Why you need a Disaster Recovery Plan – Hyve Managed Hosting
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Why you need a Disaster Recovery Plan – Hyve Managed Hosting

A good disaster recovery plan is incredibly
important for minimising downtime, which can have a catastrophic effect on your
business. Downtime can lead to significant losses of
revenue for many businesses. Here at Hyve we’ve recently conducted a survey
and we’ve found that a third of UK shoppers said that their opinion of a brand would be damaged if the website wasn’t available.
DR guarantees that in the event of a disaster your business is back up and running
in the shortest time possible. A disaster can be anything from manmade, someone
cutting through a power cable; or a natural disaster, fire or flood, or any
other catastrophic failure that can bring down a data centre.
Hyve provide Hot Disaster Recovery, this means that we synchronise and replicate your entire
system architecture, your data storage, your applications to one of our secondary certified
and compliant data centres, ready to go live in the event
of a disaster. This is available to you 24/7.
If a disaster was to occur we could simply switch your traffic to one of our data centres,
this would provide you with complete business continuity.
We can offer near-instant recovery point and recovery time objectives.
To speak to one of our cloud consultants about Hyve Disaster Recovery solutions, give us
a call, drop us an email.

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