Why the Mifsud Story Matters
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Why the Mifsud Story Matters

While many mainstream media journalists have
been spinning fantasies for more than two years, based on Russian collusion stories
being handed to them by anonymous sources, reporter John Solomon of The Hill has been
pursuing real leads and uncovering actual evidence. Now, Solomon is reporting that an audiotape
containing professor Joseph Mifsud’s deposition has been given to both U.S. Attorney John
Durham’s investigators and to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Solomon told Fox News’ Sean Hannity: “I
can report absolutely that the Durham investigators have now obtained an audiotape deposition
of Joseph Mifsud, where he describes his work, why he targeted George Papadopoulos, who directed
him to do that, what directions he was given, and why he set that entire process of introducing
Papadopoulos to Russia in motion in March of 2016, which is really the flashpoint the
starting point of this whole Russia collusion narrative.” That’s what Solomon told Sean Hannity. He also went on to say, “I can also confirm
that the Senate Judiciary Committee has also obtained the same deposition.” As you may be aware, Mifsud is the key that
turns the lock to the lid of this Pandora’s box that we refer to as “Spygate.” So I’m wondering why Solomon appears to
be the only mainstream reporter pursuing this Mifsud story. Why? I suspect it’s because many DNC Media outlets,
after having fallen deeply and passionately in love with the Trump-Russia collusion hoax,
are reluctant to call attention to something that would be the final nail in its coffin. Right? The last thing the mainstream media wants
right now, like this moment, would be for Mifsud to go on the record with both Durham’s
investigative team and with Congress to say he was working for the FBI and was only pretending
to be a Russian agent. Now, if Mifsud was an FBI asset sent to entrap
Papadopoulos, then there are no real Russian agents anywhere in this entire Trump-Russia
collusion story. I mean, anywhere. You can’t save the Russian collusion narrative,
if you can’t find any real Russians anywhere in the story. The FBI under James Comey will then be seen
as having engaged in an operation to entrap people, and “Russian agents” turn out
to be fakes working for the FBI and who were making fake offers of Russian help to the
Trump campaign. Let’s face it, some of these news media outlets
are still—at this late date, at the final hour—claiming there’s some life left in
the Russian collusion narrative. Mifsud is literally the last dying hope for
these people that somewhere in all of this there is a real Russian asset and real collusion. They literally need Mifsud to be a real asset
of the Putin government. And if Mifsud goes on the record to officially
affirm he was working for the FBI, then the media’s last dying hope is gone forever. To hear the mainstream media tell it, Mifsud
turning out to be a fake Russian agent working for the FBI is a “conspiracy theory” created
by “right-wing zealots” such as Reps. Devin Nunes and Jim Jordan. To have to admit that the story was actually
right, while they themselves were still peddling the Trump-Russia collusion hoax, would be
a most bitter pill for many of these ‘legitimate’ news outlets to swallow. Wouldn’t you agree? Which likely explains why Solomon appears
to be just about the only mainstream reporter pursuing the Mifsud story. If there are any other major news outlet reporters
out there avidly pursuing the facts about Mifsud and his reported contacts and testimony
to Justice Department investigators, they’re being pretty quiet about it. I mean, what are the mainstream news reporters
who are ignoring the Mifsud story telling themselves, anyway? “I can’t pursue this new information on
Mifsud, because it’s taking the story where I don’t want it to go!”? You know what I mean? That’s a thought process that happens only
to a political activist disguised as a reporter. No real reporter would ever think that way. And yet when it comes to recent developments
about Mifsud, a key player in this Trump-Russia collusion narrative, many mainstream media
reporters appear indifferent at best, or outrightly hostile at worst to these latest developments
that we here at The Epoch Times love reporting on. While many of these mainstream media reporters
have been desperately trying to find some way to save the Trump/Russian collusion narrative,
the last thing they want to have to report is that the supposed key Russian agent that
started this whole Spygate thing wasn’t really a Russian agent, but was instead an
FBI asset pretending to be a Russian agent. These selfsame media reporters have spent
more than two years mocking the idea that Mifsud is an FBI asset as something straight
out of the right-wing fever swamp of convoluted nonsense conspiracy theories. This is why so many political activists masquerading
as journalists are now desperately hoping that somehow the Mifsud story will just go
away and die on its own. But my instinct says they’re going to be
massively disappointed very soon. Excellent story there by Epoch Times contributor
Brian Cates. You can follow Cates on Twitter at @drawandstrike. So, if you haven’t already and would like
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and we’ll see you very soon.


