Why You Should NEVER Redesign Your Website, Do THIS Instead
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Why You Should NEVER Redesign Your Website, Do THIS Instead

is your design feeling a bit outdated do
you want a new one of course you do who doesn’t hey everyone I’m Neil Patel and
today I’m going to break down why you should never redesign your website redesigns are one of the worst things
especially if your business is already up and running and making money when you
do a redesign things can go wrong even if they don’t go wrong and your new
design looks better and it loads faster it doesn’t mean you’re going to make the
same amount of money the biggest factor that people forget about when they’re
doing redesigns is conversion optimization how do you know the new
design is going to convert as well as your old design yes it could convert
better and if it does that’s awesome but if it doesn’t convert as well you’re
going to be losing money for that reason you never want to do a redesign if your
design is outdated what should you do because of course you want to update it
stay up-to-date be fresh cool hip make sure the design represents the brand
well what you want to do is tweak element by element page by page and run
a be test and when you do a new design what you can do is you can test it out
using optimized e or crazy and see which one drives more revenue if you’re old
ugly one drives more revenue probably want to keep it if the new one drives
more then switch to the new one and then you can slowly roll it out to the rest
of your site but you want to do an a/b test a B test ensures that whatever
decision you make is it going to set your business back and cause you to lose
money so again don’t do a redesign change up your pages design tweak each
page and when you do each page run an AV test using crazy egg to ensure that your
conversions aren’t going down you


  • Reverse Magic

    Neil should I create fake testrimonals on my site for showing high value product to buy,some bloggers are doing this and even people are buying their products.

  • Martin Zanichelli

    So, never revamp your site completely, just modify slightly a section, put CrazyEgg to work and see which is the experience of the users during a couple of weeks.

    Very useful advice, especially for people running split tests in CPA campaigns where they try to improve their conversions.

  • Web-Sales-Global- Call Bhavesh on +919167019155

    Hi, Neel!
    I am in the business of Internet marketing from last 3 years and learnt a lot from your blogs, videos, podcasts.
    The approach you described in the video for website redesign is known as Evolutionarily Site Redesign (ESR). In this approach instead of changing the website completely, which is known as Radical Site Redesign (RSR) approach, part and selected elements of the website will be changed. It will be done with A/B testing, Heat map and Video recording, actual feedback from the visitors, Google Analytics and other useful tools. It is beautifully explained in Chris Goward book: You Should Test That.
    Wider Funnel Marketing, Chirs's company also published case studies of failed website redesign horror stories. Follow the link to download the same- https://www.widerfunnel.com/horror-stories-revisited/
    Evolutionary Site Redesign is my preferred way to redesign the risky website. But there are situation where ESR is not the option and RSR is the only choice like-
    1. Change of structure/navigation on the site. Changes in presentation of content will demand major changes in Information Architecture, which need altogether new design.

    2. For small companies, ESR it will not be affordable. Or HiPPO ( Highest Paid Person's Opinion) wants to change the website overnight and don't want to think or wait for the result of ESR.
    The websites occupying top positions for relevant keywords and delivering the results are known as the risky website, as if redesign experiment fails, the client will be a step backwards after spending huge money and losing business.
    Said that I did Radical Site Redesign (RSR) of the "risky websites" with the grand success.

    Successful website redesign starts with the good questions, like-

    What Goals and Objectives you want to achieve with the redesign?

    What result is it producing?

    Can the performance be improved with ESR approach?

    After getting honest answers and redesign of the website as the only option, next steps are methods and techniques used for the redesign. It is a subject matter of another post and you will get plenty of guidelines for the website redesign.

    Done correctly, the website redesign can boost conversion, enhance brand presence and pre-convince the buyer. But if not, then the website will lose ranking, traffic, conversion and money-lots of it.

    Once the website is launched, be it via ESR or RSR, it needs constant attention and further improvement work.

    From conventional approach of launch-it-forget-it, the time has come to adapt launch-it-improve approach.

    Thanks for your video and keep doing the great work!!!

  • Zoltan Peter

    A/B testing small details does not work with low traffic websites. You'll not get statistically significant results quickly unless the old or the new one had a really huge issue.

  • Andy

    I agree that design decisions should be data driven, but you can't say NEVER revamp your website. There are plenty of websites that don't get any traffic, their content is not properly structured, it hurts your eyes to even look at those. Sometimes it's easier to start from scratch.
    Don't get me even started on poorly coded websites which are about to fall down. You have to look at each website case by case, do your analysis and decide what is the best course of action.

  • Tony G

    Neil, I redesigned my site about 4 months ago. My old site's platform was unresponsive, was seven years old, and it seemed necessary to update. Most of my traffic came from Yelp reviews which appeared long before my website anyway. Did my redesign make sense?

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