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– Want a easy way to grow and
market your business online? Are you trying to build a brand
and get more visible online? Then you too might be for you. Keep watching to find
out why your business should be on YouTube. (upbeat music) Welcome back to my channel Paigon here, if you’re just getting started
growing your business online then you probably have
these goals in mind. You wanna get started creating your brand or if you have a brand you wanna start building brand awareness, you wanna start becoming
an authority on your topic or your niche and you wanna
start building social proof which is basically proving
that you’re a real person or a business instead
of like scamming people. Or maybe you’re trying
to create a community or grow your email list. No matter which goal you
have, creating video content will help you achieve those goals. You hear this all the time
but video is the fastest way to grow know, like, and trust. That’s because people
can see you, hear you and get a feel for your personality if you keep creating videos consistently. Even though every social media platform has a video component, I’m gonna specifically talk about YouTube. YouTube is a great
platform for video hosting it’s free and easy to use, this is great if you’re creating
videos for your website. You can save so much space
by using your youtube link instead of uploading your
video to your website. Even though your channel
is owned by YouTube you can still brand it
to fit your business. You can think of it like an
extension of your business but you don’t have to pay for it. YouTube is the second
largest search engine and it’s owned by the first
largest search engine Google. When people search for things
in the youtube search bar, they get results related
to their search terms that means that if you’re
creating video content on copywriting for social media and someone searches for
copywriting for social media, then your video will
show up if it’s popular or if it’s relevant to the
search or if nobody else is creating videos on that. This means that you’re
promoting your business for free on YouTube is
basically like free marketing for your business, that’s awesome right? Remember, I also said that
YouTube was owned by Google that means that if
someone Google’s a topic and your videos are relevant to that topic then you’ll also show up on
those Google search results. Doesn’t that motivate you more to have your business on YouTube? If you don’t have time to
create content all across your social media
channels and your website, you can actually repurpose
your YouTube videos for that. I won’t go into this
in great detail because I’ve already talked about
this in another video is called Repurpose Your YouTube Videos and you can find it in
the card above right here or in the description box down below. But basically you can
repurpose your YouTube videos into social media content,
blog posts and other content. You probably already know
this but you can monetize your YouTube channel, that means that you’re
getting Passive Income. If you’re creating
consistent video content and you grow your channel,
then you’ll be able to monetize your channel. That means that you’ll get paid every time viewers watch your content. To monetize your channel, you
have to apply for it first. Once you apply you have
to have 1,000 subscribers and you have to have 4,000 watch
time hours to get approved. But once you’re approved you have one more revenue stream for your business. Do you need help creating videos? You can download my free step-by-step
video creation process, get the link down below. We talked about how YouTube is
a free video hosting platform how you too can market your
business for free using a search engine and Google search engine, we talked about how you can
repurpose your YouTube videos and to other content and
how your YouTube channel can become Passive
Income for your business. Are you already creating YouTube
videos for your business? Type yes or no in the comments down below and don’t forget to download your free video creation process by clicking the link in
the description box below. If this video was helpful
for you be sure to subscribe, share it with your friends
and hit the like button so that I know to make
more videos like this. Until next week, bye. (upbeat music)


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