Will These BFFs Recover From This BALLSY Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV
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Will These BFFs Recover From This BALLSY Tattoo? | How Far Is Tattoo Far? | MTV

– [Snooki] My God, no. – What the (beep) is that, man? (upbeat music) What the (beep), bro? – [Narrator] On this episode
of How Far is Tattoo Far?, Byron and his best friend Cisco put their bromance to the test. Typically they’re inseparable,
but when it comes to fashion, they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum. – What are we here to do? Like, what are y’all’s biggest
pet peeves about each other? – Oh, yeah. So these crop top. – I love the crop top. – Byron definitely loves his crop tops. He thinks it’s the coolest thing on Earth. But I don’t want to see all that hair. It’s just gross and nasty, man. – [Narrator] Byron has concerns about some of his friend’s choices, too. – [Snooki] Are you guys single? – Yeah. – He’s a bit scared when it
comes to talking to ladies. He gets nervous and I just think
he needs to let go of that. Cisco’s not really the go-getter when it comes to going
and talking to the ladies. He tends to freeze up even if they come and talk to him first. – Well how do you approach a girl? – Oh, I don’t. (laughter) – Oh, I don’t. – Oh, I don’t. – [Narrator] One thing they can agree on, why they’re here today. – What are your intentions
with these tattoos? – I think my man needs to
learn how to get out there and meet some new ladies and I’m here to give him a lesson. – [Narrator] Without further ado, let’s get these tattoos started. (upbeat music) – I’m very nervous right now. – I’m trying to breathe. – Oh my God, this tattoo is so big. (upbeat music) – So I’m literally being
stabbed in the back by my best friend. Byron, I hate you. – Oh my God! You’re definitely not gonna get girls now. (upbeat music) – Okay. So we’re done. I’m going to send you off into the world. – [Narrator] Now it’s
time to learn what lessons these two are teaching one another. – All right, Byron. You ready for this? Let’s go! All right, we’re gonna
put the shades back on. Byron, what’s going through
your head right now? – I hope it’s something
I can still show off and wear crop tops with. (big sigh) – Y’all are savage. – [Snooki] Yeah. – For real. – I’m just really, really
super nervous right now. – I hope it’s worth it. (suspenseful music) – What the (beep) is that? Is that a lawn mower? – It’s a lawn mower. – What the (beep), bro? – Look where it’s leading. I like what it says. – Cut that (beep). That’s not funny. – You don’t like it? – No. That (beep) tacky. – Cisco, why did you do this? – Just like as a daily
reminder to manscape, trim his (beep) up. Stop wearing those crop tops. Make it look nice and neat. – For who, though? – For everybody. – Look at that face. He’s so upset. – I’m trying to stay calm. – Tell us why you’re so upset right now. – Because, this is my body. I wear crop tops. This is part of my style
and now that’s ruined. This tattoo’s not sexy at all. And now I’m not sexy. – You are still sexy.
– [Snooki] Yeah! – Let’s just make that clear. – Cisco, I can’t believe you, bro. – His is worse. (sigh) – All right, let’s do the switch-a-roonie. (upbeat music) Byron, any regrets? – I just wish I made it bigger. – He’s stone-cold pissed right now. – Byron, you did him so dirty. – He ruined my style. – [Snooki] Oh my God. No. – What the (beep) is that, man? – What the (beep), bro? (laughter) Bro. Like and you was crying about that (beep)? (big sigh) – [Nico] He’s got six sets
of testicles on his back. – It’s a tree ball. So what does that mean? – So, basically, I feel like
he doesn’t have any balls when it comes to talking to ladies. He needs to grow a pair and be
able to step up and do that. – How is that gonna help me get girls? – It’s ball sacks hanging from a tree. – [Byron] I mean, who’s gonna see it? – [Cisco] This is on TV, bro. – If y’all want to hug it out
right now, we’re here for it. – Naw. – Not right now. – We can’t be cool after this, bro. I would never trust Byron again. (sigh) – Really? – Ever again. – [Narrator] So some time has passed. Are Cisco and Byron able
to mend their friendship? – Cisco, he doesn’t like the tattoo. He doesn’t like the placement. So, that’s why he hasn’t forgiven me. And, my tattoo, everybody makes fun of it but I am still rocking crop tops.


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