  • Brent Schmidt

    I can imagine one Russian agent in the mess, Nellie Ohr. With her ability to know the language, she could interpret messages, or even transmit same. As a rep for Fusion GPS, yeah that company old Bob Mueller wasn't aware of.
    Allegedly the $10K given to G. Papad is to be examined soon, if not already. Wonder if it originated in Brennan's cia?

  • Smoke dawg

    dan bongino been talkin about mifsud for months but mostly on his podcast 😉
    thx gina & every1 at the epoch times keep up gr8 reportin 🙂

  • Will Long

    Sting operations and use of subterfuge in any type of investigations, by "law enforcement", are both actually legal. Pretty F-ing scary

  • Paul Posey

    I have been a reader of Epoch Times now for about two weeks and the newspaper is great and a fine value. I watch all the online programming and especially enjoy your show. Have you become and American citizen or a duel citizenship? Just curious, how long have you lived in America, do you have a favorite. I encourage all to give Epoch Times a try it’s a fine value.

  • Granger Barnett

    Beautifully reported as always Gina (& factually?) Mifsud better watch his back like Epstein… Hillary's Hit Squad will "Make an attempt to??TOTALLY silence him"!

  • John Barnwell

    George Papadopoulos disclosed in "Deep State Target" that Arvinder Sambei, director of LCILP (London Center for International Law and Practice) asked him to travel with Joseph Mifsud to LINK Campus in Rome where rogue C.I.A. agents train outside of Congressional oversight.
    We also now know that Arvinder Sambei was working for the FBI and Robert Mueller after 9/11; she was engaged in pressing false narratives in the UK about the alleged 9/11 hijackers within days of the event. Arvinder K. Sambei is a former chief Crown prosecutor, like Alison Saunders. We believe Saunders was sent by Arvinder K. Sambei to have a secret meeting with the Ohrs on behalf of the Privy Council to ensure a successful take down of Donald Trump's campaign. The Judicial Watch evidence of Alison Saunders’s espionage and the Ohrs’ treason should be sufficient for their just penalties.

  • PanO-Rific

    "Trust the Plan" – "We have it All" Did you notice Sen. Jim Jordan ask Mueller, "Do you know who Joseph Mifsud is? And Mueller LIED and said he did not. <> Thank you and hat's off to the reporting team. At least someone can tell the Truth. <> A hole lot of Deep-Snakes are going to GitMo. "Enjoy the Show" ~ Q <> Popcorn? I'm buy'n.

  • Heinz Meng

    With the Epoch Times having such a beautiful, intelligent reporter seems to leave the rest of the outlets without a chance. Good job, love the accent !

  • jerry sanders

    This rat bastard and another 50-60 other male and female conspiracists should be HANGED or LIFE IN PRISON. This is the BIGGEST CRIMINAL TREASONOUS SEDITIOUS act to EVER HAVE BEEN perpetrated on the USA government????????

  • Kenny Rogers1987

    Ephesians 6:11-18 (KJV) Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
    Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.
    Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;
    And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;
    Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.
    And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:
    Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

  • Freddie Flintstone

    The mainstream press needs to take a lot blame on all the past shootings. They are telling lies and brainwashing young minds and those young minds can easily be tuned to violence. The democrats are equally to be blamed.

  • Southern Viking

    Speed this up, get the deep state on the ropes and kidney punch them.Republicans stop being so nice!! Dems are out for blood.

  • Joe Scott

    America’s struggle is within, but is being funded from without. ‘We The People’ must vote out every globalist communist from all gov. offices and from all political parties. In short, we must clean our own house. If we do this we will in effect take back America. Also, this would allow our President to act in our best interests.

  • Louise Smith

    ?Democrats blame everybody but themselves.Everyone of them are liars and a thieves who always blame someone else for their disgusting behaviors!
    There are really only a few real reporters .
    This is evident every time the President stands in front of them
    MSM is nothing but the long arm of the traitors of America and its people . They are the ones who push hate and incite violence and the destruction of America and its people . Making up lies and repeating them thousands of times to make people believe their lies !

  • Big Game J

    So how come the Mueller investigation/report could not come up with this information when it was right in front of them? If this is true will this not make the Mueller Report a complete scam investigation?

  • Emma Rose

    Comey…the seven foot snake…rattling his criminal deep state agents to fall inline….for the corrupt clintonista cabal that needs exposure for what it is. Political criminals seeking to rule via Globalist Elites. Pray God's will be done in America!

  • charliemc2

    The shootings are a cover, for this story. Media always uses shootings to cover for real news. They don't want this to come out, so, distract our attention.

  • Anotheryou21

    I really like this woman! No ranting, no yelling, no histrionics, but quietly letting the story and the words exert their own impact. This is what is distressingly missing in so many of our alternative news and commentary tubes.

