Will changing hosts cause any SEO concerns?
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Will changing hosts cause any SEO concerns?

>>CUTTS: Fernando C. in Spain asks, “We are
a pretty big site. We are changing our hosting company in the next few weeks, same country.
Should we be scared from an SEO perspective?” Probably, not. Notice that you’re saying you’re
changing your hosting company, so your domain name is totally the same. I’m assuming what
you mean is that your IP address is going to change and that’s no problem at all. Especially
you’ve even mentioned that’s in the same country. So, I would expect no effect whatsoever. I’ve
done this, you know, with a bunch of different times where I’ve switched hosting companies,
it hasn’t been any kind of a problem. Typically, what you want to do if you are moving to a
new IP address, is set your DNS Time To Live, your TTL, to be very low like five minutes
because sometimes if that DNS is cached for day then they’ll look up what your IP address
and then that’ll be cached for 24 hours and then they’ll go to your old IP address. So,
if you set your DNS Time To Live to very short like five minutes and then you can bring up
the Website on both locations, switch the DNS to point from the old to the new and then
within five minutes or so, you should see everybody clear their cache and start to visit
this new page. As soon as Googlebot is visiting the new pages then you know we’ve seen the
DNS changed to the new IP address and then you should be in pretty good shape. Even for
the people that mistakenly cached DNS for 24 hours and there are some, you know, browsers
or places around the Web that do that, usually 24 hours is enough for that to migrate. So,
if you can set your Time To Live to be a little short, great. But if not, just keep it–keep
your site live on both locations, both IP addresses for 24 hours and you should be in
great shape. Most people can switch their IP address and never have any issue whatsoever.
So, I wouldn’t be worried from an SEO perspective.


  • Daniel Böttner

    I second this thought Mike.

    The only reason Matt is even talking about TTL and switching is that if your site is not proper reachable for google bots because they get the wrong site (maybe with old content or no site at all).

  • Daniel Böttner

    the most important part of the answer was at the beginning of the video. All the rest is in my opinion just a tech tip to make sure your site has no "interruption" while changing hosts.

  • Daniel Böttner

    @ssinnal … AFAIK with Flash CS4 there are several options set improve SEO for flash site.
    But I would not totally count on that. If your Flash Content is delivered via Database or XML, you may should also deliver the content in that way.

    Any further info on that would be to technical for you I guess.

  • American English Conversation

    BUT use common sense. What if your new host is unreliable? If your new host has too much downtime or a bad reputation, logically that factors into user experience. Bad neighborhood effect. We sent X people to this IP and Y% of them gave up waiting for the server and clicked something else. Multiply X and Y and you have a math problem and a business problem. Google draws the line somewhere. Good advice about keeping both servers online. Otherwise you lose some percentage of business.

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