buy a premium membership or does he have to build it again from scratch in order to enjoy all the extra features ?

  • Lone-Wolf-XCII





    Wix is cute and good for a basic website (e.g. blogs, etc.) but IT IS ATROCIOUS for e-commerce because they purposely mislead you through false advertising. For example, you pay for a premium plan and then when you want to add a premium app/plugin, in my case a booking system and online shop, they send you through a series of confusing links which give you the impression that you are ONLY paying to have a premium booking system or online shop, but then in the process of paying for it, it is almost impossible to realise that what you have been redirected to is another premium plan altogether!

    Again, in my case, I paid for the premium e-commerce plan, wanted to simply add in a fully functional booking system and online store (and receive payments through these, obviously), but then was mislead through a serious of redirected links and completely ambiguous advertising so that what I ended up buying was, in my case, a whole other premium plan with nothing different (in fact, I lost features I already paid for) to the original premium plan other than actually being able to RECEIVE PAYMENTS through the booking system and online store.


    What I am saying sounds incredibly confusing because the whole situation was incredibly confusing and Wix makes it incredibly confusing so that when you buy a premium account and decide you want to add a premium app that helps you earn an income, they mislead you into having to pay for a whole seperate premium account THAT REMOVES ALL THE FEATURES OF THE FIRST PREMIUM ACCOUNT WITHOUT A FULL REFUND EVEN IF IT IS WITHIN 24 HOURS!


    Save up a bit more and use Squarespace if you are starting a new business, and then pay a web designer per hour (around $150.00 AUD per hour) to help you have an even better website without having to pay $10,000.00 – $20,000 (AUD) to have a entirely handcrafted/hand-coded website created from scratch – save that for when your business has grown substantially so you do not start your business off indebted.

    Sorry for the long comment. I feel upset by how Wix mislead me, even though they are cute and can help you produce some cute basic non-e-commerce websites.

  • Think Design

    i actually use squarespace and its much easier a lot of the things you said about squarespace isn't true, just another wix ad degrading squarespace shame.

  • Baron Mak

    My only problem with Wix is I am ready to launch my website but there is some error with paying for it. Also u can’t call no one. They are not 24hrs. That sucks.


    Regardless if this is sponsored or not (even though this is sponsored by Wix), I agree with what this video is about. For beginners, Wix is easier. It's not as good but it's easier and that's what this video is about.

  • Jared Philibert

    I don't know…. Wix does allow you to make your website look more… crappy. The point of squarespace is that it's been designed to ensure you don't f it up if you aren't a high-end graphic designer. Also, a lot of these "restrictions" on squarespace are actually there to ensure your website automatically looks great and give the same look and feel on tablets, mobiles, and desktops automatically. Wix makes you redesign your page for each.

  • Jean Delphonse

    Thx for the review

    Does Wix have an equivalent product type or way to implement a "service" product type ?
    Looking for a way to have a product with about 2 variants , but does not require shipping or digital download.
    Squarespace does offer this product type

    Wix seems to only support Physical or digital download types

    I really like the additional market place for Wix and am considering switching


  • William James Rapp



  • Amo Masi

    Hey man look. I don't care who paid you what for this but thank you anyway. It looked objective for the most part. I'm going with Wix fasho!

  • APIndia

    I subscribed for premium plans on Wix and I feel cheated I got something half-baked. I cannot continue to keep paying for their development. I need to use the final product.

  • Sheena Mackenzie

    I was recently introduced to both wix and square space but iv used wix before which made my experience easy and quick. iv tried using square space and its mind boggling on how to edit which is what brought me to this video.
    I prefer wix.
    Appreciate this video!!!!

  • davidrush85

    I've built 20 sites in Squarespace or so, and probably over 100 in Wix. I would def not recommend squarespace. The templates have great photography, and better style, but it's not intuitive compared to wix. A programmer may enjoy Squarepsace more, or someone who likes seeing lots of analytics in easy to follow charts for their SEO and Store performance. I will say that Squarepsace sites seem to run a little better on mobile and full. Site-wide changes are nice on SS .The button animations are smooth and react well to feeback from the user, but beyond that there aren't a lot of great reasons to go with SS over Wix.

  • W B

    Why would someone want something that is easy at the expense of quality? Might as well no bother making a website if you're not prepared to take the time to do a good job.

  • Rasool Kilani

    You forgot to say that wix actually owns your website, and has complete property rights to it once you make with their intuitive editor, also, wix sites load extremely slow on mobile phones…

  • Mr. Nizzo

    When you are doing a sponsored video, comparing it to anything else just seems wrong. Anyone notice that at 1:10 he mentions he added a sponsored link to Wix, and a regular link to Squarespace. I don’t care if your comparing Wix to the a Banana, when its sponsored, you are just wasting everyone’s time. I’ve never seen such a biased review, and I just watched a video about Donald Trump talking about how amazing he was. Thumbs Down.

  • Elliot Rose

    You spent WAY longer talking about Wix, you seemed to mention a lot of pros about Wix but bashed Squarespace a bit. This smells like Sponsorship lol

  • m77ast

    This man seems to be sleeping with wix – so many people on wix are not completing their websites. Its crap and you pay for everything. Wish it was good but tried once. I need something easier that performs well with SEO.

  • Teknokai - Sipes Productions

    "Today we're gonna talk about which is better, Wix or Squarespace. I have a sponsored link from Wix in the description"

    Something tells me this isn't super fair….

  • Laura Simpson

    OK so you can create a website faster on wix but does it help you with SEO? How does your website look moving from tablet, phone and computer?

