Will Ferrell Ruined Christopher Walken’s Life with SNL’s More Cowbell Sketch
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Will Ferrell Ruined Christopher Walken’s Life with SNL’s More Cowbell Sketch

-Happy Thanksgiving. -Is it — Well, not yet. -No, no.
-Coming up. -No, today is Thanksgiving. -It is?
-Yeah, today. Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving, man. Thanks for coming over.
Thanks for coming over, man. -Did you make any food, or — -I have just liquids, just —
-Yeah. -I just pureed
some turkey and stuff — -Happy Thanksgiving.
-Happy Thanksgiving. What are you doing for
Thanksgiving? Anything cool? -Yeah, super cool stuff. [ Laughter ] -Yeah, man.
-Hold on. Listen to this. I’m going to the house
where my wife grew up in Boston. -There you go, man. [ Howls ] [ Cheers and applause ] [ Imitates air horn blaring ] [ Beatboxing ] -To hang out
with my mother-in-law. -Wow.
[ Laughter ] -And they have a basement. [ Laughter ] -Wow. Wow, that’s fun.
-And they’re gonna be — Yeah.
-The kids must love that. -The kids love it. The kids do.
They love going to Boston. -Yeah.
-Because there’s no basements in California.
Houses don’t have basements. -That’s right. -So a basement is like
a magical place… for them.
[ Laughter ] -Yeah, a little clubhouse.
-They go down there and, you know,
have Nerf gun battles. -And then the other big thing we
do is we go to Dunkin’ Donuts. [ Laughter ] -When you’re in Boston? -Their uncle,
my brother-in-law… -Yeah.
-…my wife’s brother — -Yeah. -…takes them
to Dunkin’ Donuts, and they get to just
pick whatever they want. [ Light laughter ] -That’s what you do
when you go to Boston? -So that’s what happens… -Wow.
-…when we go to Boston. -[ Howls ]
-Yeah! Whoo! -You’re hosting “SNL”
this weekend. -I know. -I’m so excited.
-Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ] -For the fifth time.
-Back up. It’s always a fun, surreal
experience to go back. You’ve done it.
-Yeah. -Right?
-Doesn’t it smell the same, like, when you —
-The aroma is still rich. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -It feels like going back to
your high school or something. Either it’s the paint
on the floor or something — -Yeah, there’s something —
-Yeah. But it’s good. It’s good. And they got
a good cast up there. -Great cast.
A lot to talk about in the news. -Yeah, that’s true.
-Uh-huh. Right? -But what do you — When people
talk about your best of “SNL” or things that you’ve done
on the show, I know what everyone
brings up to me, which you’re involved in. [ Both laugh ] Anyway, let’s talk about
something else. -Cowbell. Cowbell sketch. -Yes, the cowbell sketch.
-Right? -That’s what I was gonna say.
I was gonna say that. I was gonna talk
about the cowbell. -You were a major part of that. -I was a really major part
of the cowbell sketch. It was all you. It was all you. This is a picture of —
-And there’s Jimmy. -Yeah.
-That’s me there. -Right.
-That’s Kattan, Parnell. -Look at that hair. -Horatio Sanz.
-And — -That’s you, and that is
Christopher Walken. -Which is —
It’s the strangest thing. [ Laughter ] -And that’s Christopher Walken. -That’s Christopher Walken
across from that. [ Laughter ] -Look at —
That shirt is insane. -You maintain that
between dress rehearsal and air that I went and put
a tighter shirt on. -I think you did. Didn’t you? -I thought it just hiked — I thought I just put
a little more mustard into it. And then it hiked up. -Is that right? I thought — -But you thought I put
a tighter shirt on, you think? -I thought you did, because this doesn’t even
feel like a shirt that should — [ Laughter ] It’s insane. Everyone else
is wearing other shirts. I think I would have — But you were coming up
a little bit in dress. -Yeah.
-But that was high up. -Yeah. -And that was —
That was low down. -But you might be right.
Maybe I — -I mean, you barely
had a shirt on. -Maybe I switched it
to a tighter shirt. -‘Cause I remember
it was so loud on air because — -Oh, with — Yeah. I banged it much louder
than the dress. -No, but I mean
the audience response. Oh, the response. Yeah. -Yeah, but, I mean, like,
the sketch was on at the end of the show,
I believe, which is where usually
the weirder sketches are. -Yeah, yeah.
-And it was working so well that the floor started shaking. -Oh, I don’t remember that. -Yeah. Yeah. -I was just in a haze.
-You were in a — Dude, you were in a comedy haze. -I was staring you down. But you — ‘Cause you were laughing.
But I was laughing, too, but the beard was just
protecting — You couldn’t see it.
You couldn’t see it. -‘Cause, dude, I —
-Wait, put the picture back up. Look. See,
the beard is hiding — See, I’m smiling.
I’m smiling right there. -I mean, that was —
That started it for me. That was my whole thing —
-But here’s the crazy thing. So, I go to see Christopher
Walken years later… -Yeah.
-…in a play. I say hello to him backstage. And he’s like, “You know, you’ve ruined my life.” [ Laughter ] What? “People during the curtain call
bring cowbells and ring them. [ Laughter ] The other day, I went
for an Italian food lunch. And the waiter asked
if I wanted more cowbell with my pasta Bolognese.” [ Laughter ] And I think he was
really mad at me. -No way. -He had a little smile, but — -Well, because he had
such a great career. But, you know —
-He is a great actor. -From “The Deer Hunter”…
-Yeah. -…to “Pulp Fiction”…
-“Pulp Fiction.” He’s amazing. -…to “More Cowbell.”
That’s all he gets. -That’s all he gets now? So it made a lot of people
happy, but… -Christopher —
…ruined one person’s life. -Ruined one person.
But what are you going to do? -That’s good odds.
-Right? -That’s decent odds.
You know what I’m saying?


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