Will Gutenberg Replace Elementor? – Getwid WordPress Blocks
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Will Gutenberg Replace Elementor? – Getwid WordPress Blocks

Hi! I’m Stacey your favorite and only
voice-over from MotoPress. If Gutenberg, the native WordPress editor, does inspire
you for awesome designs, I’m going to fix that by the end of this video.
You might have guessed that we like page builders here at MotoPress. Gutenberg is
a great idea of the WordPress team, but we thought we could make it better. So we
came up with a collection of comprehensive blocks that greatly extend
the core library of Gutenberg and named them Getwid. This free plugin is
performance-oriented and enables you to create eye-catching websites just like
you do it with Elementor on Divi, but now using the native WordPress functionality. While there are many custom blocks out there Getwid has a few pleasant surprises
in store for you. Since it is integrated with the WordPress core as much as
possible the plug-in is super lightweight and fast. We always test
Getwid blocks with an HTML validator to ensure technical quality of the content
that you will be creating with our plugin. It is important for your website’s
loading speed, usability, browser compatibility, and your SEO ranking. It is
very easy to work with! There are no pre-loaders or
additional configuration. Simply open the WordPress editor and you’re ready to
create content. For now we have 24 additional multifunctional blocks. We will
talk about them in detail in separate videos that you can find in this
playlist. We will be adding more on-demand blocks in the future. So feel free
to suggest what blocks you would want to have in the comments below. Among the
already available ones my favorite block is probably Section. It lets you build
custom page sections with any type of layout, use video, slider, image
backgrounds, foregrounds, animation, play with colors, shapes, and gradients. Many of
these real-time settings are also available for the other blocks too.
Getwid works with any theme. Unlike many other block plugins, Getwid doesn’t
override default theme styles. It allows you to add content blocks that maximum
inherits styles from your WordPress theme. This way we can avoid generating a
ton of inline CSS that could bloat your website. Yet, it leaves plenty of space
for creating a unique presentation for each content element. For example, it
picks up primary colors of the current theme as pre-sets, but you are free to
select custom ones. Some blocks will spare you from installing multiple
third-party plugins. For example, with Getwid we can add a Google Map with
unlimited custom markers, a banner for promos, animated sliders, a functional
accordion for FAQs, customizable galleries, testimonials, and an Instagram
feed. All this functionality is available in one single plugin instead of six
separate ones. Many Getwid blocks allow for custom
CSS as well as contain pre-made styles that will make your life easier whether
you sustain your own website or develop websites and themes for other people. You
can check out the other blocks on your own
the download link is in the description below. While our plugin can be used with
any WordPress theme it also has a native theme – Getwid Base. It comes with one
click there my input demo import for those who do not want to start from scratch.
The theme is linked below too. The Gutenberg team has made awesome
improvements to their page builder since it was released. We keep up with their
roadmap and use new features to advance Getwid and its blocks even more. With
the Getwid Blocks library we take a special approach to handling seamless interplay
with the core WordPress functionality and guarantee future compatibility. If
you are still not sold on the idea of creating awesome designs with Gutenberg
and Getwid, subscribe to our channel and watch out for more videos. Let me know
your opinion on Gutenberg and Getwid in the comment section. Thank you for
watching and have a great one!


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