Windows Server 2016 & Windows Server 2019 Core Based Licensing Explained!
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Windows Server 2016 & Windows Server 2019 Core Based Licensing Explained!

Retain economic control over IT
licensing for your business with Windows Server 2016 core based licensing. Core based licensing was introduced with Windows Server 2016 to better enable multi cloud environments, improve workload portability for Windows Server. and help remove friction across different licensing models. Built to let you use what you need,
and pay only for what you use, core based licensing helps
to align licensing cost with the capability and performance level
provided by the number of cores present in your servers processors.
The HPE licensing calculator helps you figure out licensing needs without trial and
error or surplus spending. There are three core based licensing
requirements that must be followed: – License all of the physical cores in the server – Minimum of eight core licenses required
for each processor – Minimum of 16 core licenses
required for each server From customers to partners,
core based licensing helps you focus on the core of your business. efficiency.


  • Kamal Kumar Sharma

    What if i have more core in server and license have less core. will it work ? For Example: I have 48 Core Server with 2CPU (24 Core each) and i have windows server 2019 license for 44 core. What will happen to rest of Four Cores if i use this license on the Server ?

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