Wix Review: See the Pros and Cons in This Video
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Wix Review: See the Pros and Cons in This Video

Welcome to our review of the Wix Website Builder. You may have heard of Wix while you were watching the Super Bowl this year. They premiered their “It’s That Easy” commercial with a handful of NFL legends. An impressive 60 million websites have already been created with Wix giving a home to portfolios, online stores, restaurants and a whole lot more. The basic version of Wix is free, if you need more features, you can upgrade to one of their premium plans. Their e-commerce plan allows you to run an online store powered by Wix. For more information on this, please have a look at our detailed Wix online store review. Here’s a sample website we created with the free version of Wix: A modern one-page layout with a sticky header and some cool scrolling behavior. You can either pick a design from Wix’s palette or start completely from scratch, not a single line of coding is needed to create such a website. The editor reminds us a little bit of Photoshop in that it gives you plenty of freedom. You can add an element from the sidebar and then by clicking on it, you can edit it to suit your own needs, change fonts or rearrange elements. Editing images is also very convenient because you don’t need any additional photo-editing software. You can crop and resize your images or change the brightness as you wish. You can add a blog with just one click, right click on a post to edit or add a new blog post. The process is like writing an article in typical text-editing software, it’s not fancy but it’s functional. Keep in mind that only 1 editor can contribute articles. Should you need a function like a comment option or an event calendar that is not available on the editor, simply go to the Wix App Market. Chances are that you will find what you need there, here you can see some examples. Now let’s take a look at the SEO settings, these settings are very important to search engines such as Google or Bing. As you can see, you can add information like page title or a description. Don’t forget to add some alt texts to your pictures, they help to describe your images and contribute to your SEO rankings. Though the URLs look somewhat strange, your website will get perfectly indexed. However, we would have loved to be able to change URL names manually. As Google is not a big fan of slow sites, use photos and animations wisely to avoid long loading times. When we’re done we click on “Save” and preview everything, you can test the behavior of your website and your mobile version. Finally, we click on “Publish”, this is our live website now. The great thing about Wix is that the editor gives you a lot of creative freedom. We loved the choice of modern templates but we also appreciate that you can build your own website from scratch like we did for this video. The Wix App Market gives you even more flexibility to enrich your website with many additional features. We are a little bit disappointed that you can’t switch your template afterwards with a single click, you will completely lose your content. Also, we think that the online store shouldn’t be limited exclusively to the e-commerce plan as it is quite pricey. The blog is very basic, we don’t consider it a sophisticated solution for blogging purposes. Now that you know the ins and outs of Wix, it’s up to you to decide whether you want to give it a go. We recommend it in particular for a visual website whose purpose is to impress its visitors. Wix is not perfect but it’s that easy. In case you’re still not sure if Wix’s Website Builder is the right choice for you, you will find a comparison chart of different providers at WebsiteToolTester.com and if you found this video useful, we’d be very happy to receive a thumbs up in the comment. Thanks for watching.


  • Shashi Maurya

    Many thanks for the wonderful review. A question about the blog – since blogs play a big factor in SEO, does the Wix blog function provide enough exposure with respect to SEO or is there a provision where, say a blog written on Medium can be integrated into a Wix site without losing the visual design?

  • kenzie23

    Hey there, thanks for that informative video! I'm kinda stuck on whether to go with WIX or WordPress. They both have their own set of pros and cons, and I don't know what to do.

    I really want to go with WIX since they have nice modern templates as well as a simple interface (and other great things too), but my main concern is the SEO. In a lot of reviews that I've read, some say the SEO in WIX is good, some say it's bad. I'm really conflicted and I want my posts/blog to show up on search engines.

    As for WordPress, I dislike their templates, and I need to have basic knowledge of coding. (I really don't like WordPress all that much)

    I'm really stuck ๐Ÿ™ the only thing I'm focusing on is clearing up this whole SEO thing. Any help would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Rin Wesley

    Thumbs up here. Really appreciate getting to the point about the pros and cons of using this service. Clear and to the point is always nice.

  • Tyler Caudell

    Do I have access to the source code? Can I upload and integrate Javascript and Java applets into Wix websites? One of the options is free hosting, but it doesn't say if I can use that with code.

  • Siham Noor

    i find that this site has awesome design options but i really struggled with finding my blog when typing it in the search engine :/ that's why i dont use it anymore which is a shame because its got great personalisation options but the seo problem was a deal breaker for me.It's that or a problem on my side.

  • KElson992

    can you advertise your business I.e photographic services for free? or do i have to apply for the store function? Nice video btw straight to the point

  • John Ghost

    Hi, someone knows if I can make a buy and sell Website using Wix?? where
    users have to register to post the product they want to sell, and all
    products are sorted by categories

  • patioelf

    I don't like the big 3 builders- Weebly Wix or Squarespace. It's impossible to get a live chat going or find a real person to answer questions that aren't in the FAQs. That's not a good sign for someone who hasn't yet committed to them. If they're this unorganized with a prospective client what will they do when I need actual live help? Do you know of a smaller web builder who has good support? I'm not looking for cheap -although I would like some help with technical issues. Thanks for any guidance you can give me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Steve Phillips

    I bilt this site with Wix was easy once I got used to the tools, only took one evening to design and build and is totally free. http://asnp03.wix.com/mysite-1

  • Gabor Laszlo

    Hi, if a wanted to create an online store selling only digital downloads (which they don't support, that's why I would use the app: Sellfy to be integrated), would I need to upgrade to the "eCommerce" plan or "unlimited" plan is enough?

  • Sissy Solomon

    Great video.I enjoyed it.I have used Wix for building our website and I am so far so happy with it.Yes it has some cons,but hey nothing is perfect in this world,right? I am now struggling to find out how do I add an option for the customers to buy a chain for their cut coin pendant on check out ? Can anyone help me with this ? Thanks in advance. +WbsiteToolTester Is it even possible to add this option with Wix ?

  • sfwoody1965

    Our company only needs a basic web presence. At the moment we use Google site for our web site. But it is pretty basic. For a few dollars a month do you think WIX would be better for a company?

  • Universal Change

    It was almost fun making the website look like I paid someone else to do it, can be made to look extremely professional by an amateur. Here's my website www.universalchangeuc.wix.com/universalchange, it still needs work, need some skyscraper ads on one of the pages, still working on it but as you can see it can look nice. .

  • Utony Nguyen

    I have used Blogger, Wp.com, and Wix for different purposes so I'm giving my take for ppl that can't even afford to pay a dime. Only choose Wix if you're obsessed with every single detail of the design (not saying it's a bad thing). The strongest side of Wix is its stunning and easy tools, just drag and drop, the other two don't give you such freedom.
    Wix (Everything is customizable and I mean everything)>Blogger (custom template allowed, but for deeper changes, if you don't know codes, too bad)>WP.com (don't even think about doing anything but changing fonts and switching between a limited palette)).
    The default domain name sucks, though: yourusername.wix.com/sitename. And only use it if you have a good internet connection and a reasonably strong machine, or else the editor is very slow.

  • dacosta smith

    If you would like to optimize your site to get exponentially more traffic check out this service! http://www.konker.io/services/8558?affid=c048ff

  • jawad J

    please avoid wix if there is any technical problem there is no body to talk too all they do take your money and ask you for upgrade then run away avoid avoid
    i make upgrade i pay next day asking to me to pay again no one there is listen to me or guide me avoid please very bad experience
    if you dont belive me enter to wix wesbite and look for contact us and see no body they are good in asking you to enter your bank details no more

  • Whip-Smart Outlook

    Couldn't ask for more in a review – particularly the kind of reviews you need when your investigations of options "out there" is your main concern. Less than 5 minutes long, strong visuals, easy on the ears narration. The best part, I learned what I needed from this review. Thank you!

  • patricia Millman

    Hi Can you answer a question for me please, If i pay monthly do i still get the same benefits as paying in full
    Hope you can give me a answer

  • ืขืจืŸ ื‘ืŸ ืฆื•ืจ

    Thanks for the excellent review, i'm definitely going to give Wix a try.

  • Jacinta Ball Roehrig

    Clear concise and direct. Great information. And the presenter's voice is right on: inviting, calm and energetic at the right times. Thanks.

  • Wayne Shaddock

    Very good review except that it doesn't cover one of the most important aspects of maintaining a website: security. What built-in features does WIX provide for keeping a site free from hackers and malware?

  • Nefta Pereda

    your different reviews are amazing. I've been able to see all the different website builders and feel I can make an informed decision. Thank you so much.

  • Martin Zanichelli

    If you cannot change your URL as you show and have to deal with those unfriendly URLs, I will not consider this product. Same problem with Shopify.

  • Master Chief

    I think that it's bad business for a domain registrar to not allow you to change name servers and to not allow an option to get the transfer domain code!

  • Camille Christie

    Thanks for a well done video for those of us who know squat about building a website and whose services to use. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Gabriel Tobing

    I like wix thanks to it's website builder, but the SEO is the worst. Made a website using another program (Mobirise), hosted it with 000webhost, put it with google seo and analytics and it's one of the top results when you search my name.

  • christopher chick

    These Wix videos are really helpful! I have found that they have helped me integrate content on all my platforms (Wix, Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). I'd recommend Wix to anyone for ease of use and the ability to integrate software seamlessly. The Wix app is great too!

  • Rasool Kilani

    I've been with wix for a few years now, their support service is awful (some of the support staff have no technical knowledge whatsoever), wix-made websites don't work properly on all browsers and recently they stopped working properly on many types of mobile phones (models made before 2017 generally cant browse wix sites properly), and finally, wix-made websites load very slowly on mobile phones and some times they don't load at all, your visitors could see a blank page at some point in your wix website.
    on the other hand, their website builder is amazing, however I think wordpress is the way to go in many cases…

  • Bill Morley

    I really appreciate your detailed reviews of these top website builders. Great information here! But I'm disappointed that you are continually leaving out one of the most important aspects of a website builder service: CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!! It's one thing to have a user-friendly interface, and the bells and whistles are great, but what if you run into a problem or have a question? Can you call directly (and can you get through?) or is it e-mail and/or chat only, and if so, what is the response time. Are they friendly and give clear and concise directions? Do they consistently show you that they value their customers? I'm sure that there are a lot of people, like myself, who have been frustrated by poor customer support. I think it would be helpful if you included this in your reviews!

  • Winta Assefa

    thank you. I've been scared of just taking a step and starting a site for a while now. Thank you for these easy summaries

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