• Thomas Fleig

    Because of the "pound me too" movement (#metoo), 60% of men won't meet 1 on 1 with women, or have a business lunch… Etc. She had the audacity to say "It's not enough to not harass us. You need to NOT ignore us either"…. ROFL. I don't know where she gets off thinking men owe women anything.

  • Renjie Yang

    I found her problem statement pretty weak. She didn't fully address why more women in top positions is a good thing. Good for society? Good for company? Good for women themselves? Also good in what ways? I want to hear why this problem is worth solving in addition to having more people know where the lady's bathroom is.

  • 5tw3b45tcf

    jordan peterson's take on this is correct. i think i've watched this a while ago but i don't remember the content but yea. jordan peterson

  • Al Alaya Jasmine

    I never knew..it's amazing, lovely…contentment is not blaming each other, just to try to grow together..lovely, knowledgeable woman..

  • Becca Hollingsworth

    I'm feel in ya been through civil rights and amendment rights violations while my ex stole my identity. go figure.

  • Shanteru Loh

    Really hope all those feminism speech could take this kind of approach instead of blaming on different aspects or on the males. Im a woman myself and i find this talk really sensible and truly inspirational. Compared to other videos where they had beautiful intention of inspiring woman but sadly have mistook ways which blame and also shading. This only allows for more and more people thinking feminism is just a group of people who is inferior and emotional. Or even take advantage of this in many aspects.
    Sadly when it is meant to be something meaningful. Truly a tragedy now.

  • b b

    I've noticed that women are not represented in masonry. I guess we need to force women to lay bricks in July to make things fair.

  • pička

    "Women have to chose between professional success and personal fullfilment"… If professional success and personal fulfillment are two different things, than you should go for personal fulfillment. The women are therefore on the right path.

  • NightWolf

    women should never be allowed in positions of authority in business or politics. Men make better leaders in every single way. It is the men who fight for and build civilizations therefore it is up to the men how we run it. This is how god commands for it to be. BRING BACK THE PATRIARCHY

  • VH Tress

    I’m a male with decades of work experience in the corporate world. To be frank, women rarely stack up. It’s come to the point that I calculate the timelines of projects based on how many women are involved. So many have taken on the victim mentality of how they have to break through glass ceilings and lean forward and a dozen other absurd notions. They make more mistakes, take longer to complete simple tasks, whine and feel the need to explain their questions and/or conclusions. Strong women are a rarity and competency and leadership skills are even more rare. That’s the reality

  • Katherine Petersorf

    I learned something important recently from a staffing organization, men are more likely to still apply for a job not meeting 100% of the qualifications listed (and still get it because they bothered to apply) but women won't. We feel we shouldn't apply for a job because even though we have the degree and three years experience, it says four, so we skip past it. We don't even try because we think we'd be looked over anyway or it would be wrong to "not follow the rules." Men still apply. We need to be more self-assured, like men, because I did that just now, I applied one term short of my B.S. and I got the job AND they're working with my last term of school in the fall. I asked the hiring manager why, he said I have the experience and talent, and I asked why then ask for the list of qualifications and he said, "It weeds out those who don't feel confident in their ability because a confident person applies anyway." I was blown away.

  • A Guy

    Did you guys know sharks attack both men and women in equal proportions? I think we could all learn a thing or two from such noble sea beasts.

  • sabin97

    i wonder if she'd have such easy opportunities if she wasnt a jew….and to think she wasted so much time in the "ban bossy" campaign…..

  • Kenny James

    One thing I noticed in the comments section is Women NEVER advocating for Complete separation/Segregation from Men. Why is that???? Why don't women just take up arm's and overthrow the "patriarchy"?

  • icu rmt

    If women aren't being discriminated against and yet there seems to be a deficit, then the truth must be that most woman don't care about the same things as men do…their life's fulfillment might lie in other things. And maybe just maybe if the future of humanity lies with women then forcibly changing nature could be dangerous…..my advice let women do and be whatever it is that they want to.

  • Sayan datta

    Men have sacrificed their family life, their safety(sometimes life) and worked hard to reach the top. If women do the same they will too. Good luck.

  • Matthew Gill

    It’s funny how they want to take all the office jobs, they don’t want the jobs as garbage collectors oil collectors or minors?

  • Dennis Wilmeth

    Elect More Women? They are caring, social and nonviolent. Great qualities for politicians. Read: www.womenasleaders.world

  • jonathan lopez

    when females focus on the work more than the next generation. the country slowly dies out. Females has there time Clock to follow and than after that its over. Males can get up to 70 befor there bio-Clock goes steril. In japan the population is slowly dieing. Females think about there Carriers since we gave them the opertunty to work like man. If females were compensated for not working and actually paid to be a good wife and mother than the females would never complain about not having the same opertunities as males. They would infact chose to be workless wife with an income from the goverment and prefer to live that way. The countrys with woman that dosent work to earn money when they move to a country with wellfare system they tend to ignore the educational part and go straight for the income. They got tons and tons of kids but no husband to take care of the kids. Somalia woman specialy does this in sweden. If they are compensated for not working and just geting Children. they rather chose the easy money than working and earn money threw jobs.

  • jonathan lopez

    if the World was run by woman, we would still be in our stone age, cuz there is no wisdoom or intrests of constantly improving. female controling the World = World never made a single change = human developing never existed.

  • Divya Chethan

    Me and my husband both are working, if I came 30 mins late from work, my husband comments "she is so irresponsible" but if he is late, I m always worried and feel it would have been tough day for him so I will prepare everything for him and wait…

  • Larien163

    Why would we listen about leadership from senior management of a company like Facebook who is very unethical and would do anything for money?

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