Wild ‘N Out Awards Road To VMAs Hosted by Justina Valentine & Chico Bean ? | MTV
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Wild ‘N Out Awards Road To VMAs Hosted by Justina Valentine & Chico Bean ? | MTV

(crowd cheering) – Hey, what’s up y’all? I’m Chico Bean. – And I’m your girl Justina Valentine. – And this is the WMA’s, Wildest Moment Awards. Now look, Wild N’ Out is
all about the competition and no guests are no competitive than the athletes that wrote them. – That’s right the best
athletes have both and bars, and they won’t hesitate to dunk on you. Here are the nominees for dual threat. (crowd cheering) Chris Paul. – I gotchu. – Now everybody knows
I go strong to the hole and I got good D. My penetration game is crazy girl, and I stroke it from deep. – That’s you. – And what do I do? – Play basketball. – Yeah, yeah. (bell dinging)
(crowd cheering) – [Justina] Tiffany and Angel. – Ay listen. ‘Cause you got fired from NBC, and Mariah she left for
you for a better ring. We should call you Draymond Green ’cause you something like a rebound king. (crowd jeering) – Yo, yo hold on, hold on. Oh damn.
– Stay right here. Stay right here. Basketball is my game, and yeah that’s what I play. Your career is like my step-back, it’s fading away. – [Justina] Dwight Howard. – This year is the year of the sun, right? – Yeah. – Alright, we got, Ricky smiley son, we got Ruben Stoddard’s son, we got the son of Buddha, and we got Magic Johnson. Magic Johnson!
– Play the beat back. – [Justina] Skylar Diggins. – A football jersey,
you aint tryna rumble. When you drop an album,
it’s more like a fumble. (bell dinging) – [Justina] Nick Young. – My name Nick, and I run the bull, you just mad ’cause Iggy
sell more albums than yours. – And the award goes to, a couple of professional ballers, Tiffany and Angel. – How long with a bad bitch. – Shoot my shot, I never miss. – If I win you gon’ lemme hit it. – Black squad and you know this. – Yeah. – Best ballers don’t even need balls. – Ha, you got that one. You got, what did, you’re damn right. – You’re damn right.
– Did I say that right? – Yes you did.
– Ah we in the game. (crowd cheering) – What up, it’s your
girl Justina Valentine. – And I’m Chico Bean. And this is… – The WMA Wildest Moment Awards. – If you aint funny, can’t sing, can’t rap and can’t act, chances are, you’re a
Wild N’ Out cast member, ’cause a lot bums they
do none of that (bleep). – That’s– – Ha ha, but look, there’s still hope if you got dance moves. – Now DJ D Wrek, people can
say what they want about him. Say he’s, big headed. – Yes he is. – Say he can keep a job for a long time. – He definitely does that. – But one thing D Wrek knows
how to do, is drop a beat. And that’s all people need to twerk. So here are the nominees
for eat that ass up. (crowd cheering) Veecee and Emmanuel’s Mufasa Dance. (crowd cheering) Les Twins. – Go twins, go twins, oh! Oh, oh go twins, go twins, go twins, go twins, go twins, go twins. (bell dinging) – [Justina] Emmanuel and Jacob Milly Rock. – Eat that ass up, aight now. Eat that ass up, yeah. Eat that ass up, oh! Oh, oh, oh, what you tell me? (crowd cheering) – What the, what the hell? (crowd cheering)
(bell dinging) – [Justina] Corey Holcomb doing the worm. – Go Corey, ay! – Eat that ass up
(bell dinging) eat that ass up. Eat that ass up. – [Justina] Shamik Moore, Out of Body. (crowd cheering) Sherry Silvers, This is America. (crowd cheering) (bell dinging) – And the award goes to, DC and Emmanuel Mufasa dance. (crowd cheering) (bell dinging) They used that dance for
The Lion King audition. Emmanuel was trying to be Pumba and DC auditioned for the
stick that Rafiki carried. – Okay I think we should
say Simone and Pumba. – That’s terrible that
they would just write that he’s built like Rafiki’s
stick, who wrote that? – Who wrote that, who wrote that? – Definitely Cam.
– Who wrote that he was build like Rafiki’s, that’s my brother don’t disrespect that. Whoever the writer is, that was messed up that you said that my brother
was built like Rafiki’s stick, you’re (bleep), alright? Don’t disrespect family. (crowd cheering) – What up people it’s your
girl Justina Valentine. – And I’m Chico Bean. And this is the wildest, – Moment,
– Awards. Now let’s be honest Justina, ’cause that’s all we know how to do. – Right, lesbi-honest. – I like that one too. Sometimes, you see the guests come down and you get nervous for them.
– Oh yeah. – ‘Cause like they look
innocent and sweet, but it’s all fun and games until DC makes fun of your adult braces. And then, you know what I mean? – It all goes downhill from there. – Yep, exactly. – Facts, but sometimes those
guests catch you by surprise and hulk into a bully. Like damn, I didn’t think
they had it in them. Now here are the nominees
that are no so innocent. (crowd cheering) – Chloe and Halle – Knick knack paddywhack,
Cannon with no balls. – Once you lost Mariah,
you know you lost it all. (bell dinging) – First it went your talent. – Along with your career. – I know it must be hard for
you but baby wipe your tears. (bell dinging)
(crowd cheering) – [Justina] Kyle. – Okay, alright, Nick, this is how I know that you broke. You got a team full of
motherfuckers nobody knows. – Ooh.