  • futilitariano

    Yes ! I know what you mean. It is stunning that the fake news outlets and the Democrats in congress continue to exhibit dipsomaniacal behavior by continuing to hold fast to Trump-Russia conspiracy portfolio of lies, if you know what I mean.

  • A Quintana

    AS IF WE DIDN’T ALREADY KNOW à CNN – A Twitter account that appears to belong to Dayton mass shooter Connor Betts
    retweeted extreme left-wing and anti-police posts, as well as tweets supporting Antifa, or anti-fascist, protesters. The most recent tweet
    on the @iamthespookster account was on August 3, the day of the shooting, when he retweeted a post saying, "Millenials have a message for the Joe Biden generation: hurry up and die."  The user's Twitter bio reads: "he/him / anime fan / metalhead / leftist / I'm going to hell and I'm not coming back." One tweet used the hashtag #HailSatan. https://www.cnn.com/2019/08/05/us/connor-betts-dayton-shooting-profile/index.html

  • Joe Smith

    The propaganda fake mental mainstream media is not a media outlet at all there an advertising agencies for the New World Order political Mafia Democrats

  • Kevin Tate

    During the mueller hearing when Jim Jordan questioned him it out some big pieces of the puzzle together for me. They better get mifsud under protection fast. It all starts with him big time. During the hearing I commented that mueller was off and disoriented and people said to me what am I talking about. It is unreal what Hillary did and has gotten away with. It was awesome when Barr went before congress and let them in on the investigation about what really happened. The levels these people went to for a election.

  • harold bryant

    The demorats have no interest in reality or truth. It is insane. The FBI is organized crime. They are probably still trying to fake more un supported evidence.

  • Matt Erbst

    en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Links_between_Trump_associates_and_Russian_officials en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_Russian_interference_in_the_2016_United_States_elections
    The Special Counsel indicted 34 people—seven U.S. nationals, 26 Russian nationals, and one Dutch national—and three Russian organizations. Two additional individuals were charged as a result of referrals to other FBI offices. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criminal_charges_brought_in_the_Special_Counsel_investigation_%282017%E2%80%932019%29

  • J. Pikoulis

    Great your explaining it…. doesn't do any justice if they are behind bars… still waiting for that moment… same moment finally they caught a billionaire PEDO Epstien for a second time after getting that sweet deal where no one in the world facing the same crime dreams about that same deal… Death by a thousand cuts….

  • Gary Ellis

    Gina, interesting new delivery style of change in tone, body movements, and facial expressions and strategic pauses. Nicely done.

  • Paul Dillingham

    If this whole story is true, I hope the people involved aren't just put in jail, I hope they are put under the jail.

  • R E Malm

    … Aaaah Gina, you are such a sight for sore eyes … Thanks for the info, hope and pray this wakes peopie up to what's going on. Thanks for the effort. ? …

  • Sarah Simmons

    Since CIA daddy bush is reportedly not dead, faked own death and lives in Paraquay with own CIA hqtrs, are his proteges crooked Hil, Obama and Bush Jr fraud instructed to plot another 9-11 terror attack to loot trillions, wipe out entire US treasury and steal 2020? Via CIA Somalian and Nigerian jihadist terrorists created by Obama and Brennan since 2013 to link, witch-hunt and jail her and diverse Buddhist laity dedicated to peace, culture, education, interfaith dialogues and abolition of all nuclear weapons as greatest threat to world peace?

    Via plant mini nukes inside laptops and luggage on any of billionaire Warren Buffet's 4 commercial airlines American, United, Delta and Southwest acquired in Sept 2016 for same criminal agenda with and under Obama then, foiled and rescheduled?

    Instead of plotting to crash stock mkt and loot trillions from invested retirement pension funds?

    And or plot a nuke attack from CIA nuke bases located underneath southeast China islands seas aimed at own country? Or plot domestic nuke attack from CIA nuke bases in Alaska with FEMA's Michael Long as all are treasonous traitors, satanic pedophiles and children sex traffickers? Instructed by their puppet master Brit queen for same global Nazi dictatorship or another Brit empire that reigned from 1600-1900 agenda and regardless of decade or century?

    Or is she wrong?