  • Kreshel1

    If you learn Squarespace (just a bit more learning curve than Wix) you can make the same websites, and because of its more "restricted" ways, it actually runs faster, smoother and previews nice on mobiles

  • Parag Nair

    Honestly, I can't take your word for it as a genuine comparison because you have a Sponsored Wix link and a Standard Squarespace link which, as soon as I heard I was sure you are going to claim Wix is better. Having said that, good to know a few things.

  • EK Vipero

    sponsored by wix but not square space… wix ad before the video (and after the video)… says wix is WAY better than squarespace…


  • Adam Frost

    Sponsored link in the description vs standard link. As soon as I heard that I knew this would be an advert for Wix. I have heard good things about Wix but an objective review this is not.

  • drdecker1

    I used Wix and found it terrible. One of the biggest flaws is if you later decide you want to transfer your site to another builder they do not give you the opportunity to do it. Also they limit their number of pages. Plus it was really slow on the download when I used a number of pages. I also found their on line support terrible when i needed an answer. I switched to WordPress and found it great. They do have free and paid builders you can get that are drag and drop designed.

  • Julian O'Loughlin

    The review seems very biased and slanted towards Wix. No advantages for designing with Squarespace is a little hard to believe.

  • Zann Stewart

    What are your thoughts on Godaddy's template for new users creating websites? I recently switched from WP to GoCentral. I can't find any animation or UI options.

  • Lord's Brewing Co

    I have a few businesses and I have tried nearly all the different platforms and I really like WIX. It's pretty good if you're trying to build something quick. Also the email marketing is excellent and has the cheapest way of selling online tickets.

  • Jae Henry

    The time investement to figure Squarespace out is worth it long term.

    I started on Squarespace then went to Wix. As a beginner I found Wix easier to get off the ground and intuitively build the look I wanted. It was less intimidating knowing nothing about designing a website.

    However I’m going back to SS. Wix works as a basic website for very general needs but if you are using your website as a major part of your business it’s very limited. Wix is not good at integrating with other platforms. Even embedding an email capturing form was complicated. It is its own insulated little system and doesn’t work with Zapier or email capture services (outside of their own) without a lot of tweaking.

    Talking value, once you start paying to remove their annoying branding the price is comparable in price to SS anyway. SS gives you more for that same price tag.

    Personal webpage or very simple website = Wix

    Online business use = Squarespace

  • Randall Paul

    WIX is a disaster. I am sorry I have built many sites with them but recently all of them have bugs. Content down to the bottom of the footer which is about 10 full scrolls down. I have page content showing up on other pages. Why? I have no idea why WIX would automatically convert the my page design to SHOW ON ALL PAGES! really! what a mess! People contact me to tell me I have no content on my pages. There is but you have to scroll why down to the bottom ofthe page. When I go in to correct it which takes me a long time then I have to cleck every single section to not show on all pages try doing that with 100 videos and then try to select them all to put them back where they should be. Just a warning youwill be extremely frustrated with wix now.

  • Mustafa Ali

    The good thing about Wix.com is the simplicity of getting around and customizing it. No need to be an expert on that. Besides, it's great for as a landing page for your personal site or store and we can add links to other site to promote our products/services using another website from another provider. I am happy with Wix!

  • Carlos Martinez

    wix wix wix…. I just saw another video where the guys was like squarespace squarespace squarespace….. it looks like each / both of these dudes were sponsored by the sites….


    So im just starting out and wanted to build a website. I tried using square space because my friend introduce me to square space. However, i must agree with you wix is much easier to comprehend if your not good with computers. They also have much better templets. I have heard of wix a long time ago but i didnt give it a fair chance then. Wix is a winner for me i think i made my decision. Thankyou!!!

  • Bone Headed

    I've used both. Never had any issues with Squarespace, but Wix is very unstable. I've had problems with autosave, where it says it's saving, but it isn't. I will lose hours of work. When I go to history it doesn't show that it saved, even though it appeared to save while I was working. Another issue with Wix is that elements that appear one way in the editor will not be the same live. For example, I'll have text on a page set to centered in the editor, but live it will appear aligned to the left margin.

    Another problem is load times for Wix websites are horrendous, even though they claim to have fixed that issue.

    These are major problems, and after the plan I paid for is up, I'm dumping Wix. Eff Wix.

  • Angela Cato Laramee

    Maybe you can help me find a video that compares website maintenance across WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace. I have a team of 3 people, ages 40-60, who will be working together to maintain a community website. The sight needs just the boring old basics, without fancy things like image animation. It barely needs a blogging page. All it needs is History, Current projects, Upcoming events, Simple photo albums, maybe a video or two, Contact us, Join and donate, Related websites. Can you help me?

  • Legion of Weirdos

    8:05 – "…click on my sponsored link below…"
    As I was watching this, I was thinking, if this isn't a Wix advertisement, it ought to be.

  • OhWhat World

    Squarespace has the most infuriatingly unintuitive UI/UX i have ever some across. I can not believe they are still in business!

  • How To Website

    We love both but use Wix, purely because it is more simple with drag and drop and more flexible because EVERYTHING can be changed and customised, even on template websites. Agree? Disagree? Interested to hear some other thoughts!

  • Scott Snow

    The deal-breaker for me was formatting for mobile. Wix was horrible and S-space is easy. However, I agree Wix was a lot more intuitive to build a site. I've watched 10xs more tutorials for S-space than Wix.

  • Wendy Jensen

    I've tried Wix but they send out way too much spam. I tried Bandzoogle – got zero traffic over the last year. Tried wordpress.com – no traffic. I'm now looking at alternatives like Square Space. WordPress was extremely limited in customization and music players as well.

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