Wistia ‘How Video Hosting  Works’ Explainer Video [Illustrate iT Video]
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Wistia ‘How Video Hosting Works’ Explainer Video [Illustrate iT Video]

You watch online video pretty much every day.
It’s like you’re going about your business, closing some deals, research- the products
and maybe learn some new skills and Bam! video. So you watch it where does that video come
from? Well, some of these come from Vestier. Vestier serves over one hundred million videos
worldwide. They got customers in every State in the US
and, every continent in the world. And they might be wondering, how does a video
uploaded here, get viewed over here. I mean the prods are different, the video standards
are different, the customs are different. How does my video play in all this different
devices on the other side of the world, after I hit upload. Let’s take a look at how this
video hosting really works. Think of the video’s you upload to Vestier
raw materials or ingredients videos come in all kinds of different codecs, containers,
and file formats, but the bakers inside the Wistia bakeries are like we got this, and
they take those ingredients and turn them into different versions of your videos that
will look and play great on any device. Once your video’s encoded into all the right
versions, it’s sent around the world to secret convenience stores. Now as soon as someone
wants to watch one of your videos in New Mexico, Tokyo, Chicago, or Paris, your freshly baked
video will fly out of the secret convenience store nearest them and into their mouth. And that’s how video hosting works.


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