  • 231squire

    Fellow Patriots
    If You Want To Have A Laugh
    Watch Democratic Convention
    They Are Eating Themselves
    ☺????????☺ ha ha ha

  • Carl Smith

    Journalism DIED in the 90's , at least as the 5-6 Conglomerates supporting The Leftist agenda Is concerned. The Big Question is WHO will be Prosecuted? My guess is some low level bureaucrats who will find an account with $$$ that made it all worth while? Selling your soul seems to be the NEW Democratic Socialist agenda if that's what it takes to destroy the Republic

  • Richard S. Wooden

    When I found out of the involvement of both Comey and Mueller, a team known to me as the Laurel and Hardy of inconclusive (I met coverup) investigations.
    I knew in my heart that this was an Operation to pin Hillary Clinton's crimes on Donald Trump.
    The script they were using was reminiscent of the Sen Joseph McCarthy Red Scare Investigations which began in 1950s and ruin a lot of lives and reputation until President Dwight Eisenhower halted the investigation and began investigating the investigators.
    Sounds strikingly familiar in comparison to the Russian Conclusion Investigations.
    I've always known the Democrats to be lazy, so much that they wouldn't write an original saga, no they just reached back into the past and grab an old volume, dust off the cobwebs, and put it into play.
    During these investigations the Republican presented no real evidence and a scandal ensued along with issues of McCarthy prosecutorial/persecutional style which was found to be unfair, unjust and eventually led to McCarthy being censored by the Senate, however he was allowed to remain in Office although he was powerless and ineffective.
    He died while still serving in the Senate at the age of 48, on May 2, 1957 at Bethesda Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Maryland.

  • Glen Copeland

    the truth will come out and the guilty we be dropping like flies as the Clinton grasp moves from control to diabolical all out slash & burn. And you thought Vince Foster was a simple suicide?

  • Jerry Mills

    The only Russian agents conspiring with a presidential campaign in 2016 were Vyacheslav Trubnikov and Vladislav Surkov: two Russian disinformation specialists with close ties to Vladimir Putin. Christopher Steele named Trubnikov and Surkov as his "sources" for the "Steele Dossier," and we know where that leads.


    Gina's eyes are looking super robotic. Makes me wonder if she's human? Not a criticism. Robots are hot… At least in the case of the Gina model. Gorgeous Intelligent Newsreporting Automaton

  • Rae Anker

    If I was Mifsud I would be looking over my shoulder ,there's a lot of high powered people's future hinging on his testimony ,and these people have proven already how far they are capable of going.

  • Smantha 32

    People are finally starting to get it. What they don't tell you.. why the American media won't report the truth, is that they're complicit in the lie and the cover up.

  • David D. Wright Sr.

    Ambassador Misfud???? slick move on the crown's part. Ambassador's have diplomatic immunity snd other orotections and security clearances I bet he didn't have we he comitted his crimes against oyr government and a sitting President.

  • Richard Jack

    Once this shit show is over, what legal steps can be taken to push libel laws to prevent this complete perversion and misuse of media? The "MSM" is ABSOLUTELY complicit in the Coup D'etat.

  • Reckless Abandon

    Solomon was not the first, why didn’t he refer to Disobedient Media.. Disobedient Media broke this story in April 2018, and was completely ignored on BOTH sides of the media.

    Solomon is controlled opposition, look closer, what has he left out of the story? I haven’t even checked this time, I will leave that as an exercise to the reader. Just like the Trump Tower story or the DNC-Ukraine collusion story, he is always second to publish and he always leaves something out.

  • Annette J

    Verizon Is one of the biggest crooks.

    Last year after I agreed to renew a contract agreement with Verizon.Shortly thereafter I begin to notice that my phone calls were being listened in on, intercepted, and my computer spied on . I made numerous calls to Verizon and they played every game that they could play with me. My calls were all forwarded to New Jersey which is the corporate office and routed to the SAME people. It wasn’t long before I found out who was responsible for this .Emery Perry is a private investigator who was hired to destroy my life. With connections to elected officials , government officials, Verizon, other shady businesses , droves of illegal aliens, lowlife community members and corrupt NYPD Emery Perry had plenty of help . Verizon would park outside my house down the street at a Perry’s house and along the path that they knew that I took . Everyday droves of illegals, and trucks of Verizon vehicles would follow and harass me . Verizon also gave access to my computer network to my neighbors to illegally surveil me and everything that I do . The Johnsons, Phillip Howard, Emery Perry, The Eatmans, all have access to every device on my computer network / wi fi and also my door camera where they remove themselves and their illegal activities from my footage. To this day Verizon is still over billing me after I told them names of who was illegally obtaining access to my Wi fi ..due to their workers the supervisor reversed the bogus charges on my bill.. just to reapply one back on. Also those low life criminals were somehow tracking me with their fleet tracking system . Verizon need to be exposed for the shady, unprofessional, dirty, low life thieves that they are.

    #organizedcrime #contractstalking #policecorruption


  • David Galloway

    Russian Collusion is not on the same suicide watch as Jeffrey Epstein. Don't turn your back on this drama because it's a real snoozer. Gina great job!

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