Will Arnett is Hosting MINECON Earth!
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Will Arnett is Hosting MINECON Earth!

That settles it, we will propose Pajama Fridays for the office. Next up, if you all come over here I can show you We got a very interesting Application? Proposal? That I want to take a look at. Hi there everybody at Mojang! I said Mojang… Oh, Mojang Oh, because the ‘j’ sound… doesn’t matter Hi everybody at Mojang! Hi… uh I kinda have a favour to ask. Is there anyway you all can help me become a better… player at Minecraft. I’ll do anything. I don’t just want to be better within the Minecraft community I want to be better than my kids NOT better than my kids… No, I want them to feel good about me – being the best at home. Does that seem possible? Anyway – I would do anything that you guys would tell me to do just, help me, In any way I’ll come over there, I’ll vacuum I’ll clean up, I’ll sweep up I’ll get coffee, lunch I’m a terrible cook, but I would cook Anything that I could do I need your help! So, just let me know Will Arnett I’m at your service! Thank you. What if he could write code for me? But having our own barista would be awesome I don’t know, he really sold this cooking idea! I had a bit of a concept that I’ve been working on for a while now… What about… this! Like!


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