(crowd cheering) Oh, oh.
(bell dinging) Okay Mr. Balls. – [Justina] Kel Mitchell I still for Nick, Nick, Nick. He’s who, and y’all work for Nick, Nick, Nick, true. Only difference I aint suck no, – Ohhhh. (crowd cheering) Woohoo! – And the winner of the
not that innocent award is Chloe and Halle. – We aint booed up, I don’t need a Mister. I got my best friend and that’s my sister. – Every dude tryna be our fiance ever since we got signed to Beyonce. – They killed it.
– That’s right hey baby congratulations.
– Yes. – On being the little mermaid. And any white people that’s mad, (bleep) you, how ’bout that? – Right I’m not even
mad and I had red hair. – Right.
– Think my bitches gonna kill it. – Right you could be like
the Ariel on bootleg version. That’s the reverse.
– Yeah I be like the Ariel who would you know what I’m saying, went the wrong path. (crowd cheering) What up it’s your girl Justina Valentine, and I’m here with my home boy, – Chico Bean. – And it’s time to put
the bean in the hot seat and test his VMA knowledge,
you ready for this? – Hell yeah I know, ’cause I ain’t never been. – Now let’s start off easy.
– Okay. – WHo’s hosting the VMA’s this year? – Uh, – I’ll give you a hint, he’s my second freaking cousin, alright? Forget about it. – Sebastian Maniscalco. – Okay and you said that right. – Yeah.
– Give this man some pasta. – Yeah you need the whole because I just read that
shit off the card baby. That’s right I’m cheater.
– He’s slick, he’s slick, Chico you are a true fan.
– Nah, nah, salute to Sebastian, very funny. – Very funny dude. Alright name three women that have won the Video Vanguard award. – Madonna, Britney Spears, – I’m not that innocent.
– Innocent. It’s Britney bitch.
– It’s Britney bitch. – And Beyonce. (bell dinging)
– Awesome. Which artist said the
iconic line, Miley was good. – Ah Nicki Minaj
(bell dinging) The Queen. – The Queen.
– The Queen. – Alright the VMA’s
most commonly take place in New York or LA. Name two other cities that have hosted the legendary award show. – Oh, Miami
(bell dinging) and wherever weed is legal.
– Chico it’s not hood jeopardy get to the answer. – I mean I don’t know, New Jersey
(bell dinging) – Clearly. – Word! – The Bricks, Newark, New Jersey. This year’s VMA’s being held in Jersey. – So you mean to tell me they holdin’ the VMA’s
in Newark, New Jersey. – Yes, in the Bricks. – You know what, now
that I think about it, if the awards is in Newark, they definitely gonna invite me now. – Who has one the most VMA awards? I’ll give you a hint,
it’s not oh baby baby, what was I supposed to know.
– Supposed to know. She should have won the most. – It’s not–
– Britney bitch. – Britney bitch. – Most VMA’s ever, Beyonce.
(bell dinging) – Clearly! – Is that the right one? – Yeah. – Hey listen, you can never
go wrong with Beyonce, aight? Ever, I don’t care what it is, if somebody asked me any question. Who was the first black
woman to sit on the bus and not give up her seat, Beyonce. – You never go wrong with Beyonce. – I mean hey, who
marched for civil rights? Beyonce. Who walked on water? – Beyonce.
– Beyonce. – Who was the first performer
at the Video Music Awards? – Male or female? – Female. – VMA’s been going on
since like the ‘8, Madonna. (bell dinging)
– Good guess. – Is that right? – You’re killing it right now. – For real? – I need you to get one wrong. – Man I’m on, woohoo!
– You are on fire. – And then you see I
disrespect for y’all live, for not ever giving me no tickets, all these, the history I know. – Okay which rapper was so moved that she hopped on stage
during Alicia Keys performance of Empire State of Mind? – Hey.
– I’ll give you a hint. – Lil Mama, you aint gotta give me a hint. That was one of the greatest moments, forget VMA history that was
one of the greatest moments in Negro history right there. That will go down, they need
to put that in textbooks starting today. Lil Mama running up on stage, and standing back to back to Jay-Z, and Jay-Z is one of the most
powerful black men in the world but he had no control over that situation. Hey Lil Mama you the only
person that, you know, got on Jay-Z and won
so you are the winner, you are a Negro historical figure. Salute to you baby, that was one of the greatest moments ever. – You killed it. – Is that it?
– That’s it. – This is the first quiz
I got 100% on in years. I guess that was y’all way of saying if I was worthy of–
– Oh my gosh, MTV told me to tell you.
– What. – If you got higher than 90
percentile on your VMA quiz, they’re gonna send you tickets. Now they will before you get two. They said they can’t
guarantee exactly where the seats are gonna be, or we can even share a seat. I’m with that! Really I wanna be down in the bottom of the section where the famous people are just in case I run into Britney bitch. – Hit me baby one more time. (crowd cheering